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That include riends or whoever being Q-Squared flawed humans but thelaws are clearly pointed out as such and part of the resolution is addressing those behaviors That doesn t happen in this book and it doesn t eel intentional like these characters are antiheroes This isn t a satire about upperupper middle class Connecticut teens and their town of yoga moms chubby moms that is a actual description rom the book nice guys who are also uirky and gorgeous one is basically manic pixie dream boy and rare treasures among the shallow sex driven boys This is not self aware in any sense Yes the girls acknowledge that their revenge scheme is petty and cruel and they should never do it again but like I said earlier too little too late because honestly the revenge scheme is a drop in the ocean of all the shitty things going on Unfortunately there s a lot to dislike but this will go on Coots forever so I ll just take a moment to address the actual writing God it was awful The author has no grasp of authentic teen voice or sense of time it s like the text is exactly the same as when she started writing in 2007 but with some updated appsocial media names put in poorly The dialogue manages to be both awkwardlyormal in the out of touch adult trying to talk the kids do way AND too juvenile making the characters sound like 1314 yr olds rather than 17 She also wrote in the likes like how they d probably talk but like how you shouldn t actually write since it s like annoying as hell Especially when it s not consistent The point of view switched between Mia and Justine and the chapters were very short Neither elt necessary except when it came to the romance plot lines since both girls hide their eelingslove interests False Witness from the otheror no explained reason The switching and chapter length Pandaimonion felt sloppy and strangely paced And the chapter titlesauthor did a gimmicky smoothie name and recipeor each title It was cute Testimony of Clinton Edward Jencks for theirst handful but Ultimate Playstation Cheats and Codes - Essential for PS2, PSP and PS3 Gamers for 55 chapters in only 261 pages it got annoying uickly Especially since the recipe was just an ingredient list no uantities or directions included and in nearly every chapter the smoothie was described by title and ingredients by the girlsor no purposeful reason again SHOW don t tell Especially since you already told us once Please Then there was the oddly developed yet ignored characters that could have been left out or should have been developed particularly Mia s widower dad and Justine s parents who only ever ight or watch tv her dad and sleep her mom Those could have been interesting and substantial relationships to explore SighYet another depiction of teen life reinforcing negative tropes and behaviors It s a shame I like my book I like this book because the book doesn t give away to much It was appropriate or my age I would recommend this book It has a lot of drama and a lot of This book had the potential to be a Say You Still Love Me fun YA summer book like Katie Finn s Broken Hearts and Revenge series which I absolutely loved However this book was a total let down I was only interested in reading it because of the catchy title and cover art it really sparked an interest The characters had no dimension and there was no character development in either of the main characters which trust me is an issue because the main characters do not have many redeeming ualities The entire premise of this book seems to be if you re a girl and you re single and not skinny you re unhappy and have nothing to liveor Really I m not kidding This book is a total blah. N Mia s ex starts Journaling Prompts - Procrastination fallingor the online girl there s a revenge plot just waiting to be born A guy who dumps a girl because he thinks her thighs are too thick deserves to have his heart broken by a Alpha and Omega fake girlfriend right All sair in love and smoothies.

Pinions confirmed in the reading What could be bad about a book where every chapter begins with a smoothie recipe Other than a bit of confusion with the shifting points of view this is a great The Wicked King (The Folk of the Air fun read This was aun book The whole theme of it was unny and yet carried significant conseuences It was intriguing and it was plausible It was definitely unny and the romance was heartbreaking and then sweet If you don t want to need to think about much and want something to get your mind off TLDR Wish I could toss this into a blender This was such a disappointment The title grabbed my attention I Professors, Politics and Pop found the premise hilarious At the very least I expected aluffy light YA romancecoming of age romp and then I read it Sadly this book was simply awful Reading the book jacket or Goodreads synopsis is misleading it eels like there will be some depth despite the teenage shenanigans At least you d hope so with a YA book that includes stalking catfishing deceiving an employer unhealthy dieting slut shaming characters basing self worth on attention rom boyssexual experience right Otherwise why the hell would you publish this book Backyard Revolution for a YA audience But no For all the authors explaining and boy does she ever love to explain e v e r y t h i n g show don t tell please that Mia and Justine are being enterprising and empowering themselves there s not much barely even a little bit of it Through Katie theake online persona they ve made the girls do learn to recognize confidence in themselves good but that newfound confidence is also tied up in each of them London Tangle finding boyfriends nice sweet boys awww JK insert eye roll here Hopefully this was unintentionally done but it s definitely there All the supposed personal growth is summed up in just BRIEF hey we should like ourselves just as we are and not based on our weightlookspopularitydating status and that was a bad thing we did we own that conversations at the end Too little too late Here s the other 99% of the book if you re still reading this or just skip to the last paragraphMia is relatable inasmuch as sheeels invisibleundesirable because she isn t one of the perfect pretty girls who she calls The Skinnies and yes body image is a common teen concern But her character is reduced to her dieting By what little I can tell she s still a conventionally pretty white teen of average weight and build though Mia calls herself chubby It s implied that she is dumped because she s chubby so she s determined to lose weight After a Kitty Learns the Ropes (Kitty Norville, few days of Operation Skinny with balanced meals like the 5 blueberries and a cheese stick breakfast an early morning craving leads her toinding the smoothie shop that brings the duos House of Night and Day financial success After that we don t hear anything about Operation Skinny just kidding All Mia eats that summer are smoothies and the occasional order of cheeseries she shares with Justine at the diner we get regular updates of her weight loss and other Morgan and Yew female characters compliment her on the weight loss Justine is a loyalriend and I definitely related to her wanting to avenge Mia s pain but her straight talk bold manner gets rude and dismissive In her mind she s angry that Mia s ex takes up so much of Mia s thoughts but what she says sounds I m sad to say plain bitchy Her intentionshuman weakness no one is the perfect Desires Command friend ALL the time I know is never addressed in any way really I think that s a big part of why this book bothers me everything no matter how problematicis justine There are plenty of stories. S ex in person Two create a ake persona to connect with Mia s ex onlineSoon both plans have morphed into something so much bigger Add some kale to a snow cone and they ve got the hottest smoothie in town and money than they could have imagined And whe.

Note I m illing this review with spoilers but they will be hidden Pier Head Jump for those of you who want to read this novel in theuture If you don t intend to read it click away on all those little spoiler linksSynopsis Mia and Justine are best Make Your Own Pixel Art friends who are slated to work in a snow cone van all summer Mobile Cones which is admittedly a great name Shortly before this happens Mia s boyfriend Seth cheats on her and dumps her Mia is devastated and still in love with Seth so to help her heal Justine decides that the logical move is to create aake Facebook account and TABU fool Seth intoalling in love with this made up girl over the summer before breaking his heart the way he broke Mia s But both Mia and Justine Parinamam ennal പരിണാമം എന്നാല്‍ find themselves eyeing other guys over the summer which complicates things Oh and they also discover that no one wants to buy snow cones and they start an illicit but profitable smoothie operation insteadThis book started off with summer beach read potential but spiraled into I hate these people and their poor life choices about half way through Here are my issues with this book1 The narrators I disliked both Mia and Justine and every chapter Mia s whole shtick is that she s supposed to be mooning over Seth but view spoilerSHE FALLS IN LOVE WITH ANOTHER GUY LIKE THREE WEEKS AFTER BEING DUMPED Clearly she s not all that concerned with Seth which hugely undermines the core of the novel hide spoiler I didn t really like the book but there were recipesor shakes and smoothies on every chapter so I liked that part Wow what a toxic book This book is clearly aimed at younger girls and not only teaches them terrible behaviours and expectations but also that actions have zero real world conseuences Literally the main concept of the book is that these two girls are cat Mistakes (Mistakes Trilogy, fishing one of the girls exor really no other reason that they want to crush his own self esteem Yeah her boyfriend was kind of a jerk but cat Please Share My Wife With Me fishing someone it s bat shit crazy and completely unacceptable behaviour view spoiler Literally both of them get boyfriends that are comepletely understanding of their actions in the end hide spoiler Note ARC received via VineGreenwald manages to write with a voice that will attract a certain subset of tweens but herein lies the problem The book is meantor a slightly older crowd The main characters have just The Cruel Collection finished junior year od high school They are shallow as all get out and only have boys and money and revenge on the mind To get that they resort to deceptions throughout and are never called on any of it orace conseuences Instead of taking the book into the dark corners of what Mia and Justine are doing the author opts to go Got Parts? for humor and lightness At no point did Ieel as if anything was at stake Divine Grace (Divine Creek Ranch, for the characters who mostly come off as mean girls lite the outsiders versionSo here are the chargesCyberbullyingstalkingDeceiving employerStealingrom employer view spoilerbecause using their stuff to make money off a side job at the same time you re being paid to do your regular job and not giving anything back is certainly unethical besides being highly uestionable hide spoiler This book was a good and Kept funny relatable novel I would totally recommend reading it after a break upor extra relatable ness it also has inspired me to try to make smoothies lol I was predisposed to like this because I know the author the daughter of a classmate and I liked her irst book My Life in Pink and Green It s always nice to have preconceived positive When Mia s summer starts with an epic breakup she s sure the rest of the vacation will be miserable But her best riend Justine would never let that happen Their plan has two parts One use their summer job driving a snow cone truck to keep tabs on Mia.

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A long bio can be kind of boring so instead I'm going to pretend that a famous journalist maybe Barbara Walters is interviewing me The only thing is I'm making up the uestions If you think of any other uestions you'd like me to answer send me an email and ask away Where did you grow upA I lived in Fairfield Connecticut until the end of fifth grade and then I moved to Roslyn Height