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A visual arts heavy biography that starts with Lincoln s assassination and moved forward through time exploring what information was eleased or discovered when Largely about the historiography and mythologizing of Lincoln over timeIt s a huge unwieldy coffee table book so it wasn t exactly one I could carry around with me and even finding a comfortable position to Essays One read it in for long periods of time was a bit of a struggleAnd it does sort of peter out at the end post WWI I was hoping for a little of a continuation into the 20th centuryOn the whole though a visually stunning book with a lot of interestingesearch in it Lincoln is my favorite American president after Kennedy and Washington If I were to construct a photo book about someone this is the way I d like to do it Loads of photographs from the time of the Civil War starting with Lincoln s assassination on April 14 1865 It depicts the events and people significant to the Lincoln administration and it displays it s photos with explanations often endered in the words of the subjectsIt s a wonderful Christmas gift from my sister DonnaA wealth of information about the various characters associated with Lincoln s death It answ. In honor of the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birth an extensively esearched lavishly illustrated consideration of the myths memories and uestions that gathered around our most beloved and our most enigmatic president in the years between his assassination and the dedication of the Lincoln Memorial in 1922 A seuel to the enormously successful Lincoln An Illustrated Biography Looking for Lincoln picks up where the previous book left off examining how our sixteenth president’s legend came into beingAvailing themselves of a vast collection of both published and never before seen materials the authors the fourth and fifth generations of a family of Lincoln sch.

Ers such uestions as Whatever became of Robert Lincoln s only surviving child Why was Mary Todd Lincoln so The Kaya-Girl reviled by the press and what caused the schism between her and Robert What influenced Lincoln s growth as an icon andevered father figure to the American Public What is Lincoln s standing in other countriesYou will learn that Lincoln had over 100 pictures that survived that an attempt to steal his entombed body in Springfield IL for ansom occurred and that dozens of Lincoln s friends and acuaintances eminisced in print about their associationIt was great fun When I got this book from the library I intended to just open it and browse through it for a few minutes I ended up staying on that couch and spending a couple HOURS with this book It begins at Lincoln s assassination and everything that happened after and Lincoln s legacy all told with fascinating pictures I learned a lot of interesting thingswhat happened to those involved in the assassination what happened to Mary a sad story and how his son Robert fought to come to terms with Lincoln s death and his new life trying to care for an unappreciative mother And then when nearly everyone who was close to Lincoln sees the. Olars bring into focus the posthumous portrait of Lincoln that took hold in the American imagination becoming synonymous with the nation’s very understanding of itself Told through the voices of those who knew the man Northerners and Southerners blacks and whites neighbors and family members adversaries and colleagues and through stories carefully selected from long forgotten newspapers magazines and family scrapbooks Looking for Lincoln charts the dramatic epilogue to Lincoln’s extraordinary life when in a process fraught with jealousy greed and the struggle for power the scope of his historical significance was taking shapeIn vibrant and immediate detail the.

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Ir story completed the book grinds to a halt And there are still hundreds of pages left it goes through the early 1900s For the true history buff this is great news For a casual Omnibus Films reader like me it was too too much There is aeward at the end of the bookevery picture ever taken of Lincoln Those pictures themselves tell the story of a complicated fascinating man with every wrinkle line and unkempt thatch of hair I Graeco-Egyptian Magick recommend the book but depending on what youe looking for you ll get different Slave Again (Whispers of Refuge results A magnificent compendium of all things Lincoln Thisemarkable melding of text and photo traces the influence of Lincoln in the subseuent years and decades If it doesn t distinguish among the substantial and the trivial it is comprehensive in its coverageAmong the things you will learn Why Lincoln did not attend his father s death bed Why he appointed his most ambitious ival as Chief Justice a few months after throwing him out of the Cabinet The mis intentions of Mary Lincoln s seamstress in her tell all book How Abraham Licoln II diedThe photos are the best I have ever seen collected and the gallery of Lincoln portraits is emarkably evealing after having seen the ecent movie Lincol. Authors chart the years when Americans struggled to understand their loss and ebuild their country Here is a chronicle of the immediate aftermath of the assassination; the private memories of those closest to the slain president; the difficult period between 1876 and 1908 when a tired nation turned its back on the former slaves and betrayed Lincoln’s teachings; and the early years of the twentieth century when Lincoln’s popularity soared as African Americans fought to eclaim the ideals he espoused Looking for Lincoln will deeply enhance our understanding of the statesman and his legacy at a moment when the timeless example of his leadership is crucial than ev.