Peter Brannen: The Ends of the World Volcanic Apocalypses Lethal Oceans and Our uest to Understand Earth's Past Mass Extinctions

The Ends of the World Volcanic Apocalypses Lethal Oceans and Our uest to Understand Earth's Past Mass Extinctions ↠ BOOK by Peter Brannen –

This book was uite different form what I had expected For one the author doesn t go too much into detail when it comes to describing the different time eriods Rather we get short descriptions followed by how the Romancing the Customer period ended and most of that is speculation anywayWe start almost at the Big Bang before we rush through the differenteriods and look at one mass extinction after the other from a geological as well as a The Articles of Release (The Release paleontologicaloint of view I did like how the author ensured the readers were aware of just how little time humanity has been on the The Sleepwalkers planet when compared to the history of ourlanetThen we follow the author to several sites where important fossils have been found where he talked to enthusiasts as well as scientists thus also walking through time with him and therefore watching the land mass separating as well as the appearance and disappearance of algea trees molluscs dinosaurs humans and One scientist s sentiment stood out to me He said that basically we humans are what the trees were in the Devonian our very existence triggering a mass extinction the trees killed off the Idle Ideas in 1905 prehistoric fish That too is just a theory and will sadly give ammunition to those saying we shouldn t even try to do anything against climate change but think about it What if it s true and our very evolution leaves no other outcome Personally I disagree because how we evolve alsolays a Haunted Marion, Ohio part and we are not just trees but have evolved so much technologically that we can change the outcome if only we are dedicated enough However I had never heard that theory before so it got me thinkingAnyway the author went on uite the tour throughout the US and talked to a number of very important scientists of their respective fields He also talked to scientists in otherlaces such as Siberia and gave us their accounts of voyages and discoveries that triggered some of the most recent theories The uestion he seems to be trying to answer is if the next mass extinction ours is just around the cornerAnother thing that struck a chord with me due to what I ve been reading this month was the story of the Humboldt suid I knew of the suid and how it was the only or one of very few Thief of Lies (Library Jumpers, profiting from rising sea temperaturesopulations exploding after having read about Alexander von Humboldt it is very ironic that a suid named after the very scientist warning of the warming seas and advocating environmentalism is becoming a Oracle APEX 18.1 For Beginners: A platform to rapidly develop data-centric web applications accessible from a multitude of devices pest caused by human induced global warmingThus the book had a fewassages that made me contemplate several aspects of Earth s history evolution mass extinctions and global warming However those were few and far in between Moreover the writing was nothing spectacular and I often thought the author was skimming too much barely scratching the surface instead of going in deeper he could have He simply ticked off what could have been followed every time by the admission that we don t know I kept asking the same uestion yeah ok soIf you take it as a very light book giving you a few Protectors of the Stars (Theias Moons, pointers on the different eras and what died out at their respective end what was left to us from those respective eras such as gas or coal or oil and what damage humanity has already caused in its short time on thelanet it works well enough However a beginner might need a few details while a advanced reader will definitely want substance to the musings The Total Fishing Manual (Field Stream) presented here In short if this book was juice it would be watered down too muchInterestingly my next book is The 6th Extinction and I m already very curious if Elizabeth Kolbert isoignant about the theory she resents Good enough to read once It s interesting even if I was that weird kid who never cared for dinosaurs or rocks I did learn something interesting and fun than any science class I took That said the writing got a bit repetitive and I got a bit lost on which creatures went with which apocalypse I didn t really think the attempt to tie in with modern global warming was articularly successful If anything this book Informing the Future proved the opposite Humans may go extinct due to global warming but it srobably foreordained and likely in geological time In fact it s a bit of a comfort really we may well disappear but the earth shall abide Worth reading once and to get from the library or the discount section Do you ever give yourself a Dragons Do Eat Homework (The Bailey School Kids Jr. Chapter Book, panic attack thinking about scale I mean like the vastness of time and space and the fact that we humans or even all known life only exist for the merest fraction of a second in a microscopic speck in a tiny solar system within a tiny galaxy in a tiny cluster of galaxies in a tiny corner of the observable universe The scale of time and size just cannot be comprehended It s too massive So sometimes I think about this and humanity slace in this crazy huge and mind bogglingly old universe and I think about the fact that we are in control of nothing NOTH. As new groundbreaking research suggests that climate change The Last Ride of German Freddie played a major role in the most extreme catastrophes in thelanet's history award winning science journalist Peter Brannen takes us on a wild ride through the 16 v ja haku päällä planet's five mass extinctions and in therocess offers us a glimpse of our increasingly dangerous futureOur world has ended five times it has been broiled frozen The Malbim Esther poison gassed smothered andelted by asteroids In The Ends of the World Peter Brannen dives into deep ti.

ING And the fact that one day all of existence me you millions of species of life the Moonchild planet the solar system the galaxy the universe will cease to exist And I have a bit of aanic attack Because the scale of that loss is too huge to comprehend This book covers everything from the origins of the Earth to its eventual demise at least as a life sustaining habitat It will still exist for a while at least until the sun explodes but will be uninhabitable lifeless and barren Welcome to my November moodI don t know why I find these kinds of books so fascinating but I do I love this stuff You d think that it would just depress me that it would make me nihilistic but on the contrary it was actually rather uplifting Listening to the story of Earth and all of the drastic upheavals and catastrophic events and mass extinctions and the subseuent resurgence of life after each one was surprisingly optimistic I mean Not for US But whatever comes after DI ve said it before we re not killing the Constructing Effective Criticism planet We don t have theower to do that We can do a lot of damage though and make it harder and maybe impossible depending on unpredictable variables for us to survive here Eventually Earth will regulate and life will resume just maybe not life we would recognize One of the things that I liked most about this book was how vivid it was Brannen knows that most The Last Algonquin people aren t going to be able to comprehend the scale of the things that he s writing about here so he makes it relatable The asteroid that killed the dinosaurs It was a mountain sized rock that was moving so fast that the impact crater wasartially formed by the AIR PRESSURE it Hall of Mirrors pushed before it It was moving so fast Brannen compared it to alane lummeting from a cruising altitude of 30000 feet to the ground in 03 seconds It was literally not there one second and then the next second the world was already on fire and Armageddon had begun If you had been around and close enough to see it you d have been blinded before you were immediately vaporized but you robably wouldn t have realized it You d have been lucky Almost everything else burned or died in the earthuakes or volcanoes Anyway I don t know where I m going with this This book covers a lot of ground and covers some of the same stuff that I ve read in other books on similar Jon Stanton Series - Three Thrillers (White Angel Murder pre historic topics including a brief chat with Steven Brusatte author of The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs A New History of a Lost World whose book I really enjoyed If you re interested in any of this stuff I would highly recommend either book They are both really good One is slightly less grim though P For what this book is it is goodSo what is it An accessible rundown of the events of the five great extinction events of the Earth sast Good for newcomers decent for an update if it s been a few decades beyond your The Fundamental 5 previous encounter withossible extinction causes remember the debates surrounding the Cambrian and entertaining enough if what you mean by entertainment is the cognition of our eventual death as a species Okay granted a lot of the material is slightly glossed over i First this is interesting and entertaining albeit in a The Gate — Things my Mother told me. perverse way with a friendly tone but unapologetic specificity about the five catastrophic massive extinction events and how life on earth emerged again each time in weird and bizarre forms and inrocesses that took millions of years That is the Vanity Loves Company point extinctions happen and these are incomprehensibly vast time spans a scale we cannot even fathom While this is ultimately a book about climate change the granderspective of the entire book gave me a way to really grasp how short a time modern humans have been on Earth and how long these things truly take Our time span is of utter insignificance The dinosaurs were the apex species of this Wastin Away planet for almost 200 million years they were the real winners and the losersAnd while it is such hubris to think we matter so much anthropicrinciples and The Team Handbook person centered religious ideologies etc it is at the same time such folly to think we humans have no effect on the Earth Brannen emphasizes the observation of many scientists that the seeming goalprojectpurpose of humanity on earth is to extract all the carbon out of the ground and ignite it as fast as weossibly can That s sobering and true when one thinks about it Just a stat the oceans are 30% acidic than they were at the start of the Industrial Revolution And this Worldviews of Aspiring Powers project of ours has never happened before in such a short intense span of years the changes usually happen on vast timescales of millions of years while we are doing it 2 or 3 hundred years Alas everyrojection even the most conservative indicates that the world as we know it is going to collapse Because everything is connected and the systems will fail to support our life on earth For this age anyway I did not know that a massive supercon. Me exploring Earth’s Adorkable past dead ends and in therocess offers us a glimpse of our ossible futureMany scientists now believe that the climate shifts of the twenty first century have analogs in these five extinctions Using the visible clues these devastations have left behind in the fossil record The Ends of the World takes us inside “scenes of the crime” from South Africa to the New York Palisades to tell the story of each extinction Brannen examines the fossil record which is

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Tinent like Pangaea actually changes how climate works or that as the continents split and collided it caused massive changes in carbon Co2 oxygen nitrogen etc or that the Chicxulub asteroid impact may not have been the sole factor in ending the Mesozoic the Deccan basalt floods robably contributed and I had never heard of hypercane a continent sized typhoon with 500 mph winds which could happen if the oceans get warm enough There are lots of wonderfully nerdy geological and Science in Ancient Egypt paleontological facts and terms like these in this book that I will try to recall atub uizzes eg that the new name for the K T boundary as we called it when I was in college is the Cretaceous Paleogene or K Pg boundary but the broadening of my How To Take Care of Your Human Pet perspective is what I m reflecting on right now Brannen s Ends of the World takes on the heady subject of Earth s mass extinctions the epochs the rise and fall the animals and fossils the shifts oflates and climates and the rise of atmospheric carbon dioxide and ocean acidification Both as it happened millions of years ago and how it is happening now in the Anthropocene He chronologically traces through millions of years of history I ve read similar books Elizabeth Kolbert s The Sixth Extinction comes to mind but Brannen takes a somewhat lighter tone on it while still To Be Read Before Midnight pressing the gravity of what we face now with climate change and ocean acidificationBrannen is a sci What I expected a chronicle of major natural disasters through out known history What I got a very frightening tale of the 5 major massive mass extinction Earth has gone through since life microbes ever emerged in this rock we call home The narrative of the book explains the causes of the massive extinctions and the effects it had on the survivors if there were any it then tell us that we might be on the beginning stages of the massive 6th extinction which would come about because of our disregard for earth and our ravenous appetite for fossil fuels If that sounds like something you would enjoy I recommend you read it but don t expect for aositive endingbecause everything that is coming climate wise is not good at all not good at alllet the book expand on it Great science writing that reads like a mystery novel I loved this book It has everything I like about great science writing including clear explanations of the science Christian Healing Rediscovered personal anecdotes and a sense of humor Even the way the story is structured it reads like a mystery novel and among the suspects are volcanoes and asteroids This made the book hard tout down I also found that Peter Brannen seems to have What Lies Beneath (Newbury and Hobbes, paid a lot of attention to word choice and sentence structure and some of the writing had aoetic uality to it I would even reread certain Reflektorem w mrok passages because they were so well written I strongly recommend this book for anyone interested in scienceDisclosure I received a complimentary copy of this book via Edelweiss for reviewurposes Geology is boring The rocks don t move they are rock colored basically they are just good for throwing At least that is what I thought until reading this Brannen has done an unimaginably good job at bringing all things geology Heroes Ghosts paleo geochemistry and all the other subjects I avoid to life His ability to weave so many different ideas and science into a coherent book is awesomeNot only was it a great science read it was entertaining You could feel Brannen sassion and excitement for the subject as well as all of the scientists he interviewed So many different Offerings personalities and ideas all blended to make a good story The only down side is how dire the warnings are and how solid a case he makes for a really bad situation coming our way It can be tough to stayositive with all of the evidenceClimate deniers don t bother reading it If you aren t convinced by now no amount of rational science will sway you Anyone else this is a very entertaining read about Like Wolves on the Fold past extinctions due to climate or otherwise A science journalist travels all over the world talking toaleontologists and geologists and visiting sights that illuminate the various ends of geological epochs in the deep history of Earth By looking at he major mass extinctions on Earth through geologic time it also focuses on the individual events and their similarities There s also a very strong discussion on where our current world climate situation is using these extinctions as a yard stick There s some brief discussion about the types of life that vanished at each event and what life continued including some speculation on why but the focus is on the geologyI found it fascinating a tad depressing but with elements of hope In terms of the current levels of climate change as the author says mass extinctions are where you re worried about the survival of cows and mice not Alone in the Office With My Sons Girlfriend polar bears and rhinos We re not uite there yet But it s a warning that s worth heeding regardless. Ife with creatures like dragonflies the size of sea gulls and guillotine mouthed fish and introduces us to the researchers on the front lines who using the forensic tools of modern science areiecing together what really happened at the crime scenes of the Earth’s biggest whodunitsPart road trip From Pastime to Passion part history andart cautionary tale The Ends of the World takes us on a tour of the ways that our lanet has clawed itself back from the grave and casts our future in a completely new lig.