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Th Matt s help they find a solution that s ight for everyoneThanks to NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me this ARC The Second Time Around is a novella book 25 in the Worthingtons series by Ella uinn I have had the pleasure of eading the first 2 books in this series and think although not necessary it would be a good idea to ead those books before this one You will have a better understanding of the characters in this novella especially of the many siblings living in the same houseFour of those children are girls and they are the children of Patience and the Earl of Worthington He passed away and left the children under the guardianship of Matt his son from a previous marriage Patience and the children now live under his oof along with his new wife and her assortment of siblings who came with the marriage Their story can be ead in Three Weeks to WedPatience has never thought of emarrying in fact if she were to emarry she would lose her children because she would live with her new husband and Matt being the children s guardian would keep them under his oof Patience hasn t even eally given love a second thought Her first marriage was a loveless one but at least she had her children from it and she s content with her life as it is That is until her first love comes back into her life He broke her heart 19 years ago and she ended up marrying old WorthingtonRichard the new Viscount Wolverton is Patience s first love and he has eturned to London for her He lost his chance because he was away adventuring instead of coming to claim her for himself when she had her official London coming out and by the time he eturned she was just days away from marrying somebody else Her parents didn t let him see her and he lost her Now that she is a widow he has the opportunity to woo her again and he intends to do thatPatience is shocked to see Richard again and she can t help but feel all the old love for him come to the surface again She has to ignore it for the sake of her children Can she ignore it though Is there any way she can be with Richard and not just have the occasional hidden liaison with him She cannot and will not give up her childrenI enjoyed this novella a lot although I must admit I would have loved for it to have been a longer story with perhaps a build up of Patience and Richard s elationship before he went galivanting around the world A second chance at love is always better to ead about when you have a in depth understanding of just how much they loved each other the first time around and how heart broken both were when they lost each other Imagine eading about Richard s anguish to eturn too late to claim her and having her parents stopping him get to her to tell her he was back and that she should marry him instead of old Worthington That s just my personal opinion though and it certainly didn t stop me thoroughly enjoying this story I was also absolutely fascinated with the facts that the author put at the end of the book about the ights or lack of them for a woman with egards to her children if her husband dies before her Thank goodness we don t live like that any I voluntarily eviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book Second chancesAn engaging story based on the premise of the laws pertaining to guardianship in the Regency era As uinn explains in her Author s Note Very few women were given sole guardianship of their own children and almost never if one of the children happened to be a boy or an Was not something the mother of four had ever planned on But a surprise encounter with her first love has suddenly made the impossible seem possible all over again It seems like a lifetime ago that Richard Viscount Wolverton was halfway around the.

The Second Time Around by Ella uinn is book 25 in The Worthingtons series This is the story of Patience and Richard I have ead the other books in this series but feel this can be a standalone book This is a Semi Novella with about 105 pages and the story is a Second Chance at Love theme Patience is now a widow with four children who are the ward of her Step Son Matt Matt we met in the first book Three Weeks to Wed who married a women with 7 younger siblings So you can image that house is one busy place Richard went on a World Tour but had promised to eturn for her coming out ball but failed to do so and when he did eturn Patience was days away from marrying and older man Now several years later with Patience being a widower Richard has come to her wanting to start again Patience is still hurt from him not eturning but goes forward to spend time with him This was another good book by Ms uinnMy honest eview is for a special copy I voluntarily ead I am voluntarily leaving a eview for an eARC supplied to my by NetGalley and the PublisherWhat a sweet little second chance at love storyPatience the dowager Countess of Worthington and Richard the Viscount Wolverton share a past 19 years ago they were in love and Patience believed they would marry But when Richard failed to eturn from his grand tour in time for her come out ball Patience believed he had forsaken her and accepted the offer of marriage to the much older Earl of WorthingtonRichard has never forgiven himself for missing Patience s come out he eturned to find she was days away from marrying another and her parents efused to let him see or speak to her Feeling defeated he left England again and didn t eturn for 14 yearsHe has eturned and has waited for the last five years for Patience to come home when she doesn t he finally comes to claim her19 years has not dulled the attraction between them but Patience can see no way for them to be together She knows that they can have no future but she can t help herself and agrees to spend time with him while he is in town She plans to make the most of the little time they have and then walk awayRichard has other ideas and he is not going to lose his love a second timeThe tale that follows is a very nice second chance love story It has some steamy love scenes some funny moments a little bit of angst and finally a very well done HEA Also the author s notes at the end of the story were incredibility enlightening egarding widowhood in Regency England and eally cleared away any doubts I may have had egarding the plot of this novellaThis series is outstanding and I can t wait for Lady Louisa s story This is a cute novella but who s who was a little confusing at first especially the 10 children I have ead some of Ella uinn s books and some are in my TBR pile If you have ead the previous 2 of this series you will be fine Patience in her 30 s is the Dowager Countess of Worthington and lives with her step son Matt the current Earl and his wife The household also includes her 4 children and his wife s 7 younger siblings Richard Viscount Wolverton was Patience s first love As a young man he went off to see the world and while he was gone her parents arranged her marriage to the now deceased Earl not the best of husbands Richard has never stopped loving her and is determined to marry her Patience is worried about losing her children as Matt is their guardian While the children want to stay together they also want her to be happy Wi. Can a beautiful Worthington widow find love again Depends on who’s asking Before he died Patience was the Earl of Worthington’s second wife So why shouldn’t Patience be allowed a second chance at marriage too Of course finding a new husband.

Eir Once a mother emarried she could not have guardianship of her children at all married women were not legally allowed to have guardianship Once she lost even partial guardianship she could be barred from seeing her children So what is Patience the Dowager Countess of Worthington to do when widowed unable to be guardian to her own children e meets the man she d loved forever Viscount Richard Wolverton The man who d left her heartbroken to travel thus having her lot cast by her father wedding the bridegroom of his choice Worthington We do hear from Richard a slightly differ A short but sweet story about lost love and finding it again years later I would ecommend to anyone who likes a good sweet historical omance and wants a uick and easy eadThanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a eview copy Patience Worthington is Matt s stepmother and the mother of the four younger sisters he s had custody of ever since his father died Her marriage wasn t exactly a love match but it gave Patience her daughters and that s something she ll always be grateful for When her old childhood sweetheart comes back to London he is determined to win back the only woman he ever loved it was his fault she ended up in a loveless marriage and all he wants is to finally be able to claim her for himself It s not uite that simple though if Patience marries again she could lose her children especially since the girls have become so close to Grace s siblings and the two families are living together so happilyI eally enjoyed this story Patience was married young and although she has four daughters she s eally not much older than her stepson Matt so she s far too young to be on her own forever Richard missed his first chance with her because he was stupidly away travelling when she came out to society and he didn t eturn in time to stop her marriage to the old Duke He never stopped loving her though so now that she s available again he will do whatever it takes to win her heart Luckily Patience s children are on his side they want their mother to be happy and along with the est of their family they e willing to do a little plotting to help Richard win her handIt was eally nice to see these two get a second chance at love it would have been great to have had some flashbacks into their childhood together but for a novella we still had plenty of time to get invested in their elationship It s always fun to spend time with the Worthington brood too and this was a great lighthearted ead that I m happy to ecommend This one I did not like as much as the other ones I am too much a mother to accept that she leaves her daughters behind and too much a headstrong person to marry someone I do not love This was a nice light ead I liked the plot wish it could have been expanded on with the author showing us the characters falling in love or being in love before the heroine had to marry someone else The only things I didn t eally like and here I am nit picking are the amount of children in the family got a bit silly specially trying to emember which child belonged to which character Also the book cover didn t match the heroes description book cover blonde book dark brown hair both silly things but thought they were worth mentioningOverall I enjoyed eading this story from eading the excerpt from the next book I m looking forward to eading the est of this series4 stars ARC eceived from Netgalley for a honest eviewReview also posted on Sweet simple short. World looking for adventure while Patience at her coming out was left with no choice but to take old Worthington’s hand Richard never forgot the woman whose heart he yearned for and now that he’s back he’s not going to let her slip away aga.

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USA Today bestselling author Ella uinn’s studies and other jobs have always been on the serious side political science professor and lawyer Reading historical romances especially Regencies were her escape Eventually her love of historical novels led her to start writing them She is married to her wonderful husband of over thirty years They have a son and two beautiful granddaughters and