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Nd German Expressionism Animating their zone of interrogation is the “blot” an algorithm of innuendo an uncanny defamiliarization of reality and “truth” wherein the trajectories of meaning and desire fold into themselves like an origami in flames.

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Ilip K Dick on their respective lines of flight Foregrounding the introjections between California and Germany they address a range of ideas subjects and figures from B movies science fiction Wile E Coyote and the Devil to trauma theory Freud Hitchcock

In this supplement to Jonathan Lethem’s novel A Gambler’s Anatomy the renowned novelist engages in a concerted transatlantic dialogue with cult theorist Laurence A Rickels exploring the vicissitudes of popular culture and the profound influence of Ph.

Jonathan Allen Lethem born February 19 1964 is an American novelist essayist and short story writerHis first novel Gun with Occasional Music a genre work that mixed elements of science fiction and detective fiction was published in 1994 It was followed by three science fiction novels In 1999 Lethem published Motherless Brooklyn a National Book Critics Circle Award winning novel t