Meredith Webber: Doctor and Protector Medical Romance

Dr Cassie Carew can't believe the mysterious letters are significant But the police take them seriously enough to bring in surgeon turned criminol.

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And a flood of medical emergencies But it's her unwanted much needed bodyguard and his oh so convincing romantic pretense that's always on her min.

Ogist Dr Henry McCall to protect her And worst of all he's posing as her loverOver a few hectic days Cassie has to cope with a threat to her life.

Meredith Webber is the author of over 50 contemporary romance novels Many of her novels have been published as part of Mills and Boon's Medical Romance line of category romances Her novels have been translated into dozens of languages including IcelandicBefore becoming a writer Webber worked as a teacher a travel agent a pig farmer and the coordinator of a respite care service In 1992 sh