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Int. This lively easy to follow guide to Kabbalah introduces the ancient Jewish mystical tradition that as captured the interest of Hollywood stars and the general public alike With celebrities like Madonna Paris Hilton Demi Moore and Britney Spears announcing their fascination with Kabbalah curiosity about this ancient Jewish mystical tradition continues to grow The Beliefnet® Guide to Kabbalah is a ighly informative reader friendly overview of Kabbalah.

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Ting. Luding their views on angels and demons and on the afterlife and provides instructions on both traditional and contemporary meditative devotional mystical and magical practices Sidebars featuring key facts anecdotes and freuently asked uestions add to the book’s scope and appeal From the premier source of information on religion and spirituality the Beliefnet® Guides introduce you to the major traditions leaders and issues of faith in the world today.

Eres. Whose messages Moses is said to ave received from God on Mount Sinai A collection of speculations on the nature of divinity the creation the origins and fate of the soul and the role of English Humour for Beginners human beings in the world Kabbalah’s meaning and messagesave influenced Jews Christians and others alike and intrigued scholars for generations The Beliefnet® Guide to Kabbalah covers the essentials of Kabbalah’s istory sheds light on what Kabbalists believe inc.

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Arthur Goldwag is the author of Cults Conspiracies and Secret Societies and of Isms and Ologies He lives in Brooklyn New York with his wife and family