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This has all the grace and subtlety of a feature length Daily Mail article The reader is resented with two Project Liberatio (Project Renovatio Book 2) people who have inflicted the most awful crime on their own child we re told and retold about the crime in gruesome detail Voxops from friends and family indicated by sweepingly stereotypical regional dialects The Last Thing I Told You provide only the barest level of understanding of why the two committed the crime they had troubled childhoods big surprise These sorts of crimes are tragic and disturbing when they actually occur in reality to make one up for amusement without insight is gratuitous at best Plus if the above wasn t bad enough there s also a fairly graphic child rape scene linked to thelot by the barest sliver of necessity Very compelling I kept turning the The Human Network pages Twisted Great writing Especially liked Angela s letter to her son beautifully written A study into how children are failed by theirarents and how they in turn when adults fail their children Scary warped a glimpse into twisted minds A read that had me turning the Capture of a Heart pages This novel left me with mixed feelings In short it is a story about a couple that has tortured and killed their only daughter They and theeople surrounding them look back on these facts At first you don t really know what happened but it becomes clear rather uickly And as I felt appaled of this having happened the story extracts all emotion out of it and leaves only a dry and decaying lump of a novel This is accomplished through the emotional distance in with the chapters are made up off You get someone casting their eye on the whole deal subjectively giving their thoughts and ideas And that s it No connections no story line Just a bunch of witness reports of what has happened and how it could have happened And then I shuddered at the clich s used Why does it always implicate a bad childhood when someone does a thing like this Parents aren t responsible for their children s actions they have a conscience of their own but in here the underlying story is indeed that both of the The Secret Power Within Your Mortgage perpetrators have been abused during childhoodsychically and emotionally And this is meaning to be a love story which it kind of is The murder of the little girl isn t center topic in this novel it s a means in which to Gender in Fiscal Policies portray the love Brendan and Sherilyn feel for each other I wouldn t go so far as call it love though feels like obsession And theirersonal reflections do betray a fondness for such behaviour I didn t like it because I felt like it wasn t up to being real life It all felt black and white Not much actual feeling left to The Russians Pregnant Mistress ponder Everyone seemed toonder the death of the girl and everyone resumably felt the effects it had on their life some in gravely exaggerated form It lacked credibility and lots of it I read in the Acknowledgments that this novel came to be because she wrote a maddening two age essay of the girl s thoughts If she had gone from there it might have been an improvement Not an enjoyable book as such it tells the story of a strange couple whose creepy obsessive relationship feels threatened by the arrival of their unwanted baby and then the disturbing events that follow I thought it was interesting and clever that the book focuses on the couple rather than what was inflicted on the child it really conveyed both their weird obsession with each other and complete lack of empathy for anyone else Disturbing bizarre compelling and not for the faint of heart There aren t many books I can say I wish I had never read but this is definitely one of them As another reviewer said it is a bit like watching a train wreck I kept wanting to look away but couldn t I suppose on the ositives I would say that the techniue used by the author of swapping erspectives between the many witnesses meant that the gradual reveal of the story kept me turning the New Perspectives On Criseyde pages However by the time the full horror of events is revealed I actually felt uite nauseous and wanted to take a showerI had so manyroblems with believability in this book The biggest one being the characters at the centre of the drama Sheralyn and Brendan both narcissistic shallow control freaks obsessed with outward appearance For starters I can t imagine either of these bloodless two dimensional characters falling in love with anyone other than themselves although I suppose we are lead to believe that they are two kindred spirits in appearance and attitude I certainly couldn t believe that they would have allowed a Sharon, Lois and Brams Skinnamarink pregnancy to happen I m sure Sherralyn would have made sure the morning afterill or abortion were employed Even if she were to go through with the That Noble Dream pregnancy and bring the baby home am I really supposed to believe that someone as damaged as Sheralyn would opt for building a cage in the spare room and allow the baby to lie in her own filth rather than simplyutting a The Shadows I Followed pillow over the baby s face and claiming a cot death The whole thing is just too ridiculous for words I wouldrobably give this one a 155 I enjoyed the different character Japanese Etiquette perspectives in the beginning however I felt as though they didn t build a strong enoughicture on each character and I was left wanting from each Especially in the second half of the book I thought given how twisted the 2 main characters. No one in the neighbourhood has seen the Gutteridges' little girl Samantha for months But Brendan and Sherilyn look happier that

Were there would be of a twist or interesting ending about why they did it but it was all the disturbing details with little explanation The first half was amazing it was like Stephen King and Gillian Flynn had a baby and every POV kept me glued to the The Cowboy and His Baby page because it build an amazing tension But after a while after Samantha was discovered and Brendan and Sherilyn were caught everything seemed to stopThe story itself is great and the characters were interesting enough However I found some of them uselessarticularly towards the end Maybe it s my fault because I hoped there will be about what Brendan and Sherilyn did to their baby A book like this one comes in handy once in a while but this one left me unsatisfied because it deprived me of all the gruesome details I expected to find in it In the end the story doesn t revolve around Samantha but rather around Brendalyn I liked the idea of it the strong bound between them almost supernatural was something newAll in all it was an interesting read I will rate it 35 I read this one when it first came out when I was 13 14 and going through my look at me I m so edgy and angsty and different from all you other teenagers Secure Location phase which meant that I couldn t resist a book about a couple who torture and murder their 3 year old child Apparently I still can t and therefore haveerhaps not grown out of that disturbing teenage The Everyday Witch (Beatrice Bailey, phase because I vaguely remembered this book and wondered what I d think of it now as I suspected my ambivalence came from a feeling of being totally horrified by the languageviolencesex as those were the main things I rememberedIt starts off so well The first 50% is masterfully written disturbing chilling bleak andrecise Obviously the subject matter is beyond horrible I suspect that if I ever have children I ll never be able to reread this book because of the descriptions of Samantha Brendan and SherilynLinda s child being locked in a cage Even as a childless 21 year old I ll admit some of those arts did bring me out in a cold sweat Tupolski has a wonderful feel especially for Sherilyn s voice There s even moments of terrible comedy like when Sherilyn and Brendan say that they can t send their cat to somebody else so they ut him outside and trust him to find another home they re leaving their daughter to starve in a cage by the way There are also moments of nearly breathtaking insight where Brendan sees a newspaper article in which he is being obviously slammed for being the most horribly abusive Reign of Ash (The Chosen parent in the world who never took his daughter shotograph once in her life on top of abusing her starving her and torturing her Does he focus on that Obviously not His big moment of horror comes not from their condemnation but from the horrifying realisation that they have a Bred by the Beastmen (Bred by the Beastmen picture of his and Sherilyn s wedding day The whole book has such a resonant ring of realism complete with the little details of Brendan and Sherilyn s world on the outside It s horrific but also amazing insightful and very very darkUntil it seems Tupolski sends them both torison and somehow decides she s not gone dark enough Then it all becomes terrible in an entirely different way First of all WHY DID SHERILYN HAVE TO BE A VICTIM OF SEXUAL ABUSE I appreciate that sexual abuse screws you up terribly but I m so sick of every author feeling that they have to make their female villain somehow comprehendible by making them a victim of sexual abuse It s cheap disgusting and Fline en Lingerie personally I think suggesting that sexual abuse survivors become child murdering control freaks is getting really old and really worn While some horrifically famous murderers have had sexually abusive childhoods like Ed Gein or Rosemary West Iersonally felt that Sherilyn s childhood Surface prior to the big revelation that her dad had molested her was far believable to create such a character her mum is insane after a series of stillbirths drive her over the age that is until she finally has Sherilyn s younger sister a beautiful little girl who suddenly consumes theirarents worlds I thought that Sherilyn s hunger for her own home where she could be herself was far adeuately expressed in Marilyn her mother s ramblings about how little sister Anne Marie would beg and beg for Sherilyn s cake from Food Tech for instance always wanting what somebody else had and Marilyn s recollections of all the games she and the social bubbly incredibly Orange 5 (オレンジ, popular but thick as a brick Anne Marie used tolay Contrast that with the The No-Spend Challenge Guide: How to Stop Spending Money Impulsively, Pay off Debt Fast, Make Your Finances Fit Your Dreams plain mousyrecise obsessive Linda with her finicky neatness and determined introversion We did not need the I m a bad The Scot person because my dad raped me when I was a child incredibly lame useless and easylot device trotted out Rape is not easy for the survivor It just isn t Rape should feel Spring Snow problematic and terrible in a narrative because that s what rape is Rape especially of the familial abuse variety is not just some catch all explanation to make us sympathise with a character especially when the characters are nearly always female It s lame sexist and stupid Especially for a book like this I m not kidding when I say that I felt it deflated all the tension There s still something incredibly fascinating and compelling about a novel where the characters are no. Ver so nothing is wrong Is it For the Gutteridges Samantha was just a thing that threatened to worm its way into theirerfect lov.

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T so much narcissists in the traditional sense but somehow narcissistically mutually obsessed with one another How can Brendan call his wife his goddess when he apparently has no The Greatest Victory problems with locking his daughter in a cage Why does Sherilyn briefly look so relieved when somebody else does something as simple as wipe her daughter s nose What motivates somebody to torture their child for so long rather than just killing them if they have that i mind and hate them so much Unfortunately once they re inrison all the urgency or real genuine interest goes out of this in Second Chance Pass (Virgin River, part because we already have our answer Sherilyn was raped Well it s no surprise she hasroblems then is it Brendan was beaten terribly by his father and made to wallow in his own urine by his stepmother You might wonder why I ve chosen to focus on Sherilyn s backstory and not Brendan s in this review because at least Tupolski doesn t think we re so simultaneously naive and voyeuristic to keep the revelation that Brendan was Fates Monolith (MacLomain, physically abused from us It s not treated like a twist Similarlyhysical abuse doesn t have the same kind of ring of being eteeeeeernally dragged out as the motivation for Everything You Can Ever Imagine as the sexual abuse of women doesIt gets worse So much worse It s like Tupolski can t recover from this low At the Wolfs Table point Though Brendan and Sherilyn s flashbacks to their time together are as effective as ever she theniles on the nasty and cheap A Family Scandal plot devices We meet James James is a serialaedophile rapist and murderer All three We get some really unpleasant flashbacks of him doing his thing too along with the fairly heavy implication that he was sexually abused by his largely unseen mother though that s all about the depth he does have He s meant to be so fantastically Ruthless Game (GhostWalkers, pretty that the moment Brendan sees him he wants to kiss his neck Uh I m sorry what We know that Brendan and Sherilynractice some BDSM stuff but I was The Perfect Weapon pretty weirded out by the sudden introduction of Brendan s apparent bisexuality I guess and this unbearablyretty evil charmer the MINUTE he and Sherilyn are separated We re led to believe that they can t even bear to be separated for a minute because they are always togethernever apart as their rings say I m Psychic Protection pretty sure there s some fucking weird and damn offensive subtext here we re never told that Brendan has any interest in men or literally anybody except from Sherilyn because it seems like Tupolski almost suddenly developing bisexuality along with a hankering for a maleaedophile is sort of กระต่ายในเงาจันทร์ par for the course for Brendan That s without even getting into the descriptions of rapemolestation we get unnecessarily from James s POV Especially laid alongside Sherilyn s memory of being molested by her father it feels highly uestionable and odd It almost reminded me of the thing that Sherilyn references when she says about the trashy magazines with stories like I Fell In Love With My Best Friend s Ferret This felt by the end like one of those magazines Rather than thesychological depth or horror or insight I d wanted to feel and really believed I could feel in the earlier Employment Law Cases and Materials pages there just seemed to be a new disgusting horror on every singleage Although I did almost giggle in a choked horrified way when Brendan reads James s novel whose sole What Would Pacifists Have Done about Hitler? a Discussion of War, Dictators and Pacifism plot seems to be raping little girls and then throws him out of the cell in disgust Yeah James even Brendan the guy who built a cage solely keep his little daughter beat her starved herut cigarettes out on her drugged her and caused her to be sick then left her to die I m going solely by memory knows that raping children is wrong That s a lesson for youSo apparently that maybe justifies the ending I m not looking for an easy ending I know there isn t going to be one I m all right with feeling ambivalent feelings towards book characters even two as irredeemably horrible as Brendan and Sherilyn They did nevertheless feel like real characters with control freak tendencies strange character uirks and opinions in between the torturethe murder Until they go to A Place to Call Home (Front Porch Promises prison and apparently develop superpowers which allow them to hear one another s thoughts I ll be fair to Topolski and say that it was at least inferred a couple of times throughout the book but it turned far too much towards the magical realistic and the love makes everything better for a novel about two such sick horrendouseople i don t care if they were raped as children stick your lame and convenient The Hot Kid (Carl Webster, plotting and then to journey towards an ending which has theossibility of a heaven for these two I m trying not to spoil completely but Jesus Christ I could Healing After a Loss practically hear The Power of Lovelaying over the ending No thank you I wish I d never read this book It actually gave me nightmares the storyline is so intense and disturbing It s well written but I couldn t recommend it to anyone because it s just too much The Jefferson Davis Inaugural Address premise of a couple so in love that they couldn t love their own child was chilling and compelling I wanted the author to explore this and explain how it wasossible that eople who had the capacity to love so deeply could commit the vile crime of killing their own childThe explanations given for why Brendan and Sherilyn ultimately decided to leave. E For everyone else her story is the stuff of tabloid headlines But this time it's not in a newspaper it's happening right next do.

Carol Topolski is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist Her many previous roles include working on the Woodstock festival in advertising and as a prison teacher nursery school director director of a rape crisis centre and refuge for battered women probation officer and film censor She lives in London and is married with two daughters and two grandchildren