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Book to children ages five and up since smaller children may need some reassuring for the eating scenes Try to get the copy that comes with an audiotape what a hoot Great read aloud with a surprise ending Children will chime in An adorable et cool way to learn subtraction A fun little children s counting book We start with ten and end up with view spoiler I m not going to tell ou Read it ourself hide spoiler Count down from ten as one by one the piranhas devour each other Written in catchy verse the kids at storytime will eat this one up What is it about kids and their love for stuff getting devoured It s positively ghoulish I tell ou Picture BookFUN story that my students and I love reading together Perfect way to introduce children to subtraction Give the students ten goldfish to take away as the piranhas eat their friends and have an open discussion about how they are being taken away Absolutely fabulous book for k 1st Counting back is an intriguing but very confusing concept for children to grasp because no one likes going backwards we are just not use to that This book will be a great start to that discussion and also for re visiting I would provide children with chipscounter so that they can model the story Great book for seuencing and retelling also. R the giant crocodile lurking on the bank Children will love learning to count backward in this crafty tale about one very hungry piranh.

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Ing anyone could do to another person after the person gained trust for the deceptive person This book also details how being deceptive towards other people can make a person truly corrupted depending on the cause and parents may want to discuss with their children about how it is not a good idea to deceive people for the wrong reasons Victoria Chess illustrations are colorful and sometimes creepy at the same time as she draws the piranhas with shifty eyes and sharp teeth which reinforces the creepiness of this story Also Victoria Chess takes in great detail in making the jungle colorful which brings life to the story The most highlighted illustrations in this story would have to be of the depiction of the jungle animals being located on the top of the river while we see the piranhas in the river The illustrations would show the jungle animals looking down upon the piranhas from the trees or from riverbanks while the piranhas perform their wicked ways especially of the images where the animals watch the cleverest piranha eating the other piranhas Ten Sly Piranhas is indeed a clever book about counting and wickedness as it does a good job at teaching children how to count while at the same time teaching children about the food chain in the wild I would recommend this. The only surviving piranha he is confident that he can eat anybody But while he may be the cleverest fish in the river he is no match fo.

I m surprised by how much I enjoyed this picture book It is a really fun way to teach counting backwards from 10 to 1 as long the the children a While a bit morbid and I thought for a moment my literal spirited child wouldn t handle it well we pursued through the morbid and ended up and the funny and silly Ten Sly Piranhas teaches counting down from ten to none There is poetic elements alliteration humor images to capture discussion and It was a good one for our lesson We bought this to go along with Memoria Press Simply Classical Curriculum A counting book that also teaches children that how to count in reverse while also showing them that there is strength in numbers William Wise has done an excellent job with making this book both educational and morbid at the same time as the readers learn their numbers by counting the piranhas but also get to see the piranhas being eaten in each page William Wise has truly brought out the worst in villains as he displays the last piranha as the most wicked and cleverest of all the piranhas as the last piranha pulls out all sorts of tricks such as making one of the piranhas trust him like a brother in order to eat all the other piranhas I usually enjoy villains who often deceive people because to me that is the most wicked th. Ten sly piranhas are swimming in a river but one at a time they disappear until there is only one left Now that this proud overeater is.

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