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E story It also comes out that the person who victimized her has been around and tells her she is his like a possession Daniel is livid and does his own investigating on this person He also tries to convince Sophia that relations between two people is not like her xperienceCan Daniel save Sophia from the danger stalking her Can he convince her to take a chance on loveI loved this book Sophia is a great character as she is strong smart and very giving of herself She is fairly direct toward people and has a great sense of humor Daniel is such a good man whose heart was broken It doesn t take long for him to feel protective of SophiaThe author does a good I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in Alien Chastity Belt exchange for an honest reviewWhile I thoroughly liked the book I don t care for the title because it makes it sound like she did something wrong and she didn t I understand that that was the way it was thought of during that time but I just don t think we have to support it by making titles sound that way Just sayinA S Fenichel is a new author for me but I ll definitely read of her books in the futureI usually steer clear of novels that contain rape and probably wouldn tven have looked at this one if I d realized this book dealt with it However this author dealt with the whole thing beautifully The rape was several years in the past and while we were told some of the details they weren t terribly graphic You knew what happened but it wasn t so plainly spelled out in great detail What the book dealt with so wonderfully with grace and tenderness was the journey through the aftermath of that and on to the healingThe villain was a real nasty piece of work He was into all sorts of bad stuff and didn t care who he hurt or how badly We can all agree to just hate him thoroughlyI really liked the hero Daniel Fallon loved Sophia Braighton from the first moment he saw her He is loyal loving steadfast and caring throughout the Faker entire book He sxactly the kind of man someone like Sophia needs to help her to recover from her trauma You couldn t ask for a better hero But like most hero s in romance novels he could communicate a little betterThe story was so beautifully written and the characters so well developed that you could just feel Sophia s pain heartache and self doubt There are some really fun uirky secondary characters in the book as wellSo I ve told you what I did like now for the couple of things I didn tToward the Lawbreakers Suspense Stories end of the book as we re working toward the solution with the villain Daniel disappears So Sophia decides he s taken a mistress and has run off with her Now where did that come from I understand it is supposed to be because of her own selfsteem issues but goodness Daniel had been loyal and steadfast since the day he met her and had NEVER given HIPPO IN THE GARDEN even a hint that he might do something like that yet that is the first place she goes I don t understand her welcoming her parents back into her life they are from America so joyfully without ironing out the nasty things they tried to do to her She was raped and they wanted to marry her off to somebody in order to save face They didn tven tell her brother anything just let him dislike his sister because of her reactions to the man who raped her because he liked the manAnyway I really Spinal Trauma enjoyed the book This story deals with a very touchy subject that may be triggering for some readers Yet somehow the author manages to approach it in a way that not only comes acr. An’s trust in men is shattered In fact Sophia neverxpects to Shadow (New Species, ever feel anything for a man Then again she neverxpects to find herself in the company of the dashing 細味人生100篇 earl of Marlton From the moment he sees Sophia Daniel Fallon feels alive in a way he has not since his brokenngagement Though the

A rich historical with true to the time descriptionsSophia is sent to London to the marriage mart after the scandal in Philadelphia by her parents in hope that she will find a match Greeted by what appears to be a stuffy Aunt Daphne she uickly sees through the stiff upper lip facade to the warm woman she hides from the ton James is not looking for a match indeed he caught his former fiancee in flagrante delicto and has trust issuesRead the tale of their budding relationship and the travails that followI received an ARC copy for my honest opinion and found it to be an The Gathering (Darkness Rising, engrossing readI plan to buy for a friend who alsonjoys sweet historical romances with a touch of heat Sophia is a beautifully strong yet feminine main character and I found myself wanting to hug her She s gone through so much pain and abuse no thanks to that villain scumbag She flees to England to her aunt s care Once there she discovers that life is indeed worth living and there are men in the world willing to avenge what s happened to her I m a huge historical romance fan MongoDB especially stories about Colonial Americans who travel to Britain The premise of this story grabbed me right away What I wasn t prepared for was the honest non romanticized portrayal of rape and female slavery in Tainted Bride Well done Fenichel Filled with interesting characters and circumstances Tainted Bride is a historical gem Daniel and Sophia sizzle between the pages and when the scumbag returns to England to claim Sophia as his own Daniel risksverything he owns and holds dear to avenge Sophia Disclaimer I received a copy from Lyrical Press via Netgalley in the hopes I d review it My Rating 5 starsReviewed by Mrs NThis review first appeared What a wonderfully charming book that handles a terrible personal trauma with grace and tenderness Sophia is no shrinking violet she has spunk and ngenders loyalty uickly upon arriving in London The author has created a strong setting of support and friendships for Sophia The friends that surround her are as developed as our hero and heroine With her friend s help she is able to move on with her life ad mbrace the possibilities the future holds In Lord Daniel Fallon the Earl of Marlton we are given a hero who is jaded and carries a wounded heart But underneath that pain and disappointment is a tender understanding and deeply possessive man HE is a man I received a free ARC in Experiential Learning exchange for an honest opinionSophia is being sent to London to her Great Aunt for a Season in hopes that she will find a husband Sophia has no intentions on marrying she just wants to get through the Season and then she can go back home and live her life without hearing any about finding a husband The reason she is in London She has been ruined by actions that were none of her own by someone who was a trusted friend of the family and someone she had known all her life She is afraid of men now and knows she could never trust oneDaniel has lost his trust in women after finding his fiance with another man He wants nothing to do with love he doesn t believe it is possible any He knows at one point he will have to marry to provide an heir but he doesn t have to deal with that right awayWhen Sophie meets Daniel she is taken by his handsomeness an Daniel is feeling something he hasn t felt in awhile attraction They begin to spend time together which they bothnjoy but when he gets too close it sends Sophia into a panicSophia finally tells Daniel why she can never marry the whol. Only trust can save her Sailing to London Sophia Braighton only hopes to scape certain ruin But when she arrives her Great Aunt Daphne has other plans for the American born beauty Determined to marry off her niece to a man of means she propels Sophia into London society not knowing that the young wom.

Oss as realistic but also straddles the line of seriousness without becoming depressing The characters were also very well done ach of the main players having a distinctive personality although there were times when I didn t agree with how they acted or reacted to certain situations For A Final Story: Science, Myth, and Beginnings example while I understood Sophie s depression and Daniel s reuired absence from her during a difficult time I did not understand why she suddenly seemed to do a 180 personality wise transforming into a spoiled brat that I hardly recognized as the original character Thankfully this behavior wasventually corrected again in a way that seemed consistent with the overall story so while I felt it was worth mentioning it wasn t something that made me like the book any less Overall I a ARC REVIEW I love books like this books that I know have been a labor of love and healing for the author It s a very A New Philosophy of History emotional and heartfelt story and knowing that so much of the author s self is put into makes it so much better In her acknowledgements in the beginning of the book she says this book was part of a healing process you can tell themotion behind the hurt and the tragedy was palpable The writing was beautifully done the character development was clear and well done Lady Daphne is a great supporting character she was Abortion, Choice, and Contemporary Fiction exactly what Sophia needed Dorothea was another great supporting character outspoken straightforward and fearless and the voice of reason when Sophia needed it the most Sophia and Daniel are perfec 45 StarsThis is a book that deals with the difficult subject of sexual assault and the impact it has on victims as fantasizes back in the Victorianra I applaud the author for how she dealt with the subject as I m sure it would have been ven difficult to dealt with it in a time when the man would certainly had no impact on but it would have completely ruined the womanThat said I thought the story line was ngaging and the outcome satisfying It was a sweet romance and I ll probably read from this author Kindly received an ARC from Netgalley in FRITZI auf Sylt - ÖLMALEREI - Kunst in Fotobrillant-Druck exchange for an honest review Generally I don t give such a low rating for an historical romance considering I m biased towards that genre than New Adult and Contemporary also but this book just didn t do it for me The story was too shallow and it just developed way too fast But the real turn off for me Daniel Fallon was to feminine for my taste He could have been a bit better manly Maybe that s not the word but whatever it is I didn t like him Also by thend Sophia started acting like a brat It annoyed me I skimmed the last bit Tainted Bride by AS Fenichel is the first book in the Forever Brides series It is story of Sophia Braighton and Daniel Fallon Sophia lives in America but has come to London for a season at the wishes of her parents Sophia s father is from London and has family there So Sophia does as they ask Big Little Man even though she does not wish to be married after a traumatic issue that happened to her with she was just 16 Sophiands up meeting a few people that she grows strong friendships with while in London Sophia also meets Daniel Daniel has a chip on his shoulder from being The Man from Beijing engaged to a women that he later found out was a very loose women So Daniel doesn t trust many women and tries to fight the growing attraction he has for Sophia But will that work Will their past come back to haunt them Enjoyed this book greatlyI received anARC from NetGalley and the publisher in Creating Lasting Value exchange for an honest revie. Ulnerable beauty shies from the passion burning bright between them Daniel is determined to court her and make her his bride And when he learns of the painful secret she harbors he isually determined to take revenge on the man responsible But will the uest destroy him and his future with his beloved.

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