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The tension is high and the fear evident as a mysterious virus is killing staff members living at the Antarctic base The limits of the environment set another kind of scare to the scene the possibility of surviving the threat of the mystery disease is narrow as the knowledge of its ability to spread and havoc are unknown I have to say that the fear of the mystery disease was not only palpable on the pages of the story the possibilities of the strength of it seeped into my dreams after reading the story at night The chill of the Antartic air was nothing compared to the frigidity of the potentiality of the virus Grant and Avery both extremely smart and capable were warm kind and charming characters The past was still after ten years strongly in their minds had shaped them as human beings the hurt anger and regret churning inside of them Now faced with a possible second chance possibly making up for the past hurt misunderstandings and years apart they are also fighting the deadly virus they are not immune to themselves The promise of the possibilities in the future might be in vain if they don t surviveThe chemistry between Grant and Avery was natural and nurturing like they never were apart They both were willing to admit their responsibility with the past mistakes and hurt learn from it and move on from it not holding back anything I loved their drama free approach to lifeAs the local culprits are known to the reader through most of the story it is up to the doctors to put the pieces together while they are running out of time to avoid a catastrophe on even larger scale A vivid scene where Avery is fighting for her life on the edge between here and there is so lifelike and authentic in nature it hit me to the core with remembrance and ave a very personal connection to the tale An absorbing story filled with fierce danger the kind that doesn t stop even when the bullets stop flying In a form of an illness the offenders are killing innocent to test their product s powers Avery and Grant s struggle is not only to survive the virus but find its origin find how it is spreading who is spreading it and maybe then they can start to built upon a future together they both have been dreaming about for years A fascinating and impressive storyline that comes to live on the pages and keeps the reader s mind entertained Four Spoons with a teaspoon on the side Great settings Go-Go-Go! great characters Lots of suspense Believable suspense Avery is smart with unfailing common sense and I liked Grant as a character and love interest I knew if I picked up a Lara Lacombe book I would not be able to put it down and that was the case Great read An exciting ride of terror filled moments as they rush to stop an unknown disease before it catches up with them all It keeps youuessing trying to figure out who all is behind the bad doings and wondering if they are Somato Respiratory Integration Workbook going to find them before people are lost I wanted a little bit of a connection between the main characters I felt their past was show cased well but the reunion and current relationship could have had a little oomph to itDr Grant Jones isn t expecting an epidemic to break out on the base that he s in charge of in Antarctica and when it does the last person he thinks will walk through the door as the head CDC investigator is his former college sweetheart the he has neverotten over He expected to spend the rest of his life with her but circumstances and youthful mistakes split them upCenter for Disease Control investigator Dr Avery Thatcher has no clue she s walking into Grant s base hospital when she is sent to investigate a suspicious outbreak She isn t happy to see him and have the memories of how badly he let her down all those years ago flashing through her mind againThe time together lets them have the time they need to discuss each of. Two doctors are on thin ice as they race to save the world from a deadly diseaseEpidemic researcher Dr Avery Thatcher has studied countless illnessesbut nothing prepares her for what she finds at a remote Antarctic base the man she never want.

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Ead doctor there is Dr Grant Jones the man with whom she was once involved and he is just as shocked Yet both know they must concentrate on the terrible outbreak by learning its cause and not think about their personal worriesAs Avery and Grant work together with determined focus neither can keep the memories of what was between them from being recalled when least expected The source of the disease proves difficult to pinpoint yet these two dedicated doctors plan to do everything they can to be successful Fighting against unidentified factors as well as their feelings for one another they know time is against them when the situation only becomes worseWith its terrifying scenario of conceivable events DR DO OR DIE took me on a journey of chilling circumstances that I hope never happen But with today s knowledge and the resourcefulness of terrorists I shiver to think about something similar in fact taking place one day Lara Lacombe makes the incidents in the story believable especially since any episodes are shown using the thoughts of Avery and Grant plus that of the wrongdoer This let me Reine Mädchensache get a feel for reasons behind any occurrences regardless of who instigated them and why I was freuently anxious because of what was happening as the author built up the suspense of the final outcome The Antarctic setting is vividly depicted and I definitelyot a sense of what living there would be likeThe relationship of Avery and Grant was torn apart ten years ago but they have never completely Animal Babies gotten over the deep feelings they shared While searching for the origin of the illness is their most crucial task at this time they cannot keep from thinking about the past and how each reacted during a decisive moment in their lives Sometimes a second chance can work out for a couple that made some mistakes but nothing seemsuaranteed for these two So I had to keep reading in order to discover just what Avery and Grant would decide was the best course of action to make them be happy in the days ahead A hint at the end of the story concerning the next book in the series has already Offenders and Detainees grabbed my interestReceived copy for my honest opinion 45 Stars DrAvery sent to a Arctic base to research and a random illness that popped up killing multiple people She will do what ever is in her power to find the source and stop it from spreading Last thing she expected was to run into Grant an ex of Avery s who is also working on a way to stop and research this illnessOverall I thought that this book wasood It had an interesting set of characters that I enjoyed qasas-ul-quran getting to know I also loved that Iot the POV of the the uy who created and spread the virus as well as the reasons she does so I loved seeing how strained things where and how it was resolved between Avery and Grant I loved seeing the suspense of wondering when and if something would happen to the main characters and wondering if the illness would potentially mutate into something dangerous There was plenty of factors to uestion when it came to this kind of thing and I just thought it was interesting to read I also loved seeing that romance rekindled between the two main characters because let s be honest a lot of books from this publisher have romance so you kinda otta expect that sort of thing and I loved seeing that bit of romance in the book Overall this book was really ood fast paced uniue and I really loved it Avery Grant were college sweethearts but Grant broke her heart Ten years later they are both doctors and they meet up again to stop a villain who is spreading a disease that is killing people Neither has forgotten each other and Grant is especially remorseful in the way he hurt the woman he loved This was an interesting read with very likable characters and a story that captured my interest till the end Miniseries Doctors in Dange. Dangerously closeFor Grant ending this outbreak and regaining Avery's trust are vital As their hunt to contain a lethal pathogen escalates he'll put everything on the line to avert disaster But will another insidious threat stop them both col.

Their feelings over the past and make peace with each other but will they be able to put a stop to the release of this disease before they are all taken down by it uit simply this was a very typical Harleuin romance with the added uirk that it was set in Antarctica The idea that the CDC is involved A thriller and love story at the same time A ood read for a cold winter day This wasn t the usual Harleuin romance it was fast paced and interesting to the very end I recommend this book to anyone who likes thrillers with a little romance I received this book from Goodreads for free Terrific second chance story with the added benefit of some excellent suspense Avery is a investigator for the CDC who is sent to a remote base in Antarctica when several people are taken ill from an unknown disease The last person she expects to see there is her college sweetheart Grant Grant is the head doctor at the base and determined to find its cause and stop it He s happy to Hear the Wolves get the assistance of the CDC but stunned to find Avery heading the teamI loved the rekindling of their relationship They had been torn apart ten years earlier but had never forgotten their feelings or what had driven them apart Avery has held on to the hurt and anger all these years while Grant eventually came to terms with his part in what happened I ached for both of them as they were haunted by their memories Once theyot over the shock of seeing each other again there was no denying that the attraction between them was as strong as ever I loved how with the added maturity of ten years they were able to talk to each other about what had happened and clear the air between them I liked the advice that Avery Valors Measure got from her friend Mallory helping her to move forward Then Avery is stricken by the disease I absolutely loved the vividness of the description of what was happening to her of her feelings and what was keeping her anchored The depth of Grant s feelings for her was beautifully portrayed The sharing of their feelings afterward was so emotional I couldn t wait to see how they would make their relationship work I loved the ending and seeing how they managed itThe suspense of the story was fantastic The fact that part of it was based on a real event and with the state of today s world the sense of realism in the book made it evenripping With their step by step efforts to pinpoint the source of the disease and the occasional viewpoint of those behind it their fears of the possibilities was obvious The tension increased as the number of cases BFI Film Classics grew and they were running out of time to stop it The final confrontation was intense as I wondered just how it wasoing to turn out There was a twist at the end that I hadn t expectedI m looking forward to the next book in the series There are mounting threats in the latest Doctors in Danger story where not only are the main characters in the book at risk but so are countless others The plot about a roup wanting to cause harm to a huge number of innocent people is all too frightening in today s world and Lara Lacombe bases her imaginative storyline on an actual scientific finding thus making the book all the realistic As each new development took place I became fearful for the romantic couple and those individuals whom they wanted to save Filled with lots of building suspense plus conflicting emotions DR DO OR DIE captivates with intrigueA wish to keep communicable medical disorders from spreading led to Dr Avery Thatcher joining the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention after college When mysterious symptoms start affecting folks working at a US research base in Antarctica she is sent to the remote area in the hope of uncovering vital information related to the illness before it possibly claims many lives Upon arriving at the base Avery is stunned to see that the Ed to see again and a mysterious ailment ravaging inhabitants Avery will do whatever it takes to discover the illness's cause and she vows to keep her heartbreaking history with Dr Grant Jones in the pasteven if reignited passion brings them.

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Lara Lacombe is a recovering research scientist turned college professor who now spends her days writing and wrangling a toddler She lives in Texas with her family and two entitled cats and loves chocolate and her Crock Pot She uses Facebook to procrastinate stop by Lara Lacombe Books if you'd like to chat