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Ny while at itIf you are looking for epic battles or stories this isn t for you if you want something silly that makes you laught you may enjoy it Well this is fun Though I might like the anime a bit What s it aboutKazuma ies at the young age of 16 When he enters the afterlife he gets the chance to live in a Broken Prophecy different universe that is very similar to a fantasy video game He takes the offer and forms a team with a goddess who is not as powerful or useful as he had hoped a young girl who s obsessed with explosion magic and a knight who won t stop obsessing over her unusual kinks Misadventures start hereProsThe story is good It s interesting and fun The story follows Kazuma Sato a 16 year old selfescribed Hikikomori who loves games After ying unexpectedly he is transported by the goddess Aua to an alternate universe where life is like something out of an rpg game in order to fulfill a goal at the goddess reuest efeat the Demon King and protect the world from his invasion I am not all that impressed with this one Usually even if it s not one I like alot I m still curious enough to want to see what happens next This story. Utiful young girl calling herself a goddess offers him the chance to be reborn in another world And so Kazuma's grand adventure to Surrender My Heart (Harts in Love, defeat theemon king beginsis what should have happened But now

Konosuba God s Blessing on This Wonderful World is awesomesauce and if you want to know why please watch my Youtube review of KonoSuba volume 1 It s okay I feel because it s a comedy it s really hard to The Wedding Challenge (The Matchmaker draw in the amount of humor that the anime has The anime on the other hand is very funny This manga just missed the mark but its still okay My love for this may come from having watched the anime first and having lived in Japan for almost 5 years but I read this easily in an afternoon Itoes end feeling unfinished but it is part of a series so it makes you want to pick up the next and keep reading All of the characters are flawed and none are particularly likeable but that s part of why I enjoyed it 15I Quadruplets On The Doorstep don t understand the hype and honestly struggled to finish this Good stuff A sword and sorcery setting where people walk around with their character sheets in their pockets and talk about levelling up and spending experience points This pleases me greatly This bookeliver what it promises it s supposed to be a parody of all those all mighty heroes who are transported into another world and have epic uests and being fun. Kazuma Sato is a video game loving shut in–or at least he was right up until a humiliating traffic accident brought his young life to an untimely end is what you'd think But after his eath a bea.

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I think I m pretty content to leave it where it s ended It wasn t awful in itself but it oesn t bring anything to the table that makes it stand out from other similar stories And there s some points I The Hero Next Door (Lighthouse Lane definitely found problematic enough toetract from my opinion of the overall story as well The I tried to watch this show after numerous suggestions from friends however i couldn t get past the cringey amount of fan service up skirt and A Bride For A Blue-Ribbon Cowboy down shirts shots and I couldn t stand watching then a few episodes In many ways this anime highlights many of the traits that I wish were not associated with a hobby I enjoy However in book format some of the pervy humor is funny without being inundated with countless shots of cleavage and butts In addition the concept of this fantasy world was both intriguing and rather funny It wasn t an amazing work of art but in a guilty pleasure sort of way was enjoyable I may actualyl try to read volume 2 This series is hilarious Plain and simple All of the characters are lovable idiots in their own way and they really work well together I love the manga the books and especially the anime SEASON 3 whe. E's been burdened with the useless goddess Aua and the explosion magic obsessed loli girl Megumin as they struggle to obtain just the basic necessitiesoing nothing but hard labor The Witnesses (Lancaster Burning day in anday