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Keep himGiven this as an ARCLiked the premise of the jock Trent and the geek Clarke getting married The story starts of well as you get to now Clarke and Trent however despite the title there is limited focus on the build up to the wedding Instead the I enjoyed the story of unexpected conseuences tripping up the lives of a loving couple The book would have benefited from additional editing Nevertheless it was great to. Nd Trent’s personal time Trent is an easygoing good ol’ boy He’s not intimidated by Clark’s uirky genius as a professional baseball player he’s got his own strengths But the dinners he eats alone the he wonders if Clark is really committed to their relationship When an injury jeopardizes Trent’s career he starts to feel lik.

Continue the Brent and Clark story with this HEA episode I hope their story continues in further adventures it didn t feel real 35 stars The geek is pretty stereotypical autism spectrum super genius and this book is definitely a seuel which I didn t now when I started it but it has moments which are pretty interesting And the main characters relation is pretty sweet I d suggest reading the earlier books first though. E a burden instead of a partner but his fiance is under pressure than ever Can Clark get his head out of the geek clouds long enough to persuade Trent he’s serious about getting married or will he lose the only man he’s ever wanted My Gay Geek Wedding is a steamy mm erom with a HEA Recommended for readers 18 due to explicit content.

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He s Got To Hang In ThereAn ARC was given to me for an honest review This is a uick fun hot read about a couple who goes through a situation that could possibly break them up Hopefully they have a love that will eep them hanging in there until the can get past their difficulties Because sometimes it is our problems that will show them how special and durable their love is Enjoy I did The geek has the jock but can he. This is an alternate cover edition for B01E7HP8X0 Will their relationship crash and burn before they can make it to the altar Clark is better with robots than people which makes him even thankful for his fiance Trent Unfortunately Clark’s current work project designing a self driving car is so demanding that it’s cutting into his

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