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Legs but no one wants to marry Cue her ad the Merican who wants a title for his grandchild Enter Benedict the broke man And add in Charlotte the unmarriageable Sprinkle a big Les pingouins nont jamais froid dowry bait and bam ladies and gents we have a marriage Now Miss Tall Freckled and Redheadedoes not believe a single cell in her body to be Hit Refresh: The Quest to Rediscover Microsoft's Soul and Imagine a Better Future for Everyone desirable Yet once Benedict makes it through the DT s and gets a sober head on his body he realizes howamned gorgeous she is They make a Code pnal 2020 annot. dition limite - 117e d. deal for some sexy times I mean they are after all partners in their endeavors And now B has to convince her she isesirable Enter stage left the evil mother and add a The Peoples Songs dash of selfoubt on both the MCs parts and now we ve got a story you can sink your teeth in to Heroine Charlotte Love her Level headed Thoughtful Smart Brilliant even Possibly one of my favorite female heroines of the year Hero Benedict Once he gets City of Big Shoulders done with his alcoholic withdrawal and starts working on the farm as it were he s prettyamned awesome He is smart enough to realize Charlotte is the brilliant woman she is and he partners her beautifully Rather than being uncomfortable with her abilities he embraces them I might have the slightest crush on him Why it Blind Devotion (The Shifter Chronicles did oridn t work for me It worked It worked all kinds of excellence To really have two imperfect beings who are perfect for each other And to watch them both work through their sht together and apart well it was simply superb Signed You ve got a new fan Ms Braden You are my hero I m out wonderful hearthwarming so romantic I loved this book 375 Stars I much preferred this to the first two books in the series but I still had some niggles Good storyline not terribly fond of the storytelling still Some of the phrasing seems off to me but I enjoyed this overall Benedict Chatham has hit bottom so hard all of Society thinks he will not make it to winter He is renting a room in a gambling hell selling his body to bored woman of any class My Name is Bob drinking until he cannot stand up and has lost so much weight he looks like halfead already His physical condition is eteriorating so rapidly he cannot stand or walk without his walking stick He has no friends or anyone else to miss him if he ies His father has left an estate so badly in Billy Bragg debt that even though he has sold everything that is not entailed it would not make aent in the Polly Prices Totally Secret Diary debt Miss Charlotte Lancaster is a young lady who has five seasons and not one proposal of marriage Itoesn t help that she taller than most men has bright red hair and is covered with freckles Her father is a wealthy American who sent Charlotte to England to live with her aunt and uncle when she was just 5 years old Now she grown and just cannot go through another season She has a plan to run away to America and have her own life She is slowly amassing money from selling anything that has been bought by her allowance that is strictly administrated by her father s minion She is etermined to make her own life and not marry an English Title which is her father s plan When Charlotte is summoned to her father s rented town house she is excited thinking that he has finally given up on her marrying a peer and will let her live her own life But not only is she wrong but he has found a title for his aughter Charlotte is horrified by her father s order to marry the worst nobleman in EnglandBenedict agrees to the terms of the marriage and The Majors Daughter doesn t care how Charlotte feels The amount of money he is offered is staggering but their is a catchThis is the fourth book I have read of Elisa s and I am hooked for life Her writing is intelligent Charlotte and Chatham are complex earthy characters with flaws that make them complelling This story makes you cry and laugh I could not put itown Her style of writing reminds me of great authors that I have read for years and now she is one of my go to authors I am now a Miss Shumway Waves a Wand dedicated fan of Elisa Braden for life. Uldn’t prove a problem for he could not possibly want someone like her and the feeling is mutual Really It isLove grows in the most unexpected placesWhen her fatheremands a startling price for his The Touch daughter’s hand one year of fidelity and sobriety Chatham must change his libertine ways at least temporarily And when heoes Charlotte begins to see him in a new light not as the scandalous charmer she married but as the husband she just might adore.

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I was given an ARC of this title by the author in exchange for an honest review I also purchased a copy of this title as a gift for my MomIf I could give this book 10 stars I would I LOVED IT To be perfectly honest I started this book very skeptical that I would like it I idn t really care for Chatham in the previous books and the first chapter of this book Different Class did nothing to endear him to meViscount Chatham now the Maruess of Rutherford is arunk a scoundrel a rake and a jerk he survives by gambling spying and basically whoring himself out to the highest bidder There is absolutely nothing redeeming about him and he seems to be killing himself by inches He has just inherited his father s title and has The Essential Good Food Guide discovered that his father waseeply in Textbook of Wisdom debt He needs a fortune and he needs it fastEnter Charlotte Lancaster Charlotte is a half American heiress who is in her fifth and hopefully final season on the marriage mart Her father hasemanded that she marry a title and In Defence of Dogs does not accept that she has not taken Charlotte has noesire to marry and wants to return to America she has a plan and is just waiting for her father to give up his uest to see her marriedCharlotte s father takes matters into his own hands and offers her hand in marriage to Chatham her owry is incredible and in addition he has promised to settle all Chatham s ebts when he marries Charlotte BUT in order to get her The City in Mind dowry her father has set some hard fast rules For one year they must live together and Chatham must remain sober and faithful break a rule and noowry Charlotte is not happy with this turn of events and at first refuses to marry Chatham but when her father threatens to cut off support to her aunt and uncle she agreesCharlotte gives 100% to everything she Revenge (The Red Ledger does and that includes her marriage she still wants to go to America when the year is up but until then she wants to restore Chatham s estate and turn a profit Charlotte is extremely kind to Chatham on the journey to the estate he isetoxing from No One Wants You drinking and is miserable this is where I really began to love Charlotte she is a very loving and generous person She asks Chatham to be her friend and her partner and at first he refuses but when he sees Charlotte working so hard to restore the house he gives inThe story that follows is a very sweet steamy and emotional tale of two people who never really felt accepted or in Chatham s case loved who start out as adversaries who turn into friends and partners and then transition to lovers There are misunderstandings assumptions betrayal triumphs truly awful relatives and tears on the road to their HEA but in the end they share a love that is so beautiful it made me sigh and get a little teary eyedThis is the fourth book in the series but it could easily be read as a stand alone title The writing is wonderful the story flows nicely and the love scenes are steamy I wouldefinitely recommend this book It has earned a place in my To Read Again collection on my kindle which consists of less than 20 books out of the thousands I have read Book 4 of this series that I am reading out of orderbut ever since I came across this alcholicgigolo peer of the realm in the first book of this serieshe called to meI wanted to see how his character would be redeemedGreat pairing between the rich half American sized redhead and the The City Of Heavenly Tranquillity drunkard penniless Maruess True love is when you save your beloved s silver flask with her name on it and her initials and flower imprint is burned onto your hand thus marking you as hers forever The Devil is a Maruess is the fourth instalment in Elisa Braden s Rescued from Ruin series and continues the high standard set by each of the previous stories I absolutely loved it It can be read as a stand alone but Iefinitely recommend reading the first three simply because they are brilliantChatham was introduced in the first book The Madness of Viscoun. When a rake beyond redemptionA walking scandal surviving on little than wits whisky and wicked skills in the bedchamber Benedict Chatham the new Maruess of Rutherford is at the end of his rope Deeply in Penguins Poems for Life debt andown to his last farthing he must marry nothing short of an absolute fortune or risk utter ruinMust marry for moneyEnter Miss Charlotte Lancaster unfashionably tall heiress to just such a fortune and a clumsy redheaded isaster in her five Lo.

T Atherbourne and plays a part in each of the subseuent books He was portrayed as such a issolute but intriguing character that it was ifficult to imagine how he could be redeemed Described as tall thin and perpetually intoxicated it was impossible to see how he c This was a efinite 4 star read for me I enjoyed the writing style uite elegant and true to its period I especially enjoyed the witty little uotations from the Marchioness of Wallingham that headed up each chapterThe H and h were well rawn characters although Chatham the Hero was screw up central for most of the book I id have my misgivings as he was Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone definitely a man whore who had been paid to have sex and who was a full blown alcoholic If a woman hadone what he had Down to the Sea in Ships done harlot and ruin The egregiousouble standard raises its ugly head The Wife by Wednesday (The Weekday Brides, description of his physical appearance and the way he suffered when he wasetoxing was good although I struggled to see how a skinny pallid blood shot eyed eventually stinking bundle of promiscuity could be even remotely attractive But Charlotte obviously saw past all that to the fabulous stud he was meant to be and Dog Years did in fact turn intoI will never give a book 5 stars when the hero is cruel or hurtful andoes not grovel enough at the end A paragon of forgiveness and love is not my ideal heroine either Sometimes she needs to fight back and Chain of Fire demand grovelling Charlotte was too nice too that and I wished she had made Chatham work harder The grovelling and epiphany went on in his mind it needed to be articulatedIt is also no explanation to say that just because a woman has been receiving slights and insults for years The Devils Elbow (Mrs. Bradley, due to her unfashionably red hair freckles and sheer tallness she can let HIS taunts roll off her and pretend theyidn t happen Hurtful is hurtful It is The Making of a Caribbeanpreneur demeaning andisrespectful and some of the things Chatham said and Maharaj did were just plain nasty But he had his own issues and he won me over in the end All in all a very passionate and intense romance with a lot of colourfullyescribed Sexy Time that included the word cock too often and use of the word fuck by him a pet hate of mine it just ain t Romance but was still pretty fun to readOh and his armpit hair on the coverI will absolutely be reading books by this author less A Regency rake redemption story I am probably being overly harsh as I enjoyed the story but feel like it has been Kuduz done before and is all too familiar The h is a tall fiery freckled redhead which makes her seriously out of place in Regency England The H is a complete and total reprobate as he is an OTT alcoholic gigolo with a rotten mother andistant father The father is ead but never loved his son or wifeThe h s social climbing gasp American father strong arms them into a MOC where the hero must be both faithful and alcohol free for a year His etox which included hallucinations the shakes and all other symptoms of serious The Stanforth Secrets (Lovers and Ladies, detox was really interesting They fall in love prettyarn uickly for me I guess the nice thing about having a rake that slept his way through the Ton is he knows what to The Taste of Ashes do with a virginal heroine Did no one ever get STD s in Regency EnglandProbably of a 3 but I m Goodreads star skinflint right now Another hit Loved Charlotte and Chatham This book reminded me a little of Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas so it was amazing I am loving this series so much Onto the next one Nevermind the armpit hair onisplay Ouch That had to have hurt Series Yes and OMG must read them all Another author to add to my favorite listSexy times More than a few less than a ton Plan on reading by the author Oh hell yesSynopsis Benedict is kind of a waste of humanity Bent and Camellia (Ellie, determined the schtup his way through life all while inebriated at levels that would probably kill a mere mortal And then there s Charlotte who everyone wants to tupue to her extreme height and therefore extremely long. Ndon seasons While she reams of leaving England for a life of trade in America her father schemes to trade her owry for a title and Marchioness of Rutherford will The Highwayman (Victorian Rebels, do nicely Charlotte wants her independence not a husband and certainly not aisreputable China: la edad de la ambicin (Ensayo poltico) devil who renders her weak and wobbly with a single scorching glance But she’s a practical sort and a year with theevil might buy her freedom provided she can resist his seductive charms That sho.

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