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Ark Hey one of those things is his stuffed Yeti Yeti finds the courage to rescue his friend from the things in the dark and is finally able to settle into bed once they are both safe Cute story that kids will be able to relate to especially the ones who need a special toy blanket ritual before they can fall asleep Doesn t particularly stand out though meh Read with kindergarten What a great bedtime story The illustrations are simple yet colorful and expressive Very very very cute It was so good I didn t want to return it to the library This yeti is all sorts of awesome Such an adorable bedtime read The pictures are beautifully sweet Great story about confronting fear of the dark Good for toddlers or preschool ST. Cond picture book written and illustrated by Vin Vogel His debut The Thing About Yetis was described as sweet and funny by The New York Times and Booklist called it a cozy and comforting compani.

Ually the story of young yeti who misplaces his stuffed yeti before bedtime Going to bed alone can be a scary thing especially with the shadows night noises and inclement weather But when he spies his beloved stuffed toy on the floor across the room during a flash of lightning he works p his courage to get out of bed and rescue itChildren will relate to the young yeti s fear especially if they need a specific stuffed animal or blanket to fall asleep Yeti spends all of his time with his little stuffed friend also a Yeti He gets a little frantic one night when he can t find his friend at bedtime After a lengthy search that yields no results Yeti tries to go to bed by himself It is so scary The dark The things in the E covers each night But when Chunk goes missing Yeti has to go to bed alone in the shadowy dark Unless of course he can summon all his courage to stage a dramatic rescue Yeti styleThis is the se.

Maybe I just loved the first Yeti book so much that this one just had no chance of measuring The Year of Living Biblically up I liked it but it just isn tite as good as the first one It s still cute and a great one for little ones at bedtime or who are facing fears Maybe it s just missing the puff of Yeti after his bath That was just one of my absolute favorite pictures I d still se it in a storytime Bedtimes stuffed animals fears or yetis come to mind And I d definitely still recommend it to my little readers I just like the first one that much Super cute A cute story about a Yeti and his favorite stuffed toy A sweet bedtime story Fun illustrations While the cover art looks like a sleepy father yeti about to put his baby to bed this is act. Snuggle p with this sweet bedtime story about friendship and bravery that's sure to give you the warm fuzzies Yeti loves his stuffed toy Chunk They play together all day and snuggle p nder th.

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Vinicius Vogel is an award winning Brazilian author illustrator and has illustrated than fifty books for children and young adults including his own The Thing about Yetis and Bedtime for Yeti