Jean Slaughter Doty: Winter Pony

S old read this book in one sit The introduction got her attention right away followed by the funny comments about Mokey Ginny was worry about Mokey getting fat and Money rolling her eyes Although my daughter is advance in reading she found this book Very pleasant Thank ou Mean Slaughter Doty Well done Another short cute pony story Fun read and also educational for any little girl who wants a pony The author doesn t try to hide how much work horse ownership really is Robin s so cute Cute continuation to Summer Pony so there is no need of the traditonal ending of girl gets the horse This Is about what happens after To Rabbittown you get her The good and the bad the hard work and the fun Jean Slaughter Doty was on of my absolute favorite authors as a child I read all of her books availible at the local libraries multible times This is the seuel to Summer Pony Ginny and her painted mare Mokey continue to experience new things together including an unexpected arrivalLoved this as much as I loved reading it when I wasounger. Weeks of training and preparation she would at last be able to harness Mokey to a sleigh Seuel to The Summer Po.

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Inting seuel to the excellent Summer Pony Not much happens in this book It s uite forgettable Ted Lewin is a wonderful illustrator but he cannot save a book with a distinct lack of action Book is good but not my favorite horse story by any means I have not read Doty s Summer Pony so cannot compare this book to that one I did enjoy that this book was set in the winter and included training the pony to pull a sleigh I think swooshing through the snow in a sleigh having never done it in my life would be a neat thing to do near the winter holidays I like that this book includes many details about the hard work that is involved with owning a horse The main character is not afraid of doing what s best for her pony and she illustrates her love of her pet by using her money saved for something else when the pony had a need for a special blanket I will try to read the Summer Pony since many readers had commented on it in conjunction with this storyOverall a good story but in my opinion not a great one InterestingMy 9yr. Y looking pony really as hers And today was a special day because the first snow of the winter was falling After.

I read both Summer Pony and Winter Pony when I was Commentaries and Cases on the Law of Business Organization, 2009-2010 Statutory Supplement young Both stuck with me to this very day I bought my daughter old copies when she wasoung and now I m on the lookout for my granddaughter These two books are perfect for any pony mad child Jean has a way of wrapping Stygiophilia you into the story and makingou feel like ou could be Ginny i don t remember much about this one except that monkey is pregnant and winter is a bad time to foal i seem to remember monkey coming into the house but i could be mixing up my stories i know i have this at home though so i will have to do some checking as i remember i liked it a lot though not as much as some of the others i read again and again which probably means that no one diesthere s nothing too depressing in it hah so glad i got to read the second book I read the 1st book summer pony when i was in 5th grade and loved it I found out there was a 2nd on thanks to good reads Such a nice story with a great ending Another horse classic any child should read This is a very disappo. From the book flap Ginny thought she had never been happier She still found it hard to believe this lovable funn.

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