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Honestly I just skimmed I like maths and ad lots of fun with them when I was a child But this is so dense with information it feels to me like a 26 week course And sometimes the writing puzzles are awfully challenging but there s no answer key And sometimes the writing and explanations are on a level for beginning readers Maybe this is a good thing because kids of different ages can get different things from it Good book for the classrooms of math teachers of 8 10 year old children probably Beyond that you ll ave to see for yourself This book is so fun It is an alphabetical book with each new letter presenting a new mathematical concept The illustrations are beautiful and add clarity to each idea This book would be awesome in any classroom and it could really add even excitement to the study of math I actually read this book on my own I enjoyed it so much It s a Math Alphabet book probably good for matheletes of all ages starting around 6 or 7 To give you an example of some of the topics we ave A is for Abacus B in for Binary C is for Cubit D is for Diamond E is for Euilateral and Exponent they were too excited to just give one E entry F is for Fibonacci etc You get the idea of what level they are at Little T and I especially liked K is for K nigsberg about the K nigsberg bridge problem a great example of a network theory problem R is for Rhombicosidodecaheadron kind of lost us but we were recaptured by T is for Tessellate when shapes cover a surface with no gaps in between G Is For Googol is the uintessential reference book for STEM because it covers topics that are relevant to all of the STEM subjects From abacus to zillion this advanced ABC book conveys complex ideas in the funniest way possible R is for Rhombicosidodecahedron is one of my favorites A rhombicosidodecahedron ROM bi cosi DOE DECK a HEE dron is a special kind of three dimensional shape with flat sides Schwartz manages to effectively describe this complex shape by building upon the reader s prior knowledge of other less complex shapes such as cubes Included with this description is an illustration of the shape with a tyrannosaurus rex sitting on top asking Are you sure it s not a dinosaur or a dance from Brazil Good fun on ever. B is for Binary F is for Fibonacci P is for Probability even a small sample begins to give you the idea that this is a math book unlike any other Ranging freely from exponents to light years to numbers found.

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Y page This is the most complex ABC children s book I ave ever seen At times I feel as though it was too much for children I think I could use this book in a lesson but I would never give this book to an elementary aged child and expect them to read and comprehend the information If we did the book a page a day I think that would be beneficial than trying to comprehend the book in its entirety I would maybe use this in my class as we worked on a section that correlated as a class warm up along with a daily word problem for confirmation of comprehension I read this to fulfill by mathematical information text and I ave to admit I read it several times This book is a fairly in depth version of an alphabet book The book is all about math which would be great to ave in the classroom as a reference for students Inside the book there is mathematical information ranging from the Fibonacci seuence to information about probability This would not be a book that teacher would read aloud to the class all at once but as they progressed throughout the year read different sections as they came to them There are illustrations on every page which make the book less intimidating Also there are examples on the pages so they can read about it but then also get a visual Something else that is beneficial is the glossary in the back to provide even detail Having this book as an option in the classroom can give the students a resource before they ave to come and ask the teacher It also is a different way of presenting mathematical information which might be beneficial to students who are struggling with math and need a different approach to learning the information This is a very detailed mathematical alphabet book It took us a month to get through all twenty six letters the information was presented in an entertaining way but we really could only absorb it one letter at a time often discussing the concepts a bit on our own after we read the page It even got us to look up videos so we could learn ow to use the abacus we brought back from JapanWe were all familiar with many of the topics but we often learned something new or interesting In most cases it was a good way to reinforce information that we d read about befo. In nature this smorgasbord of math concepts and trivia makes a perfect classroom companion or gift book for the budding young mathematician at ome Even the most reluctant math student will be drawn in by the.

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Re especially with some of the complex concepts The illustrations are cartoonish and colorful and our oldest recognized the illustrative style of Marissa Moss right away from Medicine and Religion her series called Amelia s NotebooksOverall we really Great combination of Literacy and Math Since this book does go over some complex words I would use this for middle school students to introduce math vocabulary This is an interesting book that couldelp students explore these complex words This The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, has a variety of information about math that includes mathematicians geometry and a glossary toelp understand and further explore words introduced I Valentino have not seen a math alphabet book until I found this book Students could write their own alphabet book along with this and explore the different units introduced This would be great for a takeome project to study info and present to class on findings G is for Googol A Math Alphabet Book by David M Schwartz is a fun filled learning journey through the A s to Z s of math A is for abacus and other math terms that students will run across in math through the years But ow much fun is vocabulary really And math vocabulary is even less likely to bring a oorah from students So Schwartz does Shunned his level best at engaging interest and making these dry math terms come to life for student readers Each two page section is dedicated to one letter making sure that each is important in it s own right Marissa Moss addser blend of illustrated Craving (Willow Creek, humor and colorful anecdotes to break up the flurry of knowledge being passed to the student Schwartz s words and informational story telling give context to important vocabulary andistory The pictures make sure that every letter and background information is visually understandable The illustrations look like something a student may ave drawn while taking notes which makes every concept relatable through Moss skill Since the members of my cohort and I discussed ABC books in our literacy class and published our own I found the tie in to math and literacy to be great This would be a great book to ave in the classroom library Children could explore this book on their own for independent reading Since the vocabulary is a little complex I would not use this Author's trademark wit Marissa Moss's uirky illustrations and funny captions and the answers revealed in W is for When are we ever gonna use this stuff anyway Download the G is for Googol Teacher's Guide300K.

As a child I was filled with a sense of awe as I contemplated the universe The huge numbers of stars and their sizes and distances never failed to amaze me With binoculars and magnifying glass I also focused on closer subjects like birds flowers frogs and bugsBut science and math weren't my only fascinations I also loved bicycles baseball boatsand ice cream Years later on a clear spr