Lita Epstein: If You Can't Say Anything Nice Say It in Yiddish The Book of Yiddish Insults and Curses

Keep the czarfar away from us This book is not to be missed When I saw the title I knew I had to read this book I ve read a fair number of books written in the setting of the Jewish community and have come across uite a few Yiddish words I could surmise their meanings but now I know This books sets you straight Yiddish is not Hebrew Yiddish a very old language derives from a lot of German words and many other words picked where the Jews have lived over the centuries The average American might be surprised at how many Yiddish words he or she is knows without even trying bagel shalom lox shmooze shmear nosh shtik shlep blintz kosher shmaltzy gezunt heit megillah shalom mensch mishmash chutzpah Mazel Tov for starters and we haven t even gotten to the insults shmuck putz shlok klutz shlepper shmok shnook If you are in the market for some handy curses this book is replete with them all of them very long involved inventive and sometimes downright nasty but all in good fun yah. Ative insults for the putzes and kvetchers of the world this is an indispensable guide for Jews and Gentiles alike When it comes to cursing someone who sorely needs it may you never be at a loss for words againLita Epstein grew up around Yiddish While her mother and aunts usually used Yiddish to discuss something they didn't want the kids to know its meaning gradually seeped through This is her thirteenth book She cannot promise it will be her las.

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Has some funny curses but also has some really rude and hurtful ones The glossary is really usefulSome chapters are boring There are few paragraphs on ewish herstory i liked that part a lot The book was a christmas present from my brother 3 Really cool idea for a book and there are some very creative insults thereBut Yiddish is a bit like Russian Czech and similar languages to me my brain Making India Work just does not seem to be wired for them Anything Latin based works for me and for some weird reason Swahili and Korean seem to make sense Meh It was okay I like reading about language and languages and there were some interesting bits but when it came time to the laundry list of insults and curses I usuallyust felt bad I get from the title it isn t a book of blessings on people but some of them ust felt awful I guess I was hoping for a humorous take on Yiddish and how it can be used to offer backhanded compliments or insults So certainly part of it was my expectation Also I feel You don't have to be Jewish to get back at the shmendriks of the worldYiddish It's the most colorful language in the history of mankind What other language gives you a whole dictionary of ways to tell someone to drop dead That shmuck who got promoted over you Meigulgl zol er vern in a henglaykhter by tog zol er hengen un by nakht zol er brenen He should be transformed into a chandelier to hang by day and to burn by night That soccer mom kibitzing.

D personally get out of learning Yiddish rather than ust trying to memorize some phrases Again a personal thingAs with anything you re mileage may varyThe short I wouldn t have read it had I been better aware of what it was and I shan t ever read it again My renewed enjoymentappreciationinterest in Yiddish continues This book was a gift from my wife and a good one it is There are many errors in the book though as far as correct translations go but it s light enough and humorous enough to get a pass on those Several of the insults are now part of my vernacular Wife s mission accomplished Hey why learn a whole language when you can ust focus on the good parts This is an invaluable resource for people who needs to learn how to deliver a good cussing out Some of the ill wishes in here are creative beyond the dreams of the average bear like May a demon take your father s son I daresay I know who to use that one on Even the blessings are left handed May the Lord bless and. On her cell phone and tying up traffic Shteyner zol zi hobn nit keyn kinder She should have stones and not children If You Can't Say Anything Nice Say It in Yiddish is the perfect glossary of Yiddish insults and curses from the short and sweet Tu mir nit keyn toives Don't do me any favors to the whole megillah Khasene hobn zol er mit di malekh hamoves tokhter He should marry the daughter of the Angel of Death Complete with hundreds of the most cre.