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Cond the filler was a continued repetition of thoughts and feelings which detracted from the whole This is disappointing especially considering there was an opportunity to do some revisions since this Regency Romance was previously released as A Country Courtship in 2002 So while I did enjoy the marvelously eccentric characters I can t give this book than two and a half stars Thank you to Netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review I have a weakness for books where the main characters are in disguise As much as it seems counterproductive to a romantic story there is just something about a disguise in fiction that allows characters to be their truest selves Donna Lea Simpson uses this idea well Lord Haven s Deception which is the re release of her 2003 book A Country CourtshipAll that Jane Dresden wants is an escape from the pressure to marry well A move to Bath from London hasn t improved her chances of finding an appropriate man to marry On the fast track to spinsterhood Jane is manipulated by her aunt and mother to entertain a betrothal to the reclusive and supposedly taciturn Viscount Haven She and her aunt travel to Yorkshire to meet Haven and determine if they ll suit one another but in her heart she would rather give it all up to live alone in a cottage independently than marry a stranger who she fears is cruel and incapable of loving herPlease read the full review at Romantic Historical Reviews WonderfulAbsolutely loved this book Great writing style and characters Excitingintriguing and romantic Could not put this book down by Donna Lea Simpson Donna Lea Simpson is a masterful storyteller The first time I came in to contact with one of her historical romances I could not get over the easiness of the flow the tender bond between the characters and the straightforward plots She does throw in a few surprises along the way but it adds to the beauty of these great romances I received an ARC of Lord Haven s Deception via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I felt like I had fallen into a fairytale The crafting of the story the wonder of the romance captured me and reeled me into a timeless love story I received a free copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewWhen the story starts we get to see Lord Haven Gerry and his friend Mary spending time together at her little cottage Now I was not too crazy about his relationship with Mary at first it seemed like he might be interested in her but I did love Mary she was very sweet to Jane and helped her a lotAnd Gerry is actually surrounded by wonderful women I mean yes there s his mom and one of his sisters who are not very nice but the other women in his life are amazing and yet he and his friend Mr Varens are sometimes too harsh on women especially those of the ton For example Why aren t women as rational as men Says the guy who likes Lord Haven s sister just because she s pretty let s be honest now Lord Haven s other sister is crazy about this man yet he pays attention to the one who has only beauty to recommend her Superficial manIt s mentioned how most men cheat on their wives and how barmaids are used to relieve bodily needs even if they re willing or not But hey let s just eep blaming women for everything and point out all of their flaws even if they re not necessarily truePhew now that I got that out of my chestJane s and Gerry s relationship was actually very sweet I liked how they got to Gilligan Unbound know each other before finding out who they really were And we allnow we have to thank Gerry s grandma for helping them as well His grandma was great honestlyI loved how both characters wanted that simple Gone for Soldiers kind of life without all the glam And it was very enjoyable to see them lead a life away from it all for a few days A very cute couple indeedMore reviews on my blog Lipstick and Mocha. T revealing their true identities will doom their blossoming bond each is forced to choose between duty and heartfelt desire never suspecting that their fated match holds theey to a true and lasting loveThis is a fully revised edition of a book originally titled A Country CourtshipAbout the AuthorDonna Lea Simpson is a nationally bestselling romance and mystery novelist with than twenty titles published in the last eleven years Besides writing romance and mystery novels and reading the same Donna has a long list of passions cats and tea cooking and vintage cookware cross stitching and watercolor painting among them She lives in Cana.

From the beginning this story wasn t very captivating I was consistently losing interest in the plot Nothing drew me into the story there was no addiction to find out the characters fates Usually with historical romances I devour them in 1 3 days this one seemed to take forever for me to get throughDespite this the story did have a few redeeming ualities I like the dowager viscountess She was unappreciated yet witty and sharp Miss Jane Dresden the protagonist was a bit dumb Her actions from the beginning were just plain stupid I d have a better appreciation for the story if Jane who later goes by Jenny had a least a bit of common sense There wasn t anything awful about Viscount Haven Gerry that stood out to me He was a likable sort of male protagonist another misunderstood sortI think if there had been compromising situations this story would have been less dry and a lot excitingI received this book from Netgalley for this honest review Jane has been told that she is to be married to Viscount Haven whom she has heard is cruel Promising her mother to try to make it work for three months she travels with her aunt towards her future husband But when she arrives at a local inn the night before they are to reach the Viscount she decides she can t do it and goes on the run Leaving behind clues that seem as if she has been Hotshot P.I. kidnapped she goes out on the Moors and stumbles across a barn where she s taken in by the widow who lives there Mary is also a good friend of Gerry aka Lord Haven and when Gerry and Jane meet sparks immediately fly But neithernows whom the other is and when their deception is lifted will they still want each otherLet me start with what I did like I really enjoyed Gerry he s Mean Girls kind and considerate and has emotions I also like Jane she takes her destiny in her own hands She s willing to do and learn what she needs in order to survive I also like the idea of Gerry and Jane Both hate the ton both prefer a simple life over the glitter of society There were however aspects of the novel I wasn t as taken with First of all both Jane and Gerry turn out to be complete nitwits Especially in the second part of the novel I really wanted to just grab and shake them Also this story heavily relies on false information and miscommunication which are not my favorite themes in HR novelsNot written for HR readers like me but none the less well written Simpson s great writing does shine through andeeps you reading on until the end Jane Dresden s mother Mrs Olivia Dresden wants her to marry Viscount Geraint Gerry Walcott Haven Lord of Haven Court Jane has never met the man and is utterly against this marriage All she wants is her own cottage somewhere so she can live a uiet and peaceful life Along with Jane s mother her abrasive aunt Lady Mortimer is the one who has pushed and arranged for Jane to journey to Haven Court to meet the Viscount Jane tells her family that if after two weeks she finds they do not get along then she should be allowed to retire to the country When Jane arrives at Lord Haven s home town she goes missing which results in Lord Haven searching for her Everyone is afraid that she has been abductedMary Cooper a young widow with a small child has long been a friend to Lord Haven She calls him by his name Gerry not Lord Haven Even though he is a Viscount he prefers a simple life and does all he can to befriend and care for all of the people in his town One night Mary hears a noise outside and finds a young woman cold and hiding in her barn She immediately brings her inside to warm her up She tells Mary that her name is Jenny and she is a lady s maid heading back to her home in Scotland She says that she simply got parted from her coach while they were changing horses However Mary doesn t think she is telling the truth but decides to help her anyway Whe. Jane Dresden has no patience for the merciless gossip of the ton or the handy hypocrisy of the nobility and now that her mother has arranged for her to marry the supposedly cruel Viscount Haven she fears for her future happiness In an effort to appease her mother and also put an end to her matchmaking Jane agrees to meet the man but in a fit of panic runs from the engagement and takes refuge in a country cottage disguised as a maid There she meets a ind and comforting local farmer who shares her taste for simplicity and uickly captures her heartLord Haven had long ago resigned himself to the unpleasant duties of his title and accepte.

N Lord Haven stops by to see how Mary is doing he meets Jenny and is told that she is Mary s cousin Instantly smitten by her beauty and charm Gerry and Jenny begin taking walks around the moors enjoying the beauty of the area As they spend time together their attraction grows One day Mary tells Jenny that she likes her but doesn t believe she is who she says she is Realizing that she will soon be found out Jenny decides to flee and becomes lost in the moors Will Gerry find her Will the truth finally come out This was a good story but I felt that Gerry and Jenny having no idea who the other truly was is a bit hard to believe However there are some very good characters in the story and I m sure readers will really like Haven s grandmotherCopy provided by the publisher via NetGalley I received an eARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewJane Dresden just has her mother as her father has pasted Jane s mother has set up for Jane to marry Viscount Haven Jane who is around twenty eight years old does not want to get married and if she does have to marry she wants to do so for love But nothing can change Jan LORD HAVENS DECEPTION is charming Lots of misunderstanding and superfluous characters In Lord Haven s Deception by Donna Lea Simpson Jane Dresden finds herself in a uandary when her invalid mother sends her off with her sister Lady Mortimer to be married to some Viscount with a reputation as a somewhat surly man in Yorkshire Originally promised to have a say in the matter the distraught Jane decides to make a run for it once they reach the local inn perhaps finding a home with her former nanny However her escape goes awry when disguised in a barmaid s clothes she is groped loses her belongings and ends up running through unfamiliar territory finding refuge in a barn The next morning Mary Cooper a young widow with a baby takes the poor girl in mends her clothes and offers her hospitality with no uestions asked referring to her as her cousin Jenny to the outside world JaneJenny has always dreamed of the simple life in a cottage somewhere on the countryside but soon discovers it s a lot work than she realized While not wealthy she has always had servants to do the chores evidenced by her smooth uncallused hands Mary says nothing but watches wisely as she tries to teach her new charge some of the simple tasks necessary for existing on ones own Mary is experienced with deception as Lord Haven also finds solace in her humble abode dressed in casual garb as he visits for a meal happy to escape at least for a little while the responsibilities of caring for his estate Haven Court While Mary is grateful for his generosity of allowing her to stay on in her home after the death of her husband she nows her place and refuses any advances Duty to Protect knowing he doesn t love her just the solace she provides When Gerry meets Jenny there is an instant attraction which develops into as they explore the countryside taking walks together on the moors After exchanging aiss they both realize this duplicity can t continue each believing they can t marry outside their station in life no matter what their heart dictates not realizing that this entire time their marriage was already in the works There are also a slew of interesting characters back at the estate including a shrewish mother and wisecracking grandmother and two sisters one prim and proper the other a wild child Grand who can be uite crude is also astute and figures out the situation as Lord Haven scours the countryside for the missing feared abducted Lady Jane not realizing Jenny is the one he seeks There is so much potential in this story in spite of the stupidity of the characters yet it fails on several levels First there really isn t enough plot to carry an entire novel a novella would have been fitting Se. D the hard truth that taking a wife and producing an heir was among them though he shudders at the prospect of spending his life with the charmless woman his mother has arranged for him to wed Wishing to delay their formal meeting until the last possible moment he shrugs off his stifling attire and escapes to his favorite sanctuary a simple cottage on his grand estate There he meets a caring and captivating maid who steals his heart and in the guise of a common farmer he proceeds to court her fearing all the while that his ruse will be discoveredAs the two struggle with the implications of their deceit and the shattering nowledge tha.

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Donna Lea Simpson is a nationally bestselling romance and mystery novelist with over twenty titles published in the last ten years An early love for the novels of Jane Austen and Agatha Christie was a portent of things to come; Donna believes that a dash of mystery adds piuancy to a romantic tale and a hint of romance adds humanity to a mystery story Besides writing romance and mystery novels