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Catalyst eading to necessary changes in Wes and Jamie s Hunted by Herne (Otherkind Kink: Horned Gods, lifeBlake s intrusion drives Jamie even deeper into his obvious depression It is heartbreaking to see him sinking deeper and deeper into it Depression affects not only mind but body and view spoilerimmune system too so a physical disease as a result hide spoiler 4 stars Us is the highly anticipated seuel to the book Him by two of my favorite authors After two childhood friends reconnected and fell in 4102017 Aittle Wes Jamie reread via audiobook before I jump into Good Boy Lady Lorena’s Spinster’s Society later this month The narrators are perfection 425 Stars Love is friendship set on fire Alright I m going to start this review with a confessionI was REALLY hesitant to read this book You see Ioved the ever On the First Night of Christmas loving crap out of the first book And well when I heard there was going to be a seuel Wes and Jamie you sayit was a wholeot ofAnd then my tits calmed and my brain activated They had a heartmelting HEA at the end of the first bookand man I hope this doesn t turn into a bunch of unnecessary drama I hope the authors aren t doing it to milk this cash cow And theneven though I try to avoid too many reviews before I read a bookI started noticing a LOT of mixed reactions And my saddness set in Oh crapthey fucked it up Worst of allI kept seeing the same complaint in almost all of the reviewsthe dreadedlack of communication UGH One of my biggest pet peeves in books This killed me Bitter and ragey party of oneBut then I saw a friend s review shout out to you Kristin where she said she understood the P.S. Im Pregnant lack of communication it made sense to her Add the fact that Kristin and I have a few monthsong streak going where we ve been pretty in sync with our thoughts on booksand well that got me thinking Have I read books where there was Tigress for Two (Alaskan Tigers, lack of communication and it didn t bother me Yes yes I have Holy Shitmaybe there was hope for me Wes and JamieOkaymaybe that was aittle dramatic But stillmy excitement came back and I was ready to jump into this fucker and fall in Cult Science Fiction Films love all over again And did I You seeyou can have read the first book and stop right there You have your HEA You know that Wes and Jamie are together and you know that theyl find a way to make their relationship work But what you get here is just thatthe work The Crime and Punishment look at what it takes to make a relationship work Wes and Jamie have agreed that during Wes s rookie NHL season theyl keep their relationship on the down Sailor Moon Episode Lists low Beyond their apartment door they are nothing than roommates but behind that door they are devoted andoving partners However both men are beginning to get frustrated with this arrangementthe unfairness of having to hide their relationship begins to chip away at their happiness And here s where the Attentions Throbbing lack of communication sets in Wes and Jamie either skirt around the issue of what becomes a building tension between them or they flat out don t discuss it Frustratingumm yeah Understandableabsolutely Fearfear is theiving breathing driving factor in not hashing out their concerns Both men are terrified of Dark Reflections (Dark Reflections, losing the other and terrified of tipping the balancing act they have to perform to the outside world Should they have been able to confide in each other Share those fears You bet But we re all human And fear is a hell of a hurdle What do you do when your frustrations turn to doubtand that fear settles deeper inside of you You want to talkman do youbut then you start uestioning yourself Do I sound selfish Am I asking for too much Am I enough to put the person Iove through this Am I being unfair All of these uestions apply to both Jamie and Wesand both men are scared of getting the answer that may break their heart I got it I understood it It made sense to me You wake up in the morning in the happy haze of being in your Spinetinglers Anthology 2008 loved one s arms and then the worries ofife and adulting set in You think about all the things you re jugglingdo you really want to ruin the moment by bringing up such a big and heavy subject Nope So you wait for the right timebut with crazy schedules out of town games pushy neighbors I m Angélique à Québec (Angelique: Original version looking at you Blakeany moment of peace is welcomed and you can t find the energy to have the much needed heart to heart I m hoping that my review makes sense I m hoping that all those people who may not want to read this book for the same reason that I kept pushing it away will maybe reconsider Because this bookTHIS BOOKmade me fall inove with Wes and Jamie even They were so vulnerable and relatable in this book The first book was fun and sexybut this book was emotionalpassionatereal But I m not gonna Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Obesity liethis book isn t perfect Not by any means One plot device used view spoilerJamie s flu and pneumonia hide spoiler I was so excited to hear that Elle Kennedy and Sarina Bowen were giving Wes and Jaime a seuel Him was a 5 star book for me has a 436 average rating on GoodReads with over 7k ratings a 48 average rating on com with over 400 reviewers and came in at 3 for our Reader s Choice Awards for 2015 It s just an absolutely outstanding story And it s also a pretty tough act to followWe enter the seuel 6 months after the end of Him Jaime is coaching a hockey. Else face a media storm that will eclipse his success on the iceJamieoves Wes He really truly does But hiding sucks It’s not the The Doughboys life Jamie envisioned for himself and the strain of keeping their secret is taking its toll It doesn’t help that his new job isn’t going as smoothly as he’d hoped but he knows he can power through it asong as he has Wes At east apartment 10B is their retreat where they.

It was a shaky start but finished strongI was kind of hesitant to start Us I really enjoyed the first in the series Him which was surprising at the time as I m not really into MM books For me I normally put myself in the shoes of the main character which is a ittle hard to do when there are two heroes and no heroine I can t relate It s that simple In this case I have to be a voyeur and observelike watching a movie When there was talk that a second book was coming I couldn t help but get drawn back into comfort zone blasting Would the second Futurity live up to the first Would I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone again Would the fascination of watching two men form a relationship when one man is gay and the other is not still be there Saying that my observations are the same as the firstMM is REALLY HOT There just seems to be no hesitation with these guys No self conscious hiding under the sheets or worrying whether youook your best It s just an attraction that developsand good times roll inStraight upI enjoyed Us Ouija in Suburbia liked getting to see Wes and Jamie again and getting to know about the world of puck But the highlight of the whole story B L A K E Oh myordy this guy had me busting out Reclaiming Authentic Fundamentalism laughing than once and his generous spirit and uncanny ability to read his friends made him my favourite by far He wasoud uncouth and crazy but so Lenora lovable His fear of sheep had me cracking upaughingBack to the storySo Wes and Jamie are Caz Sanatı living together and everything should be great but unfortunately it is far from great It is decided that theyl keep their relationship on the down Desire Sensibility low for a while Both of them hate having secrets and exist rather thanive together Jamie feels ike a dirty secret but knows that Wes oves him He struggles at the best of times considering how much things have changed but is willing to The Faerie Godmothers Apprentice Wore Green let things be for Wes s rookie year Wes knows that he is hurting Jamie by putting his career first but doesn t know how else to handle things The first half of the story was aittle hard for me I did not The Sorcerer of the North (Rangers Apprentice like seeing Jamie struggling toive with his decision He was practically Practicing History left alone to deal with all his worries and concerns because Wes was on the road so much Jamie is also having a few issues at work All of these problems really made the story aittle depressing I know Wes was aware that he was upsetting Jamie and I knew he hated doing it but I felt ike he definitely got the better end of the stick It was inevitable that things would eventually have to changeIt definitely got better in the second half of Us but I think that was mainly due to Blake Yes it was still HOT between Wes and Jamie and the storyline flowed really well but Blake just really stood out for me I really hope the authors decide to do a story for himmaybe with a certain sister hint hint nudge nudgeThe issues this couple had to face were a ittle hard to take but in the end it didn t seem to be as bad as what I thought it would be There were plenty of people who supported and Some Thing Black loved them enough to help them through tough times Being an observer and standing on the outsideooking in was still a McClellans Other Story little weird for me I don t know what I would do in the same situation because I can t really relate to having my relationship judged and commented on For these guys to be in the spotlight while they are developing and strengthening their relationship was hard to watch I still stick to my each to their own and all that jazz and find it unbelievable that people would comment on personal relationship choices Will I go back for MM Not really sure there s just something about it that s aittle freeing Men just Cant You Make Them Behave, King George? look at things differently If they come out with a story for my BlakeyIl be there with bells on Stacey is Sassy received an advanced copy of this story The copy provided is not the final copy and may be subject to edits and changes 45 stars Us is a seuel to one of my favorite romances HimThe story starts a couple of months after Him ends Wes and Jamie Leonardo da Vinci live together now Wes dream has come true he is having a terrific rookie season at NHL and he is also having the man s heart heoved in his whole Enkätboken life But his happiness is not spotless Wes doesn t believe he can have both the most important things in hisife at the same time In fear of coming out would damage his career Wes and Jamie decide to keep their relationship hidden till the end of the season keeping the media focused on Wes s game not on his sex Introduction to the Spiritist Philosophy life It s my biggest fear That the success I ve been having in my first season with Toronto will be overshadowed or worse forgotten because being a gay professional athlete is the far juicier story Wes thinks it is the worst that could happen to him until something even worse happens and Wes realizes what is truly importantJamieoves Wes but suffers from hiding Not being out is a very stressful situation for both of them but it makes especially Jamie Play Me, Im Yours lonely and isolated Plus Wes is travelling aot and being apart worsens things even Top of it all Wes s teammate Blake moves into the same apartment building robbing them of the privacy and safe haven they had Blake besides being irritating is the. Can your favorite hockey players finish their first season together undefeatedFive months in NHL forward Ryan Wesley is having a record breaking rookie season He’s Health at Every Size living his dream of playing pro hockey and coming home every night to the man heoves Jamie Canning his The Kings Witch (Frances Gorges Trilogy longtime best friend turned boyfriend There’s just one problem the most important relationship of hisife is one he needs to keep hidden or.

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Team of promising teens and Wes is playing in the NHL They still Polvere alla polvere live in their condo together but their busy schedules keep them apart than they are togetherNot all is roses and sunshine for our boys Wes and Jaime and both in the closet at work and publicly They both feel coming out will damage Wes s rookie career This makes their personalives miserable since they can t go out and be themselves and they have to carefully censor their words to their friends and co workers The sex is still hot but their situation clouds the joy felt in the first book Wes and Jaime start to tip toe around one another and the angst comes to a boiling point that is resolved in a spectacular HEA I Wyoming Triple Heat liked this book I absolutely LOVE Wes and Jaime and was happy to have a seuel But be prepared for some angst and depression While the two menove each other and always treat each other with An Imperfect Spy (A Kate Fansler Mystery love respect and admiration the boys get sulky and close themselves off to each other and that put a bit of a damper on my enjoyment I would have preferred some emotional anger and a good fight to the depression and hopelessness But that s just me These boys could have played Parcheesi for the entire book and I would still haveoved it and recommended it Depressed Wes and Jaime is preferable to no Wes and JaimeNice follow up but failed to capture the excitement and passion of the first book I am still recommending this book to the many many fans of the first Galley copy of Us provided by the authors in exchange of an honest review This review is also posted at Gay Book Reviews Oh dear I had high expectations for this book after thoroughly enjoying the first one but this one fell flat for me for multiple reasons So book two starts shortly after the end of the first one Jamie is coaching and Wes is having a fantastic rookie season All should be great except they have to hide their relationship To make matters worse Wes s teammate moves into their apartment building and he has no ualms about stopping over at any time uninvitedWhy this didn t work for me1 Blake I Trial Run / Whip Hand / Twice Shy ll start off by saying Iiked him I really did but his dialogue began to grate on my nerves It felt forced and the humor it was trying to create was ძვირფასი სიცოცხლე lost on me 2 Medical emergencies used as a major catalyst for a story Call me cold hearted but I m just bored with it being used It s so cliche and it just added unnecessary drama I wish that view spoilertheir relationship had come out a different way hide spoiler 35 Stars Wellit s no secret that Him is one of my favourite MM books I even recommended it to my gay postmanI m not joking I was so excited to read thisI didn t know what to expect but of Jamie and Westhere was no way I wasn t reading thisUnfortunately it ended up just being ok for a few reasonsSo it s eight months on and Jamie and Wes areiving togetherTheir relationship is still secret with Wes wanting to wait until his rookie season is over before going publicTheir work commitments mean they aren t spending a I, Claudius lot of time together which starts to put a bit of a strain on their relationshipThis was where things started to go wrong for meGodtheack of communication drove me madThere s no denying they do have great sexual chemistry but I missed that desperate urgency they had for each other in the first book and shockhorror I even started skimming the sex scenesNowlet s get onto BlakeHe s a team mate of Wes and has just moved into the same appartment block where they iveHe was so annoyingalthough I did warm to him a ittle towards the endI must be getting really grumpy because I didn t find him funny at allHe sounded Chicken Soup for the Soul like a 10yr old at times I m jelly I m jealous brosky brotherI think J Bomb nickname for JamieActually I m probably being unkind to 10yr oldsI ve got a nephew that age who wouldn t talkike thatOverall it wasn t bad just didn t come near book one for me There s an old uote my mother once painted on a ceramic platter Love is friendship set on fire I get it now I Misbehaving loved the continuation of Wes and Jamie s story as much as the first book We get to see themearning how to be a couple in this one and though you feel the Blooming Red love their relationship is not always hearts and flowers Five months into it and Wes s hectic schedule as a rookie in NHL Jamie s new coaching job them hiding their relationship and additionally not having too much time for each other all these are causing troubles for our boys Iiked how all their problems were solved how their coming out media storm connected with it and Jamie s crisis was handled Overall well written with dual POV a bit emotional a bit funny and whole Irrevocable Trust (Irreparable, lotta sexy reading There was someack of communication which added to their relationship problems but the boys made it all up with steam Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy once again proved that they can write good MM but I wouldn t mind them writing a book about other characters from the book Blake whom I Forensic Science liked aot and Jamie s sisterIf you haven t tried MM yet I think both Him and Us are a great choice to start with ARC received from the author in exchange for an honest review 45 STARSimage error Seuel of Him Coming 2016 OMGI CAN T WAI. Can always be themselvesOr can they When Wes’s nosiest teammate moves in upstairs the threads of their carefully woven The Penguin History of Early India lie begin to unravel With the outside world determined to take its best shot at them can Wes and Jamie develop majoreague relationship skills on the fly Warning contains sexual situations a vibrating chair Exploring with Frémont long distance sexytimes and proof that hockey playersook hot in any shade of green.

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