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Eally enjoyable such as McSharry being hospitalised during her cancer treatment for severe constipation and her friends telling her she was full of shit I also enjoyed McSharry s battle for body acceptance and learning to love the body she is in and as a young woman myself I definitely understand those struggles I also really loved reading about McSharry s views on IVF and fertilization as knowing that she is pregnant now her words ring really lovely and sweetOverall I enjoyed this book for a uick relatable read 35 Really enjoyed her story Her life family etc The part about her Dad at the U2 concert is beautiful Really didn t enjoy the lectures on body image and feminism Came across a bit preachy IMO Funny warm and touching Louise McSharry is an Irish radio presenter She has become well known in recent times after her honest and open interviews and documentary about her experience with cancer To me she is the person who introduced me to Chvrches and London Grammar Thanks Louise In this book Louise talks about her childhood about having an alcoholic parent moving to America her weight her experience with cancer her career falling in love getting married family feminism she covers a hell of a lot in eight chapters The first chapter hit a nerve with me big time I have a few things in common with Louise and she absolutely nailed it It was like she was in my head and I did have to take a breather because I couldn t believe someone else felt and thought the same way I thought I was alone Oh and by the way I m fat too I also scan a room when I walk in to make sure I can find someone bigger than me And I also feel deflated hah when I say the word fat and someone says OMG no you re not I am I m fat Believe me there are a hell of a lot of worse things to be This book left me feeling so warm so happy so content It left me feeling that yes shit happens but life goes on There will be bad times but the good ones are only around the corner It made. Ance' Irish Daily Star'Louise's life reads like a thriller I had goose bumps throughout Brave funny emotional and totally relatable for women' Roz Purcell'Hugely enjoyable So honest and insightful I loved the positivity and the REALNESS Will be amazing for young women to read' Una Mullaly'Both heart warming and heart breaking Vividly raw and surprisingly visceral Louise makes you feel every single bit' Angela Scanlon'Should be compulsory reading for all young people male and female Older readers will also be inspired by McSharry's no nonsense approach Whether writing about sex feminism family or body acceptance McSharry is compassionate funny and wise' Irish Times'A mighty woman with cojones the size of Mexico and coolness in the face of adversity not seen since John Wayne's heyday' Irish Independent'She's a straight shooter honest and to the point' The HeraldLouise McSha.

Me feel like women are powerful that we shouldn t have to apologize for wanting to succeed or for how we look It made me feel like even though I m fat that doesn t mean that I should have to hide away in the corner wearing a cardigan in summer because omg what if someone sees my fat arms ridiculous when you think about it if the circumference of my arms is someone s main concern on one of our three annual sunny days in Ireland then that person is only worthy of my pity and does not deserve to enjoy the sun I loved this book loved it LOVED IT Everyone should read it I hadn t heard of Louise McSharry before I read her story I only picked it up because the title was intriguing and I absolutely love non fiction particularly those which discuss feminist issues Louise has lived a fascinating life and I wanted her to be my best friend by the end of reading this Not only is she funny and strong she s utterly inspirational She s also fat and is trying to be proud to claim that title If you struggle with body confidence and positivity Louise is a wonderful cheerleader She s attempting to destroy the notion that food can be bad or good or that being fat is inherently wrong and she s made me look at my internal commentary and attempt to be less udgmental about body sizes both my own and othersThe only complaint I have is that it gets a little bit repetitive at points The book is diced up into sections rather than being told chronologically and because there s some overlap it means the same sentiments are often repeated two or three times It wasn t too much of a pain but because I was flying through it I was very aware of it A book that made me feel good hopeful appreciate Saw this recommended on line and ordered it despite being sure that it wasn t my type of book I m allergic to any type of misery lit so so glad I ignored my instincts Excellent book zero poor meisms Really interesting life story with an acceptable dose of self help thrown in. Rry's passion is to talk to young women and the men who love them about being a woman in the modern world Drawing on her own 33 years of life she writes about everything from surviving a messed up childhood to crashing out of education and still making it to figuring out sex weight feminism make up friendship workplace politics and a whole lot Though she has the raw material the early death of her father and being taken into care at seven because of her mother's alcoholism the last thing Louise wanted do was to write a misery memoir She wasn't keen on writing a cancer survival story either she went through treatment while planning her wedding trying on white dresses while sweating and hairless not a good lookSo though it has its sad moments Fat Chance is honest upbeat irreverent and inspirational ust like a long chat with a best friend A fabulous funny and wise best frie.

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A really easy read finished it in one sitting McSharry is a great storyteller and has lived a pretty incredible life I felt parts of the book were a bit preachy body imagepositivity but perhaps I ust couldn t relate However I absolutely burned through it Didn t know much about her before reading but it s a fairly vunerable tale alcoholic mother cancer fertility issues that she handles with humour interesting perspective A good holiday read for anyone looking 35 stars is an incredibly honest and inspiring memoir about growing up under tough circumstances with an alcoholic mother and also what it means to be fat and what bodies are there for Here s a story we don t hear very often woman loses weight Woman is praised for losing weight Woman is losing weight because she has cancer But it s common than you might think and the idea of weight loss as only a bad thing if one is of an acceptable weight already is downright dangerous If the beach ready body bullshit has crept its way inside your brain have a read of this 35 StarsI received a copy of this book from Penguin Random House Ireland in exchange for an honest reviewLouise McSharry is an Irish radio personality and is known for her documentary which showed her fight against cancer She has since recovered married and now has written a bok about what it s like to have cancer grow up with a dysfunctional family and being fat when everyone else is skinnyI uite enjoyed this book McSharry s writing was really relatable and she didn t have any airs or notions as we would say in Ireland She was Judgment Under Uncertainty just an ordinary woman who sometimes appears on The Late Late Show talking about her life I didn t know a whole lot about McSharry going into the book except about her cancer and that she was on the radio so learning about her tough childhood and dealing with an alcoholic mother was interesting The tough parts in this book are interrupted now and again with laugh out loud humour which is simple but 'Reading it is an intense experience much sadder and beautiful than I was expecting a ballsy paean to self determination and body confidence McSharry's style is a pleasure precise collouial tightly paced She's nailed the elusive directness central to the work of essayists like Lena Dunham If you read one heart breaking yet bouncy true life memoir this summer make sure it's this one' Sunday Times 'An absolutely stunning piece of workust a fantastic book' Roisin Ingle'Hello there louisemcsharry Well I LOVED your book and now I LOVE YOU TOO You are INSPIRATIONAL' Marian Keyes on Twitter'Louise is heartbreakingly honest A sharp well observed and ultimately inspirational read Every woman of every age should read this book' Louise O'Neill'Searingly honest at times makes for heart breaking reading but Louise is at her most inspiring talking about her ourney towards fat accept.