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E Dump and Digging out the Outhouse this book will strike a familiar chord with all those enamoured of cottage life The presence of exotic but familiar names such as Oxtongue Lake Limberlost Road Muskoka and Algonuin helps add to the charm of this book I would rate t 75 out of 5 but since there are only 5 stars available that will have to suffice. Ic writings from Cottage Life The Globe and Mail and the National Post and RHS The Magic and Mystery of Trees includes some new material too It's the perfect read for the cottage lovern all of us a book to return to again and again n summer and all year lon.

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A marvellous book Written n journal form A Fistful of Shells it consists of 40 or so very short stories some previously published as GM columns some as Cottage Life stories describing life at a summer cottage It will be enjoyable to anyone who owns or visits a summer cottage but particularly by anyone familiar with the area around Algonuin Park Dwight Huntsville an. In this delightful dockside reader one of Canada's great writers of the outdoors celebrates the Canadian cottage experienceWrittenn journal form The Weekender takes us through a typical year the pleasures great and small an.

D Dorset OntI read this book Understanding Folk Religion in perhaps the most appropriate place possiblen 3 early summer mornings sitting at the end of my dock on Raven Lake I received as much pure pleasure and enjoyment from reading this book as from any book I had read previously and there have been thousands With familiar topics such as The First Long Weekend Bears at th. D the occasional pains of cottage living From that first essential opening day plunge UNLAWFUL KILLING into a still frigid lake to the last leapn at the summer's end and everything n between The Weekender reprises some of MacGregor's class.

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ROY MACGREGOR was named a media inductee to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2012 when he was given the Elmer Ferguson Award for excellence in hockey journalism He has been involved in hockey all his life from playing all star hockey in Huntsville Ontario against the likes of Bobby Orr from nearby Parry Sound to coaching and he is still playing old timers hockey in Ottawa where he lives with his