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One of my favorite books as a seven year old child was Eva Ibbotson s thrilling novel of frightful funny bumbling disgusting witchy competition Which Witch In that novel a powerful dark wizard has to choose a wife in order to produce an heir and sets up a competition of sporting events and magic for local covens I also loved The Goblet Of Fire s depiction of wizard sports and life or death competitionsThis new novel by Lauren Magaziner has a superficially very similar premise super powerful granddad wizard Pomporrompop or something like that who lives in a castle made of food is leaving all his powers and estate to the most powerful of his many many grandchildren The protagonist Lennie Mercado is a 12 year old who has grown up away from magic though aware of it and who is determined to win the competition Without reading a summary beforehand a reader could think they were being set up for a sweet fart oke filled bildungsroman where Lennie becomes and powerful and beats the odds against her snobby cousins to prove herself to her grandpaBut her grandpa says only one child from each branch of his family can be in the competition and he won t let her compete There isn t any way around it And even Lennie s mom won t stand up for her Lennie is pretty sure Pomporompop or whatever is making this decision because she is a girl Her girl cousins get eliminated in the first few rounds and she is sure it s because her granddad only wants a boy heir She also suspects that being half Filipino has something to do with her grandpa preferring her cousin Julian to her and her brother Michael Bitter and fuming Lennie stalks into the woods to try and run away and runs into her great uncle who has been harboring a similar grudge against her grandfather since he was defeated fifty years ago and lost the opportunity to gain all the magical powers he might have had Training in secret he has managed to become pretty powerful without the aid of wizard staffs or magic wands and he promises to help Lennie do the same if she sabotages the competitionThis is a goofy book with pools of pudding graveyards of goulash and a cat named fluffles who has a monocle But it s fresh and character driven and sharp It also effectively parodies all the wizard fiction out there that is dependent on a whimsical powerful patriarch who is always proven right in the end In this book none of the grown ups and least of all the men are in the right It might be a silly little story but I loved it and am so excited to read stuff in th. Twelve year old Lennie Mercado loves magic She practices her invisibility powers all the time she can now stay invisible for fifteen seconds and she dreams of the day that she can visit her grandfather the Prime Wizard de Pompor.

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Time I open one I KNOW that I m in for humor adventure and characters to root for WIZARDMATCH is a MG fantasy full of world building uniue characters an AMAZING SETTING and truth Seuel My second book of 2018 was so good that I read into the wee hours of January 3rd unable to put it down Wizardmatch is a fantasy about 12 year old Lennie whose family along with those of her cousins is summoned back by their grandfather Mortimer de Pomporromp to compete for the family s magical title of Prime Wizard But her grandfather institutes a new rule that may put magic loving Lennie s chances at becoming Prime Wizard in eopardy So much to love about this book Lennie is a great character Lennie is a feisty risk taker who stands up for what she believes in She learns from her mistakes and is a role model for young people The setting was beautifully descriptive and the plot was fast paced and engaging Most importantly the allegorical elements woven through the story teach the reader about prejudice and fairness without being preachy and our kids really need exposure to these topics today I am thrilled to add this book to my classroom library It s out March 6 ust when my students will be knee deep in learning about fantasy I ll definitely be sharing this one with them This was one of the better light hearted magic stories I ve read and really really funny I especially liked the strong determined and very stubborn main character 11year old Lennie The author lets her truly feel all of her emotions and hold onto her totally A River of Royal Blood (A River of Royal Blood, justified anger at certain events Give to your Harry Potter fans as well as your younger not ready for Harry Potter readers who already did The Worst Witch or Upside Down Magic Recommend for grade 3 6 I wasust going to let this book go with ust a rating and no review but I realized I couldn tIf this was a YA then sure it falls into the same trap that many of them do so whatever But this is middle grade Middle grade that tackled a variety of important topicsespecially in today s world about sexism ageism and racism This book failed to deliverIt started out promising A half Filipino character Filipino characters in general are super rare Lennie bringing up the unfairity of the Tournament It had EVERYTHING GOING FOR IT Heck even the uirky writing style went was enjoyable And sometimes you need to use humor to talk about serious mattersBut guess what This book goes NOWHERE with itLennie s behaviors are supposed to be taken as wrong but I was all about her Yes she was right Yes. Ited magical powers The losers get nothing Lennie is desperate to win but when Poppop creates a new rule to uelch any sibling rivalry her thoughts turn from winning Wizardmatch to sabotaging iteven if it means betraying her fami.

Is vein In Lennie s family everyone has a tiny bit of magic Lennie for example can turn invisible but only for 15 seconds Her brother even less The only exception is Lennie s grandfather who is the family s Prime Wizard He has grand unlimited power He s also ready to pass that power on in a traditional competition called Wizardmatch where all the grandkids compete to see who should be next Prime WizardLennie is thrilled She s been training herself for this and she s ready It s her life s dream to be Prime Wizard But then her grandfather creates a new unexpected rule only one child from each family can compete He says it s to keep families from breaking apart and hating each other after the competition like he and his siblings did But it means that Lennie s mom has to choose either Lennie or her younger less talented and less hard working brother Lennie s sure she s a shoe inUntil she overhears her grandfather tell her mom to pick her brother instead Lennie hasn t got the look to be Prime Wizard He s not going to pick her to win Wizardmatch Is it because her mom is the only one to marry someone with darker skin that makes Lennie who is mixed race not look the part Or is it because she s a girl Is it both No matter what Lennie is crushed until she meets someone who promises her that there might be another way Another way to power to magic But is she doing the right thing Or is there something suspicious going onThat sounds like I m giving away a lot of the story but I promise I m not It s ust the beginning This was a great fantasy story with a little Roald Dahl mixed into a fresh fantasy story that had not Souvenirs de dbauches just adventure and magic but a story about fitting in and standing up for what s right Lauren Magaziner writes books that kids want to read This one is no exception It s full of trials and tribulations that are familiar to middle grade readers sibling rivalry parental favoritism family acceptance and difficulty coming to terms when what you want most you can t have I love that there is also a discussion about gender and racial eualityWell done I received an ARC of this book in October 2017 It is a fun read with a lovely message about standing up yourself and the importance of family It even has some Harry Potter similarities that fantasy fans will love 15 stars with bonus points for the half Filipino MC and the talking catI feel like this book was going for a cu I love this book Such a fun empowering middle grade My goodness Iust love Lauren Magaziner s books Every single. Romp at his magical estateNow Lennie has her chance Poppop has decided to retire and his grandchildren are coming from all over to compete in Wizardmatch The winner inherits his title his castle and every single one of his unlim.

Lauren Magaziner is the author of the interactive pick your path Case Closed series Mystery in the Mansion 2018 Stolen from the Studio 2019 and Haunting at the Hotel 2020 She is also the author of the humorous middle grade books Wizardmatch 2018 Pilfer Academy 2016 and The Only Thing Worse Than Witches 2014 She is a proud graduate of Hamilton College and spent two years working