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Th stand alone romance novel by American author Barbara Delinsky Even though Karen Drew is not well a bad cold she makes her trek to visit Rowena Carlin at the nursing home Initially a sense of duty sent here there it was her car that had hit Rowena when she was cycling on an unlit road But since then she had come to enjoy chatting with this sweet eighty one year old lady She just made sure she avoided Rowena s nasty grandson paediatrician Dr Brice Carlin But now when she needed to get home to her job and studying for her mid term exams her ageing car wouldn t start and the snow began to fall in earnest And when she fainted in the snow it was just her luck that Brice picked her up Bu. To think what could have happened if Brice hadn't pulled her from the drifts As a doctor his healing instincts took over But being snowbound with the ma.

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The most interesting thing about this romance novel is the delicacy with which the author handles the love scenes Written in 1987 Delinsky leaves a lot to the imagination than she probably does today I really enjoyed this book by Barbara Delinsky It was an easy read and predictable but I totally enjoyed the 3 characters It was a good book TLC is my first ever book by Barbara Delinsky and I ve enjoyed it very much The writing style reminded me of Nora Roberts older straight contemporary romancesThe heroine Karen accidentally hit the hero s grandmother Rowena with her car Sh TLC was amazing can t remember how many times reread Setting Brice up was so fun at the end TLC is the 14. A New York Times Bestselling AuthorIt wasn't the best time for Karen to visit her elderly friend With a burning fever and a broken down car she shuddered.

T driving her to his house to recover definitely did not meet with her approval and she let him now vociferously To no avail Brice seemed determined to take care of her In close uarters something that neither of them expected developedA fairly predictable romance that is uite dated somewhat slow moving and a bit long Delinsky s later novels are better I really liked the characterisation of Brice Carlin He was interesting Maybe I haven t read enough romance but he seemed differnet from your average romantic hero to me This is a uick read with a beautiful love story about two loners who find a connection to each other I love how the characters are so vivid and alive Cute love story. N who once tried to have her jailed was dangerous territory Sometimes fate offers the chance to heal forgive and understand that things happen for a reas.

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