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S well into it so it s hard to give a proper review It reuired a lot of the reader but then by not having read the first book I suspect there was a great deal of setup I missedLike other Gale works I ve read the world of Flux is hugely imaginative truly like nothing I ve encountered elsewhere The flow of the writing is nicely balanced between furthering the plot and character developmentI really kick myself when I read something out of order and with Rabia Gale s works it s vital to read in order just because there is so very much world building going on I m looking forward to rereading this after I read the first one head smack. N old flame isn’t the man she loved and left And now a conspiracy threatens to tear her city apart Sable needs answers fast before it’s too late to save Monaria Flux takes place after artz Book One of The Sunless World serie.

Gination make Flux just as rewarding and niue a read as artz with skillful scene setting and strong consistent characters Her ability to create detailed and plausible societies makes each of these books one of those stories that you go on thinking about long after you put it down and then bring out to re read on rainy days Showcasing well paced adventure and plots ornamented with clues to keep the reader guessing the character interactions and Rafe s irrepressible sense of humour really make this a great read for fans of sci fi fantasy or steampunk This is actually the second book of a series which I didn t realize ntil I wa. In OakhavenSeven years later she returns with wealth a confident persona and a mage newly come into his powers It's time to rebuild what was lostBut Sable’s not the only one who's changed New families have risen to prominence

Flux is the seuel to artz The Sunless World Book One and follows Rafe as he flees the political dangers of Oakhaven to the exotic garden city of Monaria Abandoned by Isabella Rafe has been left in the care of Sable Monariue once a notorious Oakhaven actress Rafe and Sable faced with the echoes of her family s disgrace have to overcome a series of obstacles in their The Kings Sister uest to find teachers for Rafe snprecedented gift of magic and ickly find themselves instead entangled in a murderous net of magic and intrigue and facing an enemy who has no care for the dead they leave behind them Rabia Gale s intense imagery and incredible ima. Actress Businesswoman Trend setterBefore she was all these Sable Monariue was the timid awkward daughter of a disgraced family in the domed jungle city of Monaria After leaving home and crossing the Divide she reinvented herself.

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I break fairy tales and fuse fantasy and science fiction I love to write about flawed heroes who never give up transformation and redemption and things from outer space In my spare time I read doodle eat chocolate avoid housework and homeschool my three childrenA native of Pakistan I grew up in hot humid Karachi I then spent almost a decade in Northern New England where I learned to l