Nikki Chartier: Crash Landing Bear Creek #2

S was set to be published in. N't so distant any Ridge is prepared to coach summer basketball take college courses in the fall and move in with Micah What he hasn't prepared for is telling his friends and family about his relationship But when given a serious ultimatum – come out or get out –.

20170330 Remember when thi. A year after the summer of horse dates and blue rock candy his summer internship at Dunson Hills Sports Camp brings Ridge McCoy back to Bear Creek Coaching basketball isn't the best thing Bear Creek has to offer him though His long distance relationship with Micah is.

September Sigh good ole day. Ridge crash lands into an unfamiliar world of prejudice and homophobia With his future career at stake and at the risk of losing the little bit of family he has left Ridge has to make a choice and he isn't sure if he and Micah can find their way out of this wreckage.

( EPUB Crash Landing Bear Creek #2 ) BY Nikki Chartier –

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