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Es like Victory Anna and lots of characters just nd up changed for somewhat dubious in book reasons and the whole thing is a good deal preachier than is necessary and I say this as someone who is in basic agreement with CaddyGirls everything said Velveteen vs The Seasons directly follows Velveteen vs The Multiverse as Velveteen must make good on her word to versus The Seasons She must try out Winter Spring and Autumn and choose which one she likes most Or hates least reallySeanan McGuire has shown us bits and pieces of the Seasonal Lands and their inhabitants over the course of the series but this is her chance to really dig in and she clearly relishes it My God there s so much love in the writing She plays with the metaphors of the seasons and how they shape the realms and the language is so rich and beautifuland then you have Velveteen walking around muttering Fucked up times five thousand The contrast between the high fantasy tone and Velma Fuck This Shit Martinez is a delight I love that it works such that it doesn t undercut the serious work McGuire has put into her worldbuilding but instead makes it feel that much realMeanwhile we get some updates from the Calendar Country aka the real world and things are not going well in Velveteen s absence And when she returns not a spoiler as the book begins with her return before flashing back three years Vel has to set some things right And it s going to getcomplicatedThe Velveteen Vs ser. Ahead of ourselves That is the difficulty once holidays become involved They wantverything to be a fairy tale and nothing to be true Perhaps this would not hurt so much Assignment except that they remember the meaning of fairy tales before we sanded off theirdges and called them suitable for childrenThe holidays remember how to bleedSo much as it hurts we must leave.

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I didn t want to finish this book but I couldn t stop reading it This is a continuation of the story of Velveteen and the other Supers and Seasonal characters Continuing just after Velveteen vs The Multiverse She is off to serve three seasons for one year Santa didn t lie Philosophy of Religion exactly but it isn txactly straight forward There is always a cost and VelveteenVelma chose to pay the cost She could stand it she could sacrifice herself for the freedom of the supers She hadn t counted what it would cost her friends or the world Will she choose humanity or her own humanity to survive It is difficult to read this book without coming to care for Super heroes and the Villains they are beautifully developed and as worthy of care as the heroes and some of them are real heroes You can read this book as a stand alone but the other books are wonderful and you really will want to get all the backstories Between this and the Toby Daye series I m starting to think of Seanan McGuire as a sort of 21st century Piers Anthony incredibly prolific very talented Anthony used to be anyway before he started phoning it in but dear god does not know when to let a series END And so they all seem to start very strongly and then gradually declineI mean this is not a bad book But it s weaker on pretty much all levels than the first two Plotting is shakier characterization is all over the place we get a batch of new people in ach season we barely see old favorit. A doorway opens in mid air The body of a woman falls to the ground and lies there unmoving as the door slams shut behind her dissolving like confetti into the windAs the grass beneath her slowly dies Velma Martinez–Velveteen–once architect of the downfall of The Super Patriots Inc most recently the servant of the Seasons has come homeBut ah; we are getting.

Ies has become and serialized as it s gone on now the stories feel far like chapters than the individual short stories that made up Velveteen vs The Junior Super Patriots That does make for a cohesive book xperience though As much as I liked seeing the Seasonal Lands however I found that very little happened for the most part Velveteen The Spirituality Revolution essentially has to survive some weird fucked up things but it doesn t feel very active That didn t keep me from being immersed in the narrative but it didn txcite me as much as the plottier stories I also missed the superhero antics in the real world so I was glad we did get the occasional glimpses And there is an overarching story one I was not Comptia Cysa+ Cybersecurity Analyst Certification Bundle (Exam Cs0-001) expecting that resolvessomewhat satisfyingly Fucked up timessomething thoughI do love all of McGuire s musings on superheroes and the multiverse in this world It s such a fantastic series I really didn tnjoy this book nearly as much as the first two I think partially because I don t like ChristmasEaster or spring or whatever because I did get a little interested in Today is a great day to be a Seanan McGuire fan apparently Or maybe I just need to keep up better on my news She announced on December 22nd that the third book in this series is under discussion for Memorial Day release next yearOf course she posts the stories in this serious for free as she writes them but I really prefer them in book form If you don t mind reading them online see her. The body in the grass alone and untended with no one to confirm whether she will live or whether she has already died For all things must begin at their beginnings and the beginning of this tale is far far behind usJoin us as award winning author Seanan McGuire returns to the story of Velveteen where the choices that a superheroine makes always have conseuenc.

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