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I ove the Dan Morgan series Each one pulls me in This one highlights Dan s daughter Alex and gives him cause for worry I The Wolfs Healing Touch (Wolves of Stone Ridge like Alex she got what she wanted and ran her end game around all the obstacles in her way Great Book Lots of excitement You were always wondering what was going to happen next Alex was a great part of this book A great readAt timesong but then we discover another twist Which The Draft leads to another story all woven together A father gets to see his daughter come of age First and foremost aarge thank you to NetGalley Leo J Maloney and Kensington Publishing for providing me with a copy of this book which allows me to provide you with this reviewIn a novel full of action and thrills woven into every chapter Maloney brings Dan Morgan back for another adventure sure to entertain readers When a man dies in a freak elevator accident at Acevedo International there seems to be to it than meets the eye Acevedo has been involved in international weapons and drug smuggling and on the radar of the FBI for some period of time Enter Dan Morgan and the Zeta Group who track the core of the smuggling ring to the African continent and seek to sever the ongoing shipments While he is off dealing with this Dan s daughter Alex is Bible Prophecy limping her way through collegeiterally and trying to find her niche When she is approached by Ekklesia a group seeking to promote social justice and undermine the corrupt world of business she does all she can to help in hopes of making a difference As the elder Morgan receives his next mission he Yaratma Cesareti learns that the Legion of Erebus a collection of ultra powerful hackers has begun wreaking havoc with America in its sights Morgan is tasked with uncovering the Legion s ultimate plan by interrogating their purportedeader Praetorian However something goes wrong and Praetorian is on the The Astral Codex lam controlling hacker cells all over the country A master plan is in the works but no one appears clear as to the event When Alexearns that Ekklesia is but a distraction front for the Legion she begins to work with her father and Zeta to bring the entire plan to its knees. Arch EnemyThe world is descending into chaos and CIA warhorse Dan Morgan after nearly osing his head on a covert mission in Colombia knows the worst is yet to come Frightened employees of the

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Ts inuisitive self righteous and MO borderline obnoxious yet ets take a young girl with no MilitaryIntelligenceLaw Enforcement background experience whatsoeverexcept playing paintball and hikingcamping with dadyou must be joking and because she fell into the plot by blind Story of the Liberty Bell luck survived by dumbuck and accept her into an ultra secret intelligence contractor on these merits against her fathers opinion and we will just give her on the job trainingwownot against the books just a Fake Mustache littleet down I will read the other future books in the series not bad reads just a few head shaking wtfreally moments than I am used to even as silly as I think the plots have gotten even for fiction they are the sort of book you can pick up and not put down I just want the next one to be better than this one Another great read Fast paced action and kept my interest throughout Can t wait for the next Dan Morgan novel Gripping Fast PacedI ve enjoyed the entire series of Dan Morgan but found this Desert Rose and Her Highfalutin Hog latest book to be my favorite WhyBecause the characters both Dan and Alex as well as their nemesis Praetorian have developed to the point that they move as real people in the plot You can really feel themCan t wait to see who the folks at Zeta come up against next but I can guarantee that both Dan aka Cobra and Alex with be there to meet them head onI think I read this book in 2 days just couldn t put it downWell done Leo Good Action Adventure Wouldike to pursue the rest of the series once I clear a few others off of my to read ist Really ike this series Sometimes the book itself doesnt uite ive up to the publishers blurb on NetGalley I m glad that this was not the case here While this is a cyber or tech thriller with covert ops aspects as well the tech aspect is not over powering so those who aren t overly tech savvy can still follow along perfectly wellThis installment book five in the Dan Morgan series stands well on its own which is a good thing since I had not read the previous four Many of the characters come together in ways you might not expect but maybe I missed something in the earlier edition. Ong bided it's time is prepared to strike at the very heart of America's intelligence and anti terrorism infrastructure Morgan and Zeta Division may be the only chance not for victory but surviv.

However nothing is a simple plan and execute in the world of technology where hackers are involved Maloney brings action suspense and just the right amount of humour to this piece and is sure to capture fans after readers take the time devouring this novel While Maloney is surrounded by many other great authors in his covert operative thriller genre he is able to distance himself in a number of ways By using this novel to propel three simultaneous storylines forward only to have them eventually converge he shows a strong ability to keep readers curious and seeking to earn His use of succinct chapters Drawing Straws leaves the reader hanging but I usuallyike this series but ately Meh the best things about this series now instead of Dan Morgan is the flow of the writingeven when the plot is unbelievable even for fiction think direct to DVD B ate night Cinemax 3 am film the book itself is a seamless read there are a few issues that Ethical Responsiveness and the Politics of Difference leave me shaking my head in a WTF wayet s start with Zeta Division an Uber secret private intelligence agency previously betrayed by a fully vetted member of it s own Board of directors and attacked by the books main Villain as they say if you don t The scarecrow learn from history you are doomed to repeat it and once again betrayed by a member of the board of directors and thenow not so secret H is attacked again by the main VillainThe central villain allowed himself to be captured to be sent to a Top Secret CIA Blacksite prisonthis so he can hack into a CIA offline Unhackable network and steal data ok how exactly would he know before hand which prison he would be sent topretty sure the CIA does not give open access to or openly publish theirist of secret prisonsyou certainly do not get to choose for yourself either so of course he ends up where he wanted to be with a convenient accomplice on the inside eek Alex Morgannot against a strong or otherwise female character but a nosyknow it all headstrong 19 year oldReally against her fathers wishes involves herself in everything stumbles across a backdoor into a supposedly non violent hacker group that is a front for terroris. Nigmatic government contractor Acevedo International are mysteriously dying Morgan's own daughter finds herself ured into the violent world of college extremists And a ruthless enemy that has

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