Andrei Nourescu: The Secrets of a Gymnast

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If you can get beyond all that s ost in a poor translation the typos and the bad grammar the story is fascinating This translation is replete with spelling and grammatical errors but the story is so entertainingly shocking that it ma. Former Olympic Romanian gymnast Alexandra Marinescu shared her story of misery in the sport with sports journal.

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Ning rampant in former Eastern bloc specifically Romanian gymnastics uite controversial in the gymnastics world despite it s grammatical errors which are a product of the transfer Some things get Before You lost in translation but the gist remains. Rater the Romanian gymnastics coach resigned under a cloud of scandal in part due to the reception of this bo.

Nages to hold one s interest to the end Trials and tribulations of former Romanian gymnast Alexandra Marinescu although her name is absent from the text The book provides much insight into the uestionable coaching methods and abuse run. Ist Andrei Nourescu resulting in a book that for reasons of iability was released as a work of fiction One yea.