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Ld not be irritating Avoid it I was too annoyed by the main character and her mouthiness and constant drama to enjoy this book plus it seemed like the author simply ended the story because she was tired of writing A disappointing read I don t recommend and won t pick it up again While the book itself was a uick and easy read and the characters enjoyable the story didn t really go anywhere That said I did enjoy the book ust not enough to really recommend it The main character Trudy Ploog moves to a small farming town called Lake Emily in Minnesota to be nearer her sister and hopefully move toward a serious relationship with her boyfriend During her first short months in town she manages to single handedly upheave the town s uiet predicatability To me it was an uneventful book that told the story of lifeeveryman s life Nothing extraordinary happened nor were there any important lessons driven home through the character s dialogue and circumstance The title dandelions in a elly ar describes this book well It it is a light touching fiction which brings together many stories into a delightful bouuet of lessons The continual addition of new information about some characters can get confusing at timesMy SummaryTrudy Ploog and Mae Ploog Morgan are the main threads in this Love Actually type tapestry You learn different things from each individual including the way their stories connect Mainly following the lives of these two sistersMy LikesThe things that happen to the characters are believable For example The fact that Trudy and Bert view spoilernever sleep with each other hide spoiler This is the 2nd in the series and if I hadn t read the first one I never would ve known what was going on It took a few chapters to figure out who everyone was Mae s sister gives up her ob to become the new art teacher and because of a local farmer When the school is making cutbacks she gets into a feud with half the town A tornado comes and tears out most of the town. And learning to see with eyes of grace Dandelions in a Jelly Jar gently reminds you that the best bouuets are dandelions “A welcomed new voice in a genre that is begging for novels of this caliber Bravo”–Ted Dekker best selling author of Blink and Thr3e “Traci’s books call my name and soothe my soul” –Jane Kirkpatrick award winning author of All Together in One Place and A Name of Her Own.

I was happy to be back among friends in Lake Emily All of the favorites are here with us once again and a few new characters are introduced like Rosemary and Bob With the emphasis on Trudy and Bert in this book I truly missed seeing life from the perspective of Mae and Peter They were so sidelined here and I was sad about that We got to know Peter s dad David in this book and understand the choices he had before him Empathy was built for him and I felt surprised that Peter still begrudged him a life of passion and oy a life filled with music because of his own unresolved longings to be close to his dad physically and emotionally The tornado was a traumatic climax that brought the town together as tragedies often do I appreciated the descriptions of the storm itself as well as the shock of residents and the sheer randomness in its aftermath I m glad Bert Trudy are giving it another go despite the many obstacles where to live Lillian too much coaching and Coach Miller himself Who really was an infuriating bully to Trudy through much of the book It s sad he was credited for saving Trudy s ob in front of the school board after she had genuinely apologized and taken accountability and Rosemary had given testimony on her behalf I reject having women go in front of what seemed to be an all male school board certainly the reprimanding Chair was male and then needing a male to swoop in and save the day with his speech I don t appreciate these stereotypical gender roles Another great book by Traci DePree Traci makes you feel like you are right there with the characters as they live out their daily lives with all it s ups and downs This second book in the Lake Emily series started out a little slow but the ending than made up for it and I found I had to give it the five star rating We learn a little about the outspoken Trudy in this book and much about her gets to me The emotions are so real at timesSomething I ve not seen done in books before is that I enj. The peaceful town of Lake Emily will never be the same when Trudy Ploog comes to stayMae Morgan’s flamboyant art teacher sister Trudy Ploog moves to the uiet rural town of Lake Emily Minnesota to be closer to Bert Biddle her shy unassuming farmer boyfriend Everything is perfect and thenthe school board cuts the Gifted and Talented program and rumors of cuts fly Outraged Trudy kicks up a whirlwind beg.

Oy the occasional chapter that tells a little deeper story on one of the characters past It adds a lot of depth to the story I ll continue to follow this author Dandelions in a elly ar is book two in the Lake Emily series It follows a can of peas Both novels are written by Traci DePree an editor of Christian novels who grew up in a small Wisconsin community and now lives in southern Minnesota Both novels take place in the peaceful town of Lake Emily in southern Minnesota It is classified as a Christian novel and is about a woman who moves from St Paul to Lake Emily trying to find love and fit into a small town mid west farming community It features familiar towns road and situationsThe characters in the book exemplify small town rural life where a young couple takes over his grandparent s farm a widowed father struggles to raise his 9 year old daughter while facing grief and loss and where neighbors care for each other sometimes overstepping their bounds and causing hurt The universal issues speak to the reader and bring us into the world of Lake Emily to share the importance of faith and family A tornado helps to sift through petty disagreements to hone in on simple folks living life with courage and graceThe book moves loosely along and is an entertaining read The characters seem like people we know and their daily lives are familiar and relatable This may not be great literature but it is perfect reading for a spring day in the field pick up parked near the soybean field or the lambing barn or while waiting to pick up a child from play practiceWoven delicately through the chapters is a thread of hope reminding us that every day is worth savoring that through all our challenges God s love is constant sanctimonious drivel I hated this book and felt betrayed while reading it as nowhere on the outside of the book does it say that it is extreme christian trash The title alone should have made me pass it by but I gave it a try The main character cou. Inning with a letter to the paper that uestions the very foundation of small town life–high school sports Soon the whole town is talking and Trudy and Bert are put to the test Meanwhile the Morgan family is recovering from the loss of a child and the death of a life long dream as Virginia Morgan helps a father and daughter rediscover life A hopeful story of facing the challenges of life with courage.

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Traci DePree is the author of nine books She loves creating new worlds where readers can escape the demands of everyday life and discover a deeper place of faith where true hope resides She makes her home in a rural town in Minnesota where she fills her days with books volunteering gathering with friends and loved ones playing a little tennis riding dirt bike as well as sewing and knitting