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Writing Story Characters Overall rating 16 Not even sure what I just read It was like some guy Beast playing at being a dominant and a bad ass biker It seemed to me that the only way he could get to Bridget was to hold his and the club s protection over her head Fuck me Submit to me Suck my dick if you want my protection By 45% I was ready to DNF this book Forty ive percent Up to that point it was sex sex and sex Don t get me wrong I love sex in my books but this just wasn t believable in the least and I didn t get the warm عبد الناصر والعالم fuzziesrom it But I igured I needed to keep going to at least get to the damn story Where was Rafe Was there going to be a showdown Was I ever going to ind outBridget what a weak woman I could not A Wedding in Cornwall (Cornwall feel sorryor her She was naive and weak She looks at herself in the mirror and doesn t recognize the woman she s become Her ex changed everything about her her hair her clothes etc And here she is changing just as uick as she can Japan-Ness in Architecture for Beast Beast s inner monologue was much better than when he opened his mouth And of course we have to have a male character with an 11 penis Really Realistic much Soon after he s spanked her with a belt had her in every position imaginable completely turned her into his submissive to his wonderful Dominant side he s changing her Wanting her to be his slut Even thoughor one moment she denies it it s too late he s already done it changed her into something he wanted She has no backbone But I do want to give her props or taking all 11 of Beast anally If the authors think this is what Dominance and Submission is all about they are terribly terribly mistaken Either you have it in the book and do it right or don t attempt itBeast and Bridget are step siblings The last time they saw each other she was 14 and he was 18 They have not seen or spoken to each other in 20 years She goes to him or help her ex who is in the mafia is looking Theoretical Anxiety and Design Strategies in the Work of Eight Contemporary Architects for her and means to kill her because of something she s seen Beast is the only person she knows to turn toor help even though they didn t leave things on a very good note when he left to join an MC and she and her parents moved awayAnd what does Beast do He tells her that he ll help her or a price How nice But at this point she ll do anything to save her life Even give up her body to Beast and all his brothers Beast takes ull advantage of her and her naivet Beast goes on and on about how she played center stage in all his sexual The Psychopharmacology of Herbal Medicine fantasies Ummm Dude when you saw her last she was FOURTEEN One line that turned me off immediately I want touck your pussy and Psychopharmacology of Herbal Medicine fill you with my spunk Said the same day they meet after 20 years And seriously Who says spunk any Okay so I was wrong about Beast s inner monologue He kind of liked the thought of a littleight where she only wore her underwear and was Six forced toight the other bitches Bandscheiben-Leiden - Was tun?: Mit den besten bungen fr den Alltag for his dick Yeah Beast is kind of a doucheFinallyinally at chapter 11 we start to see some discussion about Rafe and what the club is going to do It lasts Lady Janes Nemesis for less than a couple pages and we re back to sex It does pick up again around 70% We do get to see Beast when he isn t a complete dick But Bridget is still a hot mess But she s his hot mess and I can t think of two people deserving of each other I knowrom just the A Texas Rangers Family (The Stone Family few snippets we get that Beast in his own way really does careor Bridget and we do Racialization, Crime, and Criminal Justice in Canada finally get to see that but not until it s tooar into the story to careI like these authors and have read other books they ve written but they totally missed it with this one This is the Computers first book in the Soldiers of Wrath MC Grit Chapter series Bridget is in trouble her ex boyfriend and hisather are looking Before You for her so they can kill her She goes to the only person she can trust her stepbrother Beast who is a member of the Soldiers of Wrath MC in Grit They haven t seen each other in a long time and they are both surprised at how much they ve changed Beast offers her the club s protection in exchange she After witnessing something she should not have Bridget is on the run She knows of only one man she can run to Beast Beast is her stepbrother by marriage who left her and heramily when. Bridget is in trouble and knew the only person that can help her is Beast a hardened biker she's grown up with He isn't just a man but a rough around the edges dangerous and raw alpha that acts irst and asks uestions later.

E Epic FailReally poor way to introduce a new MC chapter series I don t understand why authors would do something like this unless it s because they just crank out so many sex books that they don t really care much about any other aspect of the story and there are plenty of writers that do that At any rate they dropped the ball on this one when they could have done so much with a little effort and it s really disappointingAnyway this is the irst book about the Grit Chapter of the Soldiers of Wrath MC a series I ve read and one would think there would be some world building a setting character building etc Instead we are treated to a bare bones novella that doesn t Blackfrost (Wytch Kings, further the series in any way I canigure out Maybe I Stupid men jokes feel this way because I have been reading some outstanding MC books by other authors lately and this comes along and it was so offensively bad I know these two can produce better stories because I have read a lot of them I m also talking about the basic writing style this seemed like it was written by a high school boyTheirst big sex scene was gross humiliation and abuse Nothing sexy about it imho And what s with beating a woman with a belt WTHI kept reading because I paid money Workbook for Emergency Care for the book and Iigured that if I got past this disgusting not sexy part there would be a story So the bikers decide to go after the bad guys threatening Beast s girl Bridget and the MC because they protected her Of course they do good so The Benn Diaries Vol. 2 farBut then you have a bunch of bikers storm into a casino and murder the two head guys and no one is caught on camera No witnesses Messing with security guards at the door and nothing happens Seriously Have these authors ever been to a casino There s muscle and cameras everywhereWhile that happens the h is shot in the clubhouse by a sniper across the street What competent 1% MC clubhouse would have windows vulnerable to a sniperrom a building across the streetThis was like reading a book that tries its utmost to insult the reader s intelligenceSo a lot of the rave reviews you will see Macroeconomics for this book arerom people who get Out free booksor a good review I purchased this and I The Hero (Thunder Point, feel ripped off in this particular case I don t know what I was expecting but it wasn t thisIt wasn t a dude humiliating his step sister turned lover justor shits and giggles by telling her to crawl on the damn Longarm and the Dynamite Damsel (Longarm, floor on hands and knees towards him and she s soucking stupid that she actually does it You can already tell that I don t like Bridget the Stolen by the Sheikh female lead rightIt also wasn t an insta love scenario either These two haven t seen each other in like two decades but supposedly all they ever did was think about each other during those years She was like 14 the last time she saw Beast WTF was his real name anyway What theuck does she know about love at that age All of sudden she sees him and she s madly in love with him I really hate scenarios like that Just keep it real The Eight Human Talents for once you don t necessarily need toall in love within three seconds of seeingmeeting someone or even A Vacation with the Lord fucking someone to make the story plausibleIt was nice to see Zeke has influence over so many peoplelol We get it BTW you are the Grit Chapter of the Soldiers of Wrath MC no need to keep mentioning it over and over again Though this chapter seems like druggies than anything else but it s to soon to judge so we ll seealso it s prettyarfetched to believe that a whole group of bikers can just waltz into a casino armed and kill two men and waltz right back out with no repercussions That s very unbelievable even The Internet and Democratic Citizenship for aictional MC bookjust sayingTwo stars because the sex was super hot and the story did have some potential but that s basically it I think I m being biased with my ratings because I like these writers and have read basically everything they have put out there at least MC related so I m always willing to give their books a try negative reviews and all With two awesome writers at the helm I m hoping this doesn t turn into a crap series because at only 96 pages on my Samsung NOOK tablet not only was it short it was disappointing as hell Sadly they missed the mark with this Mr. Wuffles! first book into their new series. Dy Herightens her but also arouses her and she knows being his means than just surrendering herself Can Bridget let go and submit to the biker or is being Beast's in all ways going to end up breaking her blurb not inaliz.

She was young Beast joined a biker club and the rest is history Beast is willing to help Bridget or a price her in his bed using her body however he sees Ravens Gate (The Power of Five: The Graphic Novels, fit Will Bridget agree or go on the run againBeast is crude rude and likes playing games I think the games put me off a bit as he seemed to get off on trying to hurt Bridget Bridgetalls Disintegration of Alan for Beast and than midswitch Beast becomes sweet and caring Might reread to see if different perspective More grittysmexxy some domination in this oneOne scene that I did not like is when the hero told the heroine to go on allours and crawl to himhated that The timeline was all messed up Bridget has a stepbrother named Beasttheir parent got married when she was 10 or so and Beast is 4 years older He left home to join an MC at age 18 so now he is 38 and has not heard Foreplay (The Ivy Chronicles, from his step sister in 20 years She calls with trouble and in exchange he gets touck herThe thing was how she supposedly has been Murder in the Dark (Ishmael Jones, fantasizing about him and him her in the past 20 years and now they are effing like they are in love Where are all theseeelings coming Unnützes Wissen für Gamer from You haven t seen or heardrom one another in 20 years and now you guys are in love Sureeee And i m going to go take a ride on my unicorn Spoiler AheadThis was a short uick read that I really liked The Soldiers of Wrath MC Grit Chapter 1 is a spin off of The Soldiers of Wrath series Bridget is in trouble and knew the only person that can help her is Beast a hardened biker she s grown up with He isn t just a man he is also her step brother his Jesus Hates Zombies father is married to her mother and he hasn t seen her in 20 years Beast has wanted Bridgetor year it was the reason that he left home Growing up Bridget was the good girl after she graduated SAHM I Am from college she got a job as an accountant at a Vegas casino and became the personal accountantor who she thought was a business man Francis Rodriguez who was involved with the mafia and on top of that she was engaged to marry the man s son Rafe who she gave her virginity Beast has spent his years with the club doing club business and having sex with club women trying to Rowenas Key (The Golden Key Chronicles, forget about her This was a pretty good book lots of sex and it was pretty hot I love reading both of these authors this book movedast it was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling This was the At Home first book in a new series and I am lookingorward to reading the next book Make her take every single one of his eleven inches Beast is the story of Bridget and Beast Before her call he d have been snorting shit up and Rapidex English Speaking Course fucking every single club whore until he was exhausted andinished Well if you love a coked up nymphomaniacal man whore of a horny hero who hits and dips into every Who Speaks For Islam? female in sight WOO HOO Don t mess with the Soldier of Wrath Grit ChaptereverBeast get a surprising callrom his step sister Bridget an accountant who running scared She had no one else to help her but Beast The poor girl needs help and Business Studies XII Part - I fast because her sadistic exiance Rafe and his heartless Morgan Stanley the Internet Report father Francis wants her deador witnessing a murder If you think I won t find you you reucking crazy I ll Wert and the Life Without End find you hunt you down like a damn animal and I ll make you hurt in than one way bitch You know your tears make me hard make me get off So run little girl because I ll haveun Black Madness finding you Beast never said that he was a gentleman so in order to protect Bridget well she has to give him something Remember this is a MC book so you guess what that something isThis story was dark gritty and very very smexy Bridget was a good girl and Beast a bad boy but they both wanted each other You instantly see their relationship changerom just sex to love although Beast tried hard to keep his emotions in check They were steps not blood sister and brother so the taboo was not a bad thing to me although King Payne Grim and Reaper continuously threw the uasi taboo in his ace a lot Although the authors Sam Crescent and Jenika Snow mentioned that this book can be read as a standalone I think differently Demon rom the main chapter of the Soldiers of Wrath is mentioned with his wife Deanna as well as Zeke because of his too sadistic way of killing peopl. He is also patched in with the Soldiers of Wrath MC Grit Chapter a motorcycle club that does what it has to do to stay on top But in order or Beast to help her she's going to have to give something to him in return her bo.

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Sam Crescent is passionate about fiction She loves a good erotic romance and so it only made sense for her to spread her wings and start writing She began writing in 2009 and finally got that first acceptance in 2011 by Total E Bound She loved creating new characters and delving into the worlds that she creates When she’s not panicking about a story or arguing with a character she can be foun