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This was a good book Not one that you can rave about because it doesn t inspire that sort of passion but a good solid book Monsterland is a curl up with a cup of cocoa and sink into the pages book The fact that it s meant for middle graders doesn t make a whit of difference Crowley s writing wrapped me up in the story calmed me down and enabled me to just focus on it I read it over the course of a few days because I ve been ill and loved each dip into itI don t think I can adeuately review Monsterland It s a story about a child coming to terms with their grief over a lost loved one It teaches kids that it s okay to be sad It s okay to mourn But that people that they love never really leave them It s gentle lessons and comfort couched in adventures It s not just about grief It s also about judging books by their covers the value of friendship learning that people really do care about you and It s the type of story that teaches you that you are not ever aloneMonsterland is simply written well paced and as enough action in it to keep a little thrill seeker Wybór wierszy happy There s battles and some death but not a lot of blood It doesave a very film feel to it I could easily see this book being made into an absolutely beautiful kids movie I would 11 Before 12 happily pay to see it on screen I would love to see Franklin s fight scenes the Prime Minister confronted the Mumiyans and well the whole ending really It would be gorgeousIt alsoas a surprise in store for you at the end It s not something younger readers would pick up on I think but I definitely was expecting Monsterland to end a bit differently than it did I would POISONS D'AVRIL have been content with that ending but I wasappy with the one that Crowley gave us as wellThis is a wonderful book It definitely wasn t even close to the spooky read I was expecting but it was a completely fulfilling read Sometimes even adults need a beautiful story of The Theory Of Industrial Organization hope acceptance and friendship It was just okay A mild fantasy uest through a mildly monstrous world that ever so slightly dragged along The description makes you feel like there will definitely be some Halloween mixed into this book but the story may as wellave started on any other day of the year I ad oped for a spookier read in the run up to Halloween but the main character sleeps through Halloween entirely before the adventure even begins so I was a bit disappointedThere are all the usual elements of a fantasy uest everyone still Promise of Power has antiuated weapons wielding swords and battle axes even though everyone was locked away after WWII presumably someone brought along a revolver eating out of wooden bowls and wearing old fashioned clothing There s the obligatory pass through multiple locales the valley the forest up through the mountains la The Hobbit trolls included down through the desert and on to the Sea There are Rangers and nasty taverns and a lot of characters smoking pipes and though a werewolf joins the gang from time to time it stays true to its genreI felt like some parts weren t really thought through the mummies for instance or as they re called in this book Mumiya FranklinThe Monster explains that since royals than peasants were ever mummified the vast majority of the Mumiya don t want to work as it s below their station and they ve no ideaow to either and Ever Dark have constant arguments about who isigher than who But they somehow Christian Faith 101 have enough willing to work that theyave massive fields sown with corn and wheat yet not enough to The Math Workshop harvest And theyave pyramids for some reason Why would they be building pyramids Everyone is already dead and there most certainly aren t enough mummies to Babys Bathtime have built multiple pyramids if they can t evenarvest a field It just felt so slow and rather dull There were too many sections where we were just told something She Left Me the Gun happened Charlie discovers that the Prime Minister really was a great conversationalist just ase Alorns Treasure (Griffin Pirate Stories Series 2 Book 20) had been told but we don t discover it withim Charlie Its Just Been Glorious has a fascinating conversation with FranklinThe Monster we re told other charactersave a great time with each other we re told but we don t share those moments with them The lessons and morals to draw from the story are outright stated someone saying it to another or Charlie musing loudly to Cell himself about these thingse s learning along the way I m not fond of authors beating their readers over the Bloody Acquisitions (Fred, the Vampire Accountant, head with the things they re supposed to learn from their books even in children s books kids pick up a good deal than people generally expectOn to the nextview spoilerReasons why it is Not THE Book Published too recently to be THE BOOK but the description sounded so similar I couldn telp myself but to read it Unfortunately it Fusiliers had little to do with Halloween after all skipping over theoliday entirely and the other world The American Nurse he explores is firmly a part of our ownide spoiler 355 starsThis is a pleasant book and I think a great example of middle grade reading It felt cozy and I felt emotionally connected to the characters My issue came with the main motivation and trajectory of the plot I kept forgetting that Billy factored into the story at all and so it ultimately felt very tacked on to me in the midst of all of the other adventuring The end felt similar though I will say this seems to be com. In a middle grade adventure full of Dangerous Desire humoreart and cinematic storytelling a boy takes off on a once in a lifetime journey through a mysterious land with the The Little Book of Puns help of some monster friendsIt’s Halloween and everyone in Charlie’s small town is excited for this year’s festivities Charlie’s grandfather Old Joe is famous foris oliday aunts and is pumpkin patch is the center of the town’s zealous celebration.

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E the disjointed plot it still ad a good story I think the author could Das Restaurant am Ende des Universums (Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis, have dropped the Billy uest and written a better story ife ad just dropped Charlie in the middle of Monsterland and made the journey one of self discovery on the trek ome So much potential to weave a web with the ranger plotlines that just wasn t usedThe story itself was anti climactic It just kind of ended and there was no real resolution or purpose into the Renegade monster battleMeh The whole package This book gave me the spookiness that I wanted but also told a fantastic story filled with complex characters Good book for people who want to get in the spirit of HalloweenThings that go bump in the night without the gore and guts What a pleasure it was to accompany Charlie on is journey into Monsterland The ability of Crowley to describe in vivid detail Charlie s struggle allows the reader to build sympathy for im uickly and continue to cheer for A Strangers Touch (Psychic Triplet Trilogy, him throughoutis uest Throughout Threat Vector: INSPIRATION FOR THE THRILLING AMAZON PRIME SERIES JACK RYAN (Jack Ryan Jr Series Book 4) (English Edition) his journey we get to see this young man tackle physicalemotional challenges meet new friends and foes and discoverye is a lot stronger than e believes I really enjoyed the new characters that came to life throughout and the updated incorporation of classic characters that were portrayed with a umanitarian side while assisting Charlie but still possessed their true nature Many allusions to works of literature music and culture also keep the novel exciting and entertaining I picked up this book Papyrus and Tablet hoping it might be a bit like Neil Gaiman s The Graveyard Book and it did not disappoint It s the story of Charlie a boy who loves Halloween and lives in a time and place where theoliday can still be celebrated His grandfather Old Joe sets up a The Reckoning: the electrifying new novel from bestseller John Grisham haunted barn thatas become an annual event for the entire community But Charlie is not in the mood to celebrate since A Foxs Love (American Kitsune his cousin Billy disappeared On Halloween night Charlie stumbles upon an amazing landidden behind an abandoned military base a sanctuary for the world s monsters vampires ghouls witches trolls ghosts and werewolves He meets the Prime Minister a vampire who is trying to unite the warring factions of The Provocateur his domain The Prime Minister believese might know where Billy is and Trading Christmas he offers Charlie the chance to travel to a far region of Monsterland to search foris cousin This involves traveling with Frankenstein s Monster a gruff traveling companion and reluctant diplomat who is not Never an outbreak happy aboutis mission or the added inconvenience of protecting a Pride human boy The two strike up a friendship as they face many dangers on the road This is an adventure reminiscent of the best uest stories James Crowley uses archetypal characters from folklore and literature to spin a yarn that is full of action friendship and bravery Monsterland by James Crowley is a fantastic young adult novel and will be enjoyed at any age The authoras taken characters and beings that Men have existed in our collective imagination for generations and given them new life The story is engrossing entertaining and uniue The world createdere and the uest the young protagonist undertakes reminded me Isotopic Carbon how I felt when I first read the Narnia Chronicles myself a young boy around Charlie s age Iope that like that series we The Robotics Primer (Intelligent Robotics Autonomous Agents) (Intelligent Robotics Autonomous Agents) (Intelligent Robotics Autonomous Agents Series) have many books to enjoy these characters and chances to explore Monsterland My name is Charlie I shouldave done when Billy disappeared underwater and Step Out of Your Story he s been gone for over a year However I couldave sworn I saw The Eyes of the Dead him on Halloween and I followed the vampire costume into the graveyard I was surprised to discover it was actually the Prime Minister of Vampyreishtat or Monsterland and this place is where monsters were sent after World War II The Prime Minister thinks Billy might be found in uncharted regions of this world whereorrific monsters roam wild Franklin Prometheus reluctantly agreed to go with me and Rules for a Lady he s already saved my life than once He s on a peace keeping mission to avert a brewing war between the kingdoms of rival siblings Franklin keeps sayinge should take me back before it gets too dangerous and I m not ready to admit that Calebs Tempting Mate (Saber Chronicles he might be right I must find Billy and ogres witches mummies werewolves and war won t stop meAt first glance this book appeared to be a cutesy story about monsters but it became than that I mean a boy andis dog were lost in a strange world with many of the traditional eerie creatures like vampires werewolves and ogres However the dangers and attacks were a step up from cute and there were serious conflicts going on in this world The wild region was teeming with thieves and kidnappers looking to score large ransoms Charlie s character was the main focus of the plot but Franklin was the star He was based on the Frankenstein monster but ABC he was much graceful and intelligent than you would expect Head the familiar size strength and stitches but e ad the Palace Intrigue (A Medieval Tale honor courage and compassion ofis former Ranger status In many ways I found myself comparing im to Halt in the Ranger s Apprentice series Despite coming to Charlie s rescue on numerous occasions Franklin ad Carlyle Marney his own personal demons He would go off alone to pray or roar outis rage as a way to soothe Shameful his soul This book could probably stand alone but it seems like a seuel might be on the wa. Woodse finds imself entering Monsterland a mysterious place where werewolves live amongst trolls and goblins Here e meets the Prime Minister a vampire who tells Charlie Sacred Landscapes he may be able to seeis cousin again in this strange new land Accompanied by a Angel Without Mercy (Agnes Carmichael, hulking monster chaperone Charlie’s determined to find out just whatappened to Gold Rush his cousin and sets off to explore the secretsiding in this uncharted territory.

Mon in middle grade books and only a few pages were spent on the denouement and conclusion versus the 320 pages spent toward the climax It felt a bit Girl Reporter hurried to me and the goodbyes a bit flat And while this was an enjoyable read it did not grip me or stick with my like some other middle grade books that Iave read All in all it made me feel warm and made me smile and that is definitely nothing to sneeze at I really really really wish that I enjoyed this novel The beginning Hunted has so much potential It s bursting with Halloween energy weave pumpkins plastic fangs and werewolves masks Gingerbread Heart haunted barns fights over candy a mysterious graveyard in the wood that leads to a land of monsters How could this not be a rollicking spooky kid crazy Halloween tale Well for starters the protagonist falls asleep for much of Halloween night In allonesty I forgave this move when I first read the novel as I assumed that the character s travels in the mythic Monsterland would be infused with that It s Halloween Every Day feel In addition the protagonist finds the entrance to this monster world late on Halloween night I thought perhaps we might find out that the whole journey magically mysteriously appened in one night our own Hallows Eve Wrong on both accounts The monster world feels like a Western than spooky Halloweentown environment We ave Biz Talk-2 horses and deserts and rangers and guns and making fires and looking for water in the mud While the land is technically populated with witches and vampires we never really feel the threat or creep factor of these creatures most are friendly and they re all concerned with traveling onorseback or mapping out undiscovered terrain Wild Wild West guys than traditional Ricky Ricottas Mighty Robot vs the Stupid Stinkbugs from Saturn (Ricky Ricotta, haunting behavior Perhaps I could attempt to overlook the lack of Halloween spookiness if the storyad been a successful adventure tale Unfortunately in my opinion the plot dragged much of it consists of the characters meandering on A Historical Atlas of Tibet horseback easily and uickly overcoming threats and instead focusing on things like gathering firewood The antagonists feel noisy than threateningaving no deeper motivation than greed and being easily overthrown by the protagonist s protector figure The biggest threat in fact comes from a mummy villain who only surfaces once in the novel and gives a few weak words about wanting land Without any danger or personal connection The Last Awakening (Curse of the Phoenix, he feels flat an empty roadblock We could also discuss the fact that the two girls on this journey Abigail and Zalika are damsel figures in the most traditional sense They do not do much beyond being kidnapped and expressing gratitude over being saved Rather disheartening in a I believe reasonably modern book Then finally weave the protagonist s protector Franklin the author made a bold move when Italian Warships Of World War II he asserted that Mary Shelly s Frankenstein novel was not actually fiction and she modeleder story off of a real monster Initially I was intrigued until I discovered that the novel Deep Learning (Adaptive Computation and Machine Learning series) had no intention of exploring the Monster s backstory orow Critical Social Theory and the End of Work his life diverged from Shelly s version Certainly the novel goes out of its way to assert that Shelly s iteration is not entirely accurate and that the Monsteras enough The Traps horrors inis past to scream in the night but we never find out any than this That dangling plotline is particularly frustrating like a story only Simple Wicca half finished And can we talk about the fact that Monsterland is not a magically concealed world but simply an unmapped plot of land that no one s ever bothered to explore before Seriously Only a few stragglersave discovered a whole country of monsters and vampires and no one Protect Your Purity has bothered to tell anyone about it Overall potential in the premise but not nearly spooky or exciting enough This book Chronicles the story of Charlie a kid suffering in grief after the death ofis cousin Billy Charlie thinks Theatre Histories he seesis cousin Billy in the woods by Waterloo his grandpa s pumpkin patch and ends up in Monsterland I know this book is about coming to terms with the loss of loved one but that s not what I got out of it I enjoyed the coping concept of the book but felt like it was of an adventure novel with all the traveling and the fighting Iad a really Yobo hard time slogging through this book despite its adventure y feel I liked the characters especially Franklin and Faust and I liked the situations the groupad to navigate through but I didn t feel like the book really The Last Runaway had a well defined purpose the main story didn t match the theme of the book Which is likely why I didn t much care for itThe plot also felt a little empty because the whole point was for Charlie to find Billy but youave all this extra Mcguffin plot that just dead ends into nothing What about the Rangers What about all the monsters Charlie met on Sanctuary (The New World Series, his adventures It seems like these storylines were to keep the story moving along then actually contributing to the plot like the author thought Hhmm Charlieas to get from A to B so what appens along the way There was a lot of wasted character development because nothing tied together The characters facilitated the journey but not the story and were kinda tossed out at the end The book ad no climaxI wasn t a big fan of this book but I wouldn t rule it out as a potential read because despit. S But for Charlie Halloween’s just one reminder that Lion Boy Trilogy (Books 1, 2 and 3) ((Book 1), Lion Boy (Books 1, 2 and 3) ((Book 1), Lion Boy: The Chase (Book 2) and Lion Boy: The Truth (Book 3)) his cousin Billy isn’t around any Charlie plans to keep toimself this year Data Interpretation Questions And Case Histories hanging out in theaunted barn with Inside the Hornets Head his trusty dog RingoBut when Charlie runs into some neighborhood bullies who are afteris candy e eads off into the woods to escape He uickly gets lost but spots a kid who Sexy Reversed Fairy Tales he thinks is Billy As Charlie chases afterim deeper and deeper into the.

James Crowley is a writer and filmmaker He lives in Austin Texas