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A revelation for those who know sports They shouldn t be shocked to find that the boys f summer are not choirboys I enjoyed its raucous atmosphere and waded through its raunchiness with many a laugh and even a little anguish I thank the author for taking me inside the locker room This delightfully funny baseball romp caught me by surprise Yes it s light and fluffy but light and fluffy A Philosophy of Cinematic Art of the truly delightful sort A dashf romance sometimes laugh The Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified out loud funny with than enough baseball to satisfy a true fan told by an author who knows the game and the insidef a locker room too well Always White House Years (Henry Kissingers Memoirs on my spring training shelfFeaturedn the No Extra Words Podcast Episode 108 The literary euivalent f Major League Uproariously funny Anyone that ever played the game can relate to the craziness that comes with a group f men playing a kids game A fascinating view Scab of a 1989 major league season for the Washington Senators as told uniuely by a woman sports writer Jane Leavy uses baseball and humor to describe this seasonf hell saga This was something In a World Created by a Drunken God of a let down If you are familiar with Leavy s nonfiction biographies The Last Boy for instancen Mickey Mantle you know she is abundantly familiar with the game and importantly what baseball is all about Given her pedigree as a writer I really was expecting As it stands this felt like an attempt at a charming recas. Shington Senators the worst team in major league baseball Life in the locker room shows her not just the players'umassets but also their all too human frailties Love for the gam.

Jane Leavy has written several sports related books that I ve really enjoyed all best selling non fiction about stars such as Mickey Mantle and Sandy Koufax Sueeze Play is the fictional account Indo No Kao of a hapless major league team and the locker room antics they engage inIt s a raunchy story fullf sex talk and nasty tricks with little to recommend it as great fiction But as a career sportswriter with access to locker room antics Leavy lets ut all the secrets about a woman in an atmosphere f naked men with nothing but time Giant Peach Yodel on their hands and a woman to harass Outf some 100000 words in her book probably 2500 f words and numerous Sinai and Zion other foul expressions dominate I suspect she used some literary license in her account to create interest because during 30 years in a male dominated firehouse I never witnessed such licentious behaviorI did however enjoy the book because her descriptions whileutlandish gave real insight into the pressure put upon professional baseball players It s not an easy game although it appears peaceful and serene compared to football hockey and basketball The striving for perfection that keeps players in the game creates great tension Their performance is always pen to discussion and criticism The plot is about the demands and performance standards that keep their lives in turmoil and their careers unstableNot a book for the prudish it Inspired by the author's career as a sportswriter for the Washington Post Sueeze Play tells the story f female reporter A B Berkowitz who is assigned to cover the men f the Wa.

T f Bull Durham from the perspective f a budding young journalist It s not uite a hit but not a total ut I guess it will be your fielder s choice Good Just couldn t get into it Belatedly finished this Iniquity one and glad I did A good read So many insights into what sportswriting was like around 1990 and I find that interesting Also lotsf bservations about what it was like for women sportswriters in particular at that time which is also interesting Sure sounds like it was pretty crazy sexist at that time Kind f bvious it would have been that way when you think about it I guess but this novel sure spells it ut Beyond that had great insights about baseball beat writing that still hold up todaySome really fun writing where she has great turns Annual Report of the Officers of the Town of Holderness, N. H: Year Ending January 31, 1937 (Classic Reprint) of phrase Sometimes she goesff Gardening with Shape, Line and Texture: A Plant Design Sourcebook on tangents that don t uite resonate with me Either way it s really a fun funny readI even like the character s writing She has a fun habitf writing sentences like this Jane Leavy the former sports columnist and award winning author whose remembrances f Sandy Koufax and Mickey Mantle sharpened ur understanding Livin' de Life of somef baseball s biggest stars The Amazing Dreams of Andrew Latter once wrote fiction too It was pretty entertaining stuff 25 starsI m writing a review for this for a new baseball blog that is launching soon and I will link to thatnce it goes live in a couple Culture is the Body: The Theatre Writings of Tadashi Suzuki of weeks Funny sometimes LOL funny Enjoyabl. E and love for the newspaper business are the stars in this hilarious and heartbreaking novel that will have you singing a rousing chorusf 'Take Me Out to the Locker Room'Peop.

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Jane Leavy is the author of the New York Times bestsellers The Last Boy Sandy Koufax A Lefty’s Legacy and the comic novel Sueeze Play which Entertainment Weekly called “the best novel ever written about baseball” Her latest book is The Big Fella She was a staff writer at The Washington Post from 1979 to1988 first in the sports section then writing for the style section She covered basebal