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Rprised David didn t say he got the idea to come visit us in particular in Chapter 1 entitled A Portrait of the Writer Lying On The Bathroom Floor where as described so elouently in the title he was lying on the floor in a third tier Las Vegas hotel puking his brains out after partying with his DailyKos buddiesThat this was a hatchet ob is not even a uestion Pretty obvious His description of our members or the minimalistic language he used when describing our efforts Simple things like calling our 20000 communications system a CB really David A CB or pure fiction as he described sitting around the camp fire drinking beers with us Wishful thinking perhaps but pure fiction nonetheless Camp Vigilance doesn t allow alcohol Never hasHe talks about the the tragedy of the poor Mexican worker uprooted by NAFTA but mentions nothing about the thousands of American ranchers terrorized each night by hordes of illegal aliens crossing their property destroying everything in their path He downplays the terrorist threat and scold us for having the audacity to want to protect our country from an invasion of epic proportionsHe tosses off our observing people speaking Arabic waltzing across our unprotected border in the middle of the night as folklore unsubstantiated by Internet reports The drug runs and rape trees yup thats folklore as well Mean spirited stories designed to recruit new members to our failed effort The only thing failing here was David s objectivity though I m sure the guys and gals at Berkeley will run out to buy a copy of The Uprising He s their new hero elevated from his role as the midget in a twiki costume at a Buck Rogers Event I have to admit that thread was very clever to Mr Scott in the engine room of the Enterprise Go forth an garner the praise of the lefties David You have earned itI don t know what the other victims of David s pen have to say about his unbiased interpretation of their efforts His psychoanalytical review of what makes a patriot tick is comical were it not so tainted with the language of a leftist elitist Makes no difference to us We ll pass around his book at our next meeting of white graying fifty something men and women this to ensure that our only investment in this drivel is the 1795 I plopped down for itIf David gets his way the borders will be open drugs will be legalized we ll have a day labor center on every corner and we ll be singing the national anthem in Spanish About the only thing he did get right were the last few words in his Chapter on the Minutemen A uote from me one of the few accurate uotes from me in the book NOT ON MY WATCH After Nov 4 The Uprising is somewhat out of date but it still contains enough interesting anecdotes to make it worth reading for anyone following the nation s shifting political windsSirota covers various populist movements on both the left and the right from anti tax efforts in Montana to anti war groups in Washington to anti immigration militias in California all of them aimed at taking down The Establishment But you won t find any objectivity here Sirota s blatant bias undermines his solid reporting though he does allow enough of his subjects to speak for themselves that his spin is not nearly as unforgivable as that of Fox News Because Uprising was published in early 2008 Sirota no doubt wants to rewrite many portions of this book mostly regarding all the developments in what was arguably one of this country s most interesting campaign cycles Still the movements he describes will no doubt continue to be forces in years to come and learning about them an. Ers a biting critiue of our politics He shows how the uprising is at its core a reaction to faux “bipartisanship” in the nation’s capital the “bipartisanship” whereby Republican and Democratic lawmakers oin together in putting the agenda of corporate interests above all those of ordinary citizens Ultimately Sirota reminds us that the Declaration of Independence “America’s original uprising manifesto” says that governments “derive their powers from the consent of the governed” Irreverent and insightful The Uprising shows how the governed have stopped consenting and have started taking action From the Hardcover editio.

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Anizer and nationally syndicated newspaper columnist David Sirota s first book Hostile Takeover was a New York Times bestseller Sirota blogs at credoactioncomsirota and his column runs weekly in the Denver Post San Francisco Chronicle and Seattle Times as well as in other newspapers He is a senior fellow at the Campaign for America s Future and the founder of the Progressive States Network both nonpartisan research institutions Sirota discusses his new book The Uprising An Unauthorized Tour of the Populist Revolt Scaring Wall Street and WashingtonWe met David Sirota when he visited the Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver You can listen to him talk about The Uprising An Unauthorized Tour of the Populist Revolt Scaring Wall Street and Washington here Title doesn t uite match the book itself I mean this book was written and published before the financial crisis and Wall Street and Washington wasn t uite scared of the people as implied in the title Wall Street and DC got sc I think that David Sirota s The Uprising is misnamed It should really be called Political Power 101 as Sirota does an excellent ob of providing an introduction to how political power really works Ostensibly Sirota is interested in looking at political power from a particular angle what he calls the uprising but Sirota himself as much as admits that this uprising is fairly ill defined This confusion is my only real complaint with the bookOn the other hand the vagueness of Sirota s protagonist group is also a strength as it allows him to explore a fascinating array of people who are all demonstrating different aspects of political discourse I learned a lot about the reality of practical political action not to mention a healthy dose of nearly up to the minute American historyOne thing that really caught my attention is Sirota s account of third party politics and fusion a techniue for third parties to officially maintain a brand by endorsing another party s candidate right on ballots I hadn t heard of fusion before and now I am very excited by the concept Sirota has a lot of good research on fusion and many other topics but he doesn t provide references inline they re all in the back indexed by uotes from the book This is fine if non obvious at first glance I was motivated to track down an article by Peter H Argersinger titled A Place on the Ballot Fusion Politics and Antifusion Laws from the No Way Home journal American Historical Review As far as I can tell Sirota doesn t include the issue number anywhere for the record this article is from volume 85 number 2 April 1980 of theournalFor me politics has seemed both confusing and deeply frustrating I think David Sirota has provided a practical guide to understanding how power works that can help us to energize our own uprising Technically well written the facts notwithstanding I guess I don t know what I was expecting really An author comes to the border with a history of writing left leaning material and goes away with a hatchet Sequins and Spurs job on a patriotic American effort I should have known but then again the Minutemen have had than 100 authors TV crews newspapers filmmakers and documentarians visit Camp Vigilance in the last three years and not once did they come away with a negative impression Even the most hard core liberal media resisted painting a negative picture after having met the participants and seen the destruction of our open borders first hand Bastions of conservative thought like CNN MSNBC and AL Jazeera Wait a minute there was that guy from the History Channel He too had an agenda So now there are twoI must su. Otect workers and expand civil rights so the prospect of today’s uprising turning into a full fledged populist movement terrifies Wall Street and Washington In The Uprising Sirota takes us far from the national media spotlight into the trenches where real change is happening from the headuarters of the most powerful third party in America to the bowels of the US Senate; from the auditorium of an ExxonMobil shareholder meeting to the uasi military staging area of a vigilante force on the Mexican border This is vital on the ground reporting that immerses us in the tumultuous give and take of politics at its most personal Sirota also off.

This is a good exploration of a variety of grassroots movements all over the USA showing how individuals are actually standing up and doing something about the corporate government machine which serves the elite and not the people they represent While I don t agree with some of the movements ie citizens patrolling the US Mexico border with guns and perpetuating racism while failing to see that corporate and government policies in that country and others lead to poverty and destruction which then makes people want to seek a better life in America the writing style is uite informal and there is an abundance of swearing it is certainly a fascinating read and gives people who are fed up with the way things are and are going real and tangible solutions to be part of THe amazing thing about this book is that it was written in 2007 BEFORE the wall Street bailout housing collapse Tea party formation and Occupy Wall Street movement Its like looking in a crystal ball The author a former congressional aide who calls himself left of center chronicles modern day populist movements on the left and right He also calls for various reforms to strip the overwhelming power of corporations and solutions for getting democracy back in the hands of the citizens He takes on both political parties seeing neither as avenues for change I was stunned by his description of a Republican attempt to implement a radical right agenda in the Montana State legislature defeated that has since publication of this book has been repeated step by exact step in other state legislatures and the US Capitolamazing Saw and talked to Sirota at Elliot Bay Books tonight and was surprisingly impressed He s not DK Adventures just another glib blowhard who worked on Capitol Hill for a while and is now cashing in having worked on the Hill I ve seen that and am skeptical that it s what people are doing Agree with him that economic populism wins and Dems are wrong to run from economic liberalism Also think he makes sense that people have been voting against their own economic interests because they perceive no difference between the parties on economic issues He makes a strong case that the electoral arena is unsuited to change and that we need to engage in direct action and statelocal politics as much as federal And that the two parties are really the corporatists which is virtually all Republicans and roughly half the Democrats and the populists who have the other half of Dems and a few social conservatives in Congress Like me he is a big fan of Sherrod Brown Bernie Sanders and Paul Wellstone I was pleased that he refers to Saul Alinsky a lotDon t know when I ll get to it but I need to read this And the guy isust a year older than me Lately I ve been hearing and seeing David Sirota everywhere on NPR radio shows on Saloncom and elsewhere criticizing President Obama for failing to deliver the kind of radical economic policies he had hoped for For on his views I turned to this book Sirota contends that millions of Americans are full of rage at The best political book I ve read this year By focussing on the successes that various progressive forces have had the book conveys hope That wouldn t matter if it was badly written though It isn t Its brilliant Sirota uses the techniues of the most compelling fiction to tell his true stories Characters are three dimensional Settings are vivid Anecdotes are funny sad suspenseful It s a great read And Sirota s voice itself sardonic sometimes sarcastic honest but with a heart in the right place weaves all the narratives together smartly Political org. An All Access Pass to the Populist Insurrection Brewing Across the CountryJob outsourcing Perpetual busy signals at government agencies Slashed paychecks Stolen elections A war without end fatally mismanaged Ordinary Americans on both the Right and Left are tired of being disenfranchised by corrupt politicians of both parties and are organizing to change the status uo In his invigorating new book David Sirota investigates whether this uprising can be transformed into a unified lasting political movementThroughout the course of American history uprisings like the one we are seeing now have given birth to powerful movements to end wars pr.

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