Beverley Male: Revolutionary Afghanistan

A fascinating look at an extremely complex revolutionary moment in Afghanistan s history Must read account of the PDPA and the early days of the Afghan Revolution of 1978 Male weaves a very clearly pro Amin account of the revolution It s a rather compelling account although there are certainly instances where it feels as if she is reaching Some of this is a result primarily of the lack of documentary evidence available to her when she published in th. The idea for this book arose from a visit to Kabul in March 1979 when it became immediately obvious that what was happening in Afghanistan bore little relation to reports appearing in the Western media Furthe.

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His book and a lot of things made sense to me that would not have made sense otherwise This book treats Afghanistan like a real country with real politics and people struggling to make change not like the cartoon of people in caves hating America and wanting to bomb it that we see and read about most of the time I recommend it highly Obviously the author is pro Amin Nevertheless it s a must read insight about the PDPA especially for research purposes. Ll as Afghanistan and during a follow up trip to India and Pakistan from December 1980 to January 1981 Unfortunately by then times had changed and on this second occasion the Afghan overnment refused me a vi.

E 1980s during a time when Karmal was still in power and the Soviets occupied the country Yes as the other reviewer noted this is a pro Amin account of Afghan history Take that into account when you read it but you will find details here that you won t find anywhere else in English and I found the writing and storytelling to be extraordinary I couldn t see Afghanistan the same way after I read this And I visited Afghanistan about a year after I read R research subseuently reinforced that impression Much of the material on which the book is based was collected in the course of my 1979 field trip which took me to India Pakistan and the United Kingdom as we.