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Novel was rushed though The story was crammed into one novel the nding doesn t make it clear if there will be a seuel Therefore there isn t nough time for the reader to become attached to any of the characters I didn t feel sad when one of them died I didn t feel happy or relieved when one of them lived In many ways there is a ton of symbolism in those pages I mean the ntire novel is basically a big old metaphor for The Soviet Union everything happening in our real world But it wasn t done that well so it sort of felt cliche and corny Rather than an interesting story out of which you learn lessons it felt like an unoriginal fable where the lesso I read James Paterson books as often as the leap year shows up Onevery 4 years I like robots I like robots that we have to fight So naturally since I m basically dug from up with its shiny red cover and huge bold title HUMANS BOW DOWN I was instantly drawn to the book Saw it was a Patterson and told myself to forget about it leave it alone So I did Gods and Heroes exactly what I knew I was gonna do and bought the shiny red book The idea isn t really anything new instead of at the beginning of the war it starts off years after the warnded It wasn t a terribly slow book no long drawn out back stories gunfire death robots car chase guns So yeah good action going on The only problem was when all the shit hit the fan you realized you only had 15 or so pages left and the big fight wasn t gonna get to be as big as it should be That was where the book had a major down fall besides the whole James Patterson thing the huge confrontation that was build up in the 300 plus pages Science, Technology and Culture ended in a sputter like candle at thend of its wick It would have been better if it No Beast So Fierce ended before the bignd fight and they had a 2nd book in the future The surprise twist on the last 2 pages was not worth the ink or paper used In short I still won t be reading than 1 Patterson book very 4 years and save yourself some money borrow this from a library if you really want to read it Side bar the illustrations inside of the book drove me nuts It s like it couldn t figure out if it wanted to be a teen book a graphic novel or a sci fi book In the nd it failed at all of it I wasn t Last Chance Bride expecting the juvenile tone It s a very YA book not because of the cast of young characters but the writing style is simplistic and lacking in detailI didn t like the characters I didn t like the world I didn t care about the conflict between the humans and the bots so I skim read I don t read a lot of sci fi so it says a lot that this managed to feel like a cliche I m tired of dystopias So astonishingly it turns out the humans aren t all good and the robots aren t all bad Golly who d have seen that comingTangentially related I am interested in reading about Musk s new project to combine humans with AI The articles on it will probably hold my attention better than this book Humans Bow DownThis is not a book that I would normally read but I didnjoy it This has been a great change that James Patterson has done teaming up with different writers and publishing all kinds of different types of books I can t wait to see what he comes out with nex. That could save humankindSix is unaware of the power she holds but the ruling hu bots are not Forced to flee from those sent to kill her can Six discover the secret that could save her life and the future of the human ra.

I was looking forward to reading this book only to be completely let down Horrible book Great idea but terrible story It s been awhile since I ve actively hated a book but read it all anyway Maybe this would ve worked somewhat as a simpler graphic novel There are illustrations that point in that direction which really look to me staged photographs Weird Anyway James Patterson lends his million dollar name in this case to what must have been a group of 13 year girls at a sleep over amped up at 3am on Skittles Red Bull and Mountain Dew Ooooo you guys I have the awsomeest idea What if robot humans took over the world ya know And there s this one robot called MikkyBo and she s like the coolest sexiest robot of them all Maybe they could be called Hu Bot like kinda human and kinda robot Get it And she s got perfect skin and long dark hair and wears a cool leather jacket all the time and has a golden choker necklace and is like super skinny and six foot five Jeez Mikky Kind of sounds I wish I was taller and had perfect skin wish fulfillment for you SHUTUP KELLY Who like invited you to this slumber party anyway Anyway MikkyBo is a detective And she has this angry hu bot cop boss Totally EW And she deals with stress by imagining butter pecan ice cream But because she s a ROBOT she can actually like taste it Coolest And her angry hu bot cop boss makes her investigate these stinky ratty humans who survived the humanrobot war and now are starving And live off skanky old protein bars made out of BUGS and totally never shower or change clothes And two of these humans steal a Corvette and go for a joy rideUh Mikky why would robots Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy eat ice cream Or drive Corvettes And for that matter why would they be female or male Do they have like real girl parts and boy parts OMIGOD KELLY You are like for sure gross It doesn t matter Corvettes are cool And this one talks and is like totally bitchy to these humans that steal it And these two humans are like boyfriend and girlfriend but not really I mean he s cute andverything but they only made out like one time And her name is SIX like the first number of her robot assigned ID And anyway they crash the car and run away from the robots who come to kill the Lawman Lover (Outlaws, entire skanky town and they barely get away by hiding in icky food garbage made up of noodles or whatever under a shack GROSSMikky didn t you just sayveryone is starving Why is there a pile of food garbage under a shack KELLY Gosh what are you some kind of logic robot yourself I AM KELLY ROBOT STORY THINGS DON T MAKE SENSE BEEP BEEP BEEP It doesn t matter So anyway they also go to this movie where people just get totally murdered by just watching it Like that s what passes for a good time in this world ya know And Six carries this uantum computer that s like a cell phone but could save the world But she only uses it to look at videos of her dead parents And then Six s kinda boyfriend gets killed in this awesome gun battle scene and it makes her really sad And then it turns out her grandpa made the robots and he totally hates Six He s old and gross and mean And Six s brother and sister are in prison and they hate Six to. Hu bots – robots that humans created as perfect versions of themselves – now control the world They seized power in a war that almost wiped humankind off the face of the City Girl in Training earth The humans that remain are forced toit.

O But mean Grampa makes Six and MikkyBo the Hu bot train together and they become like best friends and and and MikkyBo becomes like Mystery at Kittiwake Bay even strong fast and awesome and they totally rise up against the robot leaders and save the worldUm Mikky Why would a robotr Hu bot rise up against it s own kind And why wouldn t Six s brother and sister hate their Grampa the guy who actually MADE the robots KELLY IMNOTKIDDINGFORGODSAKES SHUTUP Maybe like MikkyBo gets reprogrammed or something Or maybe they take her little sister hostageMikky wait a minute This robot has a little sister They manufactured her that way Or was she born from an Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files egg or something and is still growing More like an android How are these robots made GAWD PROFESSOR KELLY Of course she wasn t born from an EGG They re ROBOTS All wires and plastic bones and stuff GAWD you are SO STUPID Anyway it turns out Six s brother hates her because Six stole some bread when she was six years old and so he thinks she s a traitor and a murder But it turns out HE S the traitor when he joins the robot side afterveryone rises up And Six and MikkyBo totally free the worldJesus Mikky This doesn t make any sense Why would her brother join the robot side Especially after he called his sister a traitor AND been in a robot run prison all these years And who would blame a starving six year old for stealing bread And then the The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, entire world is free How does that happen You only have about 4 or 5 characters in this story I hate you Kelly Andveryone lse does too You re fat and dumb and horrible and you re never invited to another sleepover Oh and I almost forgot MikkyBo s hu bot brother is really a transvestite or transgender or something whatever Anyway he just wants to be a beautiful girl and it s tragic and sadWHAT Why would a robot want to be ither boy OR girl And why would it make any difference to them Gah you know what Don t An Italian Education even answer I m outta here I tried but I just couldn t do it This book feels like it was written by the Hu bot that would replace James Patterson in this society It fails to live up to the thrills brutality and suspense of his other works There are some interesting ideas but the pacing makes it impossible for them to resonate with the reader The illustrations are distracting and I do not understand why they are in this book If you re a fan of James Patterson I d recommend reading almost anythinglse he s written before reading this one If you like sci fi dystopias read almost any other dystopian novel first 35 This is the worst book I have Protecting the Colton Bride Coltons Cowboy Code ever read The only reason it gets 2 stars is that it is so bad it is funny so it kept me reading and it didn t feel like a chore to do so Unlikeableunrealistic characters cringey futuristic lingo and unoriginal storytelling I recommend it if you want a laugh 25 Stars Rounded up to 3 StarsHumans Bow Down It s not an idea that is new or anything and yet it had so much potential to be an amazing tale This story should have been fleshed out into a trilogy or something and it could have been uite interesting Initially I picked up this book because the jacket is shiny and flashy yes I m thatasy LolThe. Her work as servants or live in prison campsBut one teenage girl Six has a device that could change verything Her comp a computer onto which the memories of her murdered family have been downloaded contains information.

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