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Rried for her Catherine who is as simple and determined as only the very young can be Manfred Lear Black who has his own reasons for knowing his wealth does not eual his happiness Florence Nellie Michael all full bodied creations and all responsible for a few tears each as their lives unfolded across the agesBut what I loved best about this novel was the way that it took seriously the meaning of women s lives Women s lives lived not just as small things but as rolling horizons out in the world New York London the Torres Strait This story gives us both intimacy and scope mirroring the movement between what is shown in the book on the ground in the water and from the air Top notch historical fiction from a writer at the top of her game This is a historical fiction that takes lace in London England in 1925 Catherine is a 15 year old girl that as loss so much and was sent to London to live with her Aunt but all she want is to go back to Australia and swim I loved learning about the time eriod and following this hard headed 15 year old girl This was a great book Swimming Home is the sixth novel by Mary Rose MacColl her Written in Red Ink previous book In Falling Snow was a favourite read of mine in 2012Exploring the themes of family belonging regret and redemption Swimming Home is a gracious and engaging novelWhen fifteen year old Catherine is orphaned her aunt Dr Louisa uick insists she abandons her idyllic island home in the Torres Strait and move with her to London An independent and busy surgeon Louisa is determined torovide her niece with the opportunity to become a well educated and successful young lady but Catherine is miserable in her exclusive day school missing the warmth of her Islander family and the ocean It s not until Catherine swims the width of the Thames on a dare and Louisa is approached by the enigmatic banker Manfred Lear Black that she reconsiders her Crash Landing (Bear Creek, plans for her niece As a doctor Louisa is intelligent and confident but she struggles to relate to her niece and uncomfortable with emotion she makes someoor decisions when it comes to seeing to Catherine s well being Though there is no malice intended Louisa s actions have far reaching conseuences and she suffers a crisis of conscience as the novel Piper progresses Louisa is not aarticularly likeable character at times but I think MacColl The Famoux (The Famoux, portrays her well and I was sympathetic to her flawsCatherine is resigned to her new life in London and wants tolease her aunt but she is lonely and homesick Having spent almost everyday of her life swimming in the ocean she jumps at the chance to swim to under Manfred Lear Black s Dragons Gap patronage in New York I felt for Catherine whose loving and idyllic childhood came to such an abrupt end She is remarkably stoic but her longing isalpable and she obviously feels out of Bared for Her Bear (Wylde Bears place London contrasts sharply with her island home as does the New York tanks to her beloved ocean There are two subtle threads of mystery that run through the story and a few surprises in thelot though Swimming Home Best Seller (English Edition) progresses at a measuredace What action there is stems largely from the Black s determination that Catherine will be the first woman to swim the breadth of the English Channel MacColl weaves fiction with fact as she writes of Catherine s competitors including Gertrude Ederle who was the first woman to swim the channel in 1926 and I enjoyed learning something about the birth of competitive swimming for womenSet in an interesting The Lone Star Groom: Bachelor Billionaire Romances period with complex characters and a thoughtful story Swimming Home is a finely writtenoignant and ensive but ultimately uplifting nove. Mories from her astIt takes the influence of enigmatic American banker Manfred Lear Black to convince Louisa to come to New York where Catherine can test her mettle against the first women in the world to swim the English Channel And where unexpectedly Louisa can finally listen to what her own heart tells herLike Mary Rose MacColl's bestselling novel In Falling Snow Swimming Home tells a story of ordinary women who became extraordina.

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Cter her unusual upbringing her difficulty in fitting in once she moved to England and her devotion to swimming For Catherine it wasn t just a Crater Trueblood and the Lunar Rescue Company (Helium-3, past time it was a necessity Something she reuired for her mental well being it was almost as much aart of her life as breathing And not just swimming but the sort of open water swimming she had grown up with Training in a tank in New York attempting to adapt her stroke to what her coach wanted wasn t enough to satisfy the craving in her to just get out on the water and swim I loved the To Protect His Mate (Wolfe Brothers, part of the book devoted to swimming and the move towards the first woman being able to swim the English Channel As someone who cannot really swim bit embarrassing being an Australian the idea of swimming such a distance is mind boggling The fatigue the cold the sheer length of time it takes it s amazing that someone of Catherine s age withretty much no formal training could be considered for such a featThere are a few mysteries and twists in this book which are really interesting So interesting in fact that I d have loved to read about the time before Catherine was born The upbringing of Louisa and her medical studies and what happened to her would ve been good to read about in greater detail as well as Catherine s Star Wars Rogue Squadron II Rogue Leader Instruction booklet parents marriage There could ve been a deeper delving into the island life of the early 1900 s especially what it was like when herarents first arrived there I really could ve read a lot in this settingSwimming Home is a beautifully written story of a girl who just wants the freedom to go home to be with the Boom people she loves and do what she loves I did really like the way in which the relationship between Louisa and Catherine evolved even though they did spent uite a bit of time apart Louisa makes some difficult choices sometimes you can see where she s coming from and why she might do it but you can also see that it s going to make things even difficult between her and Catherine and from those differentlaces they have to come together and reach an understanding air the secrets between them in order to move forward The believability and well roundness of the characters are definitely a strong oint and it s the sort of book that makes you feel as if you know the eople involved I only wish there d been My favourite aspect of Mary Rose MacColl s Swimming Home was its sensual imagery I could smell the tropical sea hear the clang and clatter of early 20th century New York and feel the chill of a London spring MacColl s love of swimming Good Morning, Buddha pervades everyage and descriptions of the activity are beautifully rendered Her extensive research adds authenticity but never takes over the story Female empowerment through education and employment opportunity is a central theme of the story It is a sobering reminder of how restricted women s lives were at the time and the sacrifices many endured to do work that they loved and believed important An evocative enthralling read Highly recommended Mary Rose MacColl is one of my favourite writers and has recently taken a turn towards historical fiction In Falling SnowSwimming Home is a novel of beautiful sensory delights We feel full colour ueensland humidity and grey London cold we feel wet and dry we smell coconut and chlorine Reading it was luxuriating in the sensual even though at no Personal Delivery point was I looking at anything other than black marks on a whiteage It was a kind of magic spellAnd within this world the characters came alive Louisa who is so clever and always does the right thing until she does the wrong thing so breath takingly that we can only feel wo. Ith her aunt Louisa Catherine feels that everything she values has been stripped awayLouisa a busy confident London surgeon who fought boldly for euality for women holds definite views on the behaviour of her young niece She wants Catherine to La Viña de Naboth ,Tomo I pursue an education just as she did to ensure her future freedom Since Catherine arrived however Louisa's every step seems to be wrong and she is finding it harder and harder to blockainful me.

It s 1925 and after an idyllic childhood growing up in the Torres Strait Islands learning to swim in the clear warm waters Catherine finds herself an orphan and living with her aunt in England She s miserable trapped in a school where she doesn t fit in where she hasn t been raised the same way as the other girls She can t swim something she has lived for as long as she can remember Her aunt Louisa is a busy doctor and she holds views on the way Catherine needs to behave now The time for running wild on the island is over she needs to grow up into a well rounded young woman who now has the opportunity to do anything to be anythingA chance meeting with rich American Manfred Lear Black gives Catherine the opportunity she so desperately craves the chance to swim He convinces Catherine to come to New York and go up against some of America s best female swimmers He s convinced that she could be the first woman to successfully swim the English Channel and he s willing to rovide the financial backing for her attempt But is it simply an innocent interest in finding a champion or does he have deeper motivesSwimming Home is the latest novel from bestselling author Mary Rose MacColl and it gives the reader three very different settings an island in the Torres Strait off the coast of the northern tip of Australia London and then New York Catherine grew up the daughter of a doctor who worked on a remote island in the Torres Strait She learned to swim in the open water at an incredibly young age and it s something that shapes her entire life as are her relationships with her father s native housekeeper who has cared for Catherine since the death of her mother when she was a toddler as well as the housekeeper s son Michael On the island the relationships are different although the native Torres Straight Islanders do not escape having their children taken to be fostered out among white families in order to see them raised roperly and ut to workWhen Catherine is 14 her father dies leaving her an orphan He makes his sister Catherine s Aunt Louisa her guardian someone Catherine has only seen once when she was a young child Unmarried Louisa is a busy surgeon not at all sure of how to raise a teenage girl Still she does her family duty and travels to the islands to bring Catherine back to England seemingly unaware just how reluctant Catherine is to leave her home and move somewhere so utterly removed from everything she has ever known To be honest I thought Louisa although clueless about adolescents did show uite a bit of shortsightedness here thinking that enrolling Catherine in good school where she would be very unlikely to fit in especially immediately would be the answer to Catherine s development I understand where she was coming from and her thoughts on how to raise Catherine a girl who had been left to really kind of go wild from an English oint of view But she really seems very oblivious to the fact that the girl has had so much change in her life and she s miserable She s had the things and Live Wire (Elite Ops, people she loves most taken from her and she s moved to alace that s the virtual opposite of everything she s ever known Louisa is very busy and she has trouble actually sitting down and talking to Catherine as Catherine s Words of Radiance, Part 1 (The Stormlight Archive presence stirs up memories for her It s Louisa s housekeeper Nellie who understands how lonely and out oflace Catherine feels When Catherine swims the Thames she is asked to leave her exclusive school but it also in its own way is the catalyst for the Lauras Summer Ballet (Laura, presentation of opportunityI really enjoyed reading about Catherine as a chara. The lone swimmer turning over now to switch to aerfectly executed back crawl wasn't Oxford or Cambridge wasn't a man It was a woman a girl It was Catherine Of course it was CatherineIt's 1925 and fifteen year old Catherine uick longs to feel once the warm waters of her home to strike out into the ocean off the Torres Strait Islands and swim as she's done since she was a tiny child But with her recent move to London where she lives

Mary Rose MacColl is an Australian writer whose first novel No Safe Place was runner up in the 1995 Australian Vogel literary award Her first non fiction book The Birth Wars was a finalist in the 2009 Walkley Awards In Falling Snow October 2012 Mary Rose's fourth novel tells the largely unknown story of a small group of Scottish women who ran a field hospital for France in World War I in