Thomas H. Kean: Without Precedent The Inside Story of the 911 Commission

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Joying it it s a discussion of the history around the commission how it came to be how it worked etc than a recounting of the commission s findings Written by the two chairmen of the commission the book reveals a lot of the background behind things that were done or not done and why This was really interesting but a little slow yuk yuk interesting read revealing as to many of the myths throuwn around out there. For its objectivity along with a set of recommendations that led to the most significant reform of America’s national security agencies in decades This is a riveting insider’s account of Washington at its worst and its bes.

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A fascinating look inside the work of the 911 commission 973931 K How the commission was created how the information was found to come up with the conclusions it reached written by the two heads of the commission Thoughtful and interesting The USAF originally gave an incorrect timeline of events to the commission but when the commission gave it its own timeline the USAF agreed with it the commission did not The untold story of how the 911 Commission overcame artisanship and bureaucracy to roduce its acclaimed reportFrom the beginning the 911 Commission found itself facing obstacles the Bush administration blocked its existence.

Ursue the uestion where the original wrong timeline came from Do these idiots realize that when they do the CYA routine they our water on the mills of conspiracy theorists Kean Hamilton take you behind the scenes of the 911 Commission They don t dish the dirt bureaucratic minutia is heavy but it is an interesting account While I wouldn t have chosen this book it was recommended at my library and I ended up en. For months the first co chairs resigned right away the budget was limited and a Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience polarized Washington was suspicious of its every reuest Yet despite these long odds the Commissionroduced a bestselling report unanimously hailed.