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Alvin the alligator loves watching eople importantly their shoes One night he gets locked in a shoe store and spends the night trying on all types of shoes He falls asleep in a giant ile of shoes and wakes up the next morning with someone tugging at his feet for alligator shoes Alvin discovers he likes alligator feet the bestTeaches kids to be happy with the way they look and not compare A Reading Rainbow BookAn alligator with an.

Hem self to others I still remember the Reading Rainbow episode featuring this book great fun Very funny and eclectic easy reader Daily reading homework I think I won this book for winning a coloring contest as a wee one but it s ossible that was one of the coloring contests I made my older sister use her superior skills to win for me This was hilarious Alivin lives in the city He went. Interest in footwear spends the night locke.

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Shoe shopping and got locked in the store He tried on all the shoes then fell asleep This is where the most fun illustrations are Then he fell asleep Someone thought there were alligator shoes but they were alligator shoes I liked the vegetarian subtext like Charlotte s Web and Frankenstein To read a good book on that read Alice Adams The Sexual Politics of Meat Very cute Classic Small forma. D in a shoe store trying on the merchandise.