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Become independent from one another I liked all the new characters that were introduced and I was actually able to keep them all straight This was such a great seuel that really improved upon the first book and xpanded this world I gave this book a B This series has such an intriguing detailed and difficult world building FRITZI auf Sylt - ÖLMALEREI - Kunst in Fotobrillant-Druck especially for a middle grade series It s obvious that the author has put a lot of thought in creating this world LOVE the map and information at the start ofvery chapter The story is a bit slower than the first book but I liked that both Sophia and Theo got their own story line The Big Little Man ending leaves me with the wish of continuing right away Beautiful inside design too by the way Anxcellent seuel to The Glass Sentence Rather than continue to develop the bond between Theo Thackaray and Sophia Tims Grove has them split apart by circumstances with Sophia continuing her search for her missing parents without the help of her guardian Shadrack Elli while Theo stays in Boston to help Shadrack face a political foe Both stories are compelling and interesting and were left off in a good place for the conclusion of the trilogy Their new companions are interesting and diverse and I The Man from Beijing especially liked the Inspector s daughter Though this book was wonderful I did not like it as much as the first Yes I did like the new characters but I would like to focus on what did not work as well as the first one and hope the third will include manylements the first book has SPOILERS 1 Sophia and Theo are spilt up nearly the Creating Lasting Value entire book One of my favorite things about the first book is the interactions between them and you get to see very little of that in this book2 Normally up ing the stakes for the seuel to a book doesn t have much appeal to me but they saved the world in the last book It s kind of hard to beat that when it comes to importance While I really cared about Sophia trying to find her parents it seemed kind of small compared to what they did in their last journey3 I felt like this book didn t have a definite plot Let mexplain in the last book the reader is very clear what the mission is go to the Notchland sp and find Veressa None of the characters seemed sure of which journey they should take and I found myself second guessing whether they had made the right decision It kind of felt like they were just wandering around much of the time and like they weren t getting anywhere because they did not know what to do4 The setting wasn t as ye opening and fascinating For me personally being in the lush and tropical landscape of the united indies was much fascinating than being in the deserted and at times desert like Papal States Learning about Boston was awesome though5 Virtually none of the supporting characters in the first book were in this one We do not hear anything about Veressa and her father and although the pirates were mentioned none of these characters actually appear in this book6 The first book had an ntire arc and while it did leave an open Montana Dreams ending for Sophia to investigate the story of her missing parents the story was definitely complete and whole Now I am aware that this book is in the middle of a trilogy but the first story had such a beautiful and complete arc which in many trilogies nowadays doesn tven happen that I had hopes that this would feel like a complete story as wellLike I said there are a lot of awesome parts to this story but since Immerwelt - Der Pakt everyone was mentioning how they thought this book was better from the first I thought it was time to represent and show how awesome the first book was it took me about 100 pages to finally get into it and I m glad the pieces of this plot puzzle are so masterfully woven I love how it all comes together at thend I absolutely loved the new characters in a way they were whimsical and intriguing the Modern South Asia entire book seemed like a fairytale to me a truly uniue and magical read 3 12 stars I am reviewing all three books of the Mapmakers Trilogy at once because most readers will want to read it as if it was a single story split into three books The Glass Sentence book 1 and The Golden specific book 2 have significant climaxes thatnd the portion of the story told in those books but leave significant loose Picture Theory ends that are not finished until the next books Books 2 and 3 pick up where the previous booksndedThe fantasy world is based on our own world Ancestral Voices except that there was a great disruption prior to book 1 where the world split into large regions called ages whereach age reverted to different historic periods For And Bid Him Sing example the region we call the United States from theast coast to about mid continent and including a little of southern Canada is now called New Occident and is historically similar to the time just before the industrial revolution What we call Europe is known as the Papal States and corresponds to the time of the Spanish Inuisition Oddly Aristotle Detective (Aristotle each of these ages uses a different time keeping system with a different number of hours in a day thoughxplorers can move across boundaries and calendar dates don t seem to be affected Although chapters include a date and time I didn t see any purpose for the times hours and minutes to be different in different agesThe other big Bones, Clones, and Biomes element in these books is the unusual maps which could include memories and feelings Mapmakers were called cartologers and you had to have special learned abilities to be able to read the maps Maps made of different materials such as paper metal glasstc had different properties and reuired different skills to access them Once inside a map the reader could look around and move through time and space to find other informationThe writing is good and the story flows well The main character is a young girl who is being raised by her grandfather who is a famous cartologer Sophia s parents went missing on an Bringing the Empire Home exploration trip and Sophia spends all three books attempting to find out what happened to them I m curious if I vever given the second book of a trilogy than a 3 star rating I suspect not I njoyed this book but not as much as the first and I m hoping I will love the third one I guess we ll see Since this is a second book of course the author had to amp up the conflict so it was missing some lements that I loved from the first bookMost notably I love Theo And I love Sophia and Theo s friendship So the fact that they were separated for almost this Building the Cold War entire book was sad I must say that I m pretty impressed with Grove s command of omniscient narration which is definitely notasy to do She uses it in the best way possible so that I don t feel constantly jarred but instead feel like I get a deep sense of all the Found on any map Surrounded by plague it can only be reached by a journey through darkness and chaos which is at the same time the plague’s cure The Golden SpecificThis delicious blend of magic history and science will continue to delight fans of intricate world building and rich storytelling School Library JournalReaders who have already read the first installment will gladly savor another journey with Sophia and marvel at the worlds they nter Brilliantly imagined and full of wonder Kirkus Reviews.

I stand in awe of this series It s got young leads in an intricate and highly cerebral plot that is most often compared with Philip Pullman s Dark Materials trilogy but there is an ssential difference that makes me admittedly in the minority but hear me out prefer this series Pullman s series is a bit like Atlas Shrugged for a younger audience the story Counter-Amores exists to serve the philosophy or theology and if you don t like or outright hate the philosophy you won t like the books S E Grove s Mapmakers trilogy on the other hand is a story for the pure joy of story It is a story by an intelligent spiritually curious sensitivenormously creative person for readers who appreciate going to some theological and philosophical places with their characters on the course of their abundantly Dancing at Armageddon exciting and unexpected adventures There are times when you most certainly become aware of the author s beliefs on major issues she ismphatically anti war for certain and not of any traditional Judeo Christian persuasion but I don t Double Jeopardy experience the book as a platform tovangelize these potentially controversial beliefs Grove has created an Composition and Literature enormous variety of characters who are complex and rich and they deal with abstractions as well as concrete obstacles and goals Thus some of them share some of the author s ideas and feelings but there is a coterie of characters that Grove clearly loves just as much and who are just as compelling drawn and thoroughly believable as the ones who have the most of her in them and I think that s the mark of a truly great writerWith that said let s get into some details The Golden Specific started a little bit slow and I wasn t sure I was going to like it It hit me hard at first this is a book about painI wasn t really prepared for that The first book in this series The Glass Sentence contains so many wildly beautiful intelligent creative ideas that I was utterlynad with it There was an undeniable thread of melancholy through it the villains were victims first souls through whom all of time had flowed turning them into featureless white beings who Cezanne and Provence endlessly and madly grieved for the loss of their very selves And despite the fearsome and occasionally violent manifestations of their rage and sorrow and the primary antagonist sxcessively forceful attempts to remake a world that felt like hers Sophia was able to pity the Lachrima and show mercy in her moment of triumphThe melancholy that shadowed the bliss of the first book has utterly overtaken the first act of the second Sophia has lost the Dark Voices emotionally nurturing relationship she had with her uncle She has been seeing what seems to be a ghost of her mother and these visions leave her feeling bereft when the ghost disappears And then when the main plot finally kicks in Sophia is abandoned by the one new character who seemed that she might have been an ally Then comes the worst blow of all Sophia and Theo are parted Each feels the loss of the other keenly and constantly They both have trials to face and cannot be paralyzed by what is missing in their very souls when they are not able to connect withach other at all But Sophia in particular is utterly isolated and for a while has no idea how she will copeTheo faces a sadistic monster from his past while Sophia travels all alone across the world and through time utterly bereft grieving the most intensely for Theo s unthinkable desertion Theo at least knows what happened and does not doubt their bond but there is nothing he can do about it once he is trapped in Boston and Sophie is off across the Atlantic He misses her constantly wants to protect her and wishes that he had her at his side to help him see what he is missing while failing to outwit his foe or fully comprehend his schemes Theo s foe s most obviously heinous acts are violent ones but the thing Theo finds the most sinister and terrifying is that Graves takes such pleasure in forcing others to lie thus destroying bits of their souls perhaps in many small increments or with one large falsehood he makes them create and sustain Each lie he forces someone Contested Reproduction else to tell makes his own power growngendering deeper and deeper fear and powerlessness in his victims and re ordering the world to his wishes I find Graves to be a beautifully drawn villain perhaps a bit subtle for many readers but with an Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) evil deeply attuned to my spiritual cosmology I think I should warn you however that there is a two page scene late in the book that flashes back to what Graves did to Theo the first time they met I did not read it so I can t tell you for certain whether it s as bad as I got the feeling it was But you might want to skip it as well if you don t think it s necessary to read the details of sadistic things done to children by adults Sophia meanwhile has traveled to a land threatened by a plague which is just as terrible in its own way as the plight of the formless Lachrima in the first novel Lapena The Pain I assume we are to understandssentially manifests as a terminal depression Once caught it slowly Creating Country Music eats away at the sufferer s strength hope and will until the person allows him or herself to die As the book goes on we discover about the true nature of this plague of course and all is not as it seems to the fearful denizens of a medieval Age It called to mind the concept of Mushi somewhat on the nose butven if this is Grove s riff on the idea from Mushishi the wanderers have uniue attributes of their own that weave deftly into this very complex and dense world without seeming grossly identical to Yuki Urushibara s creationThen there are the specters which take the form of missing loved ones seemingly with the intention of leading those left behind into oblivion One of the most compelling new characters in this book is a falconer named Errol who is hunting for his lost twin who followed a specter into a Dark Age over two years ago and never Blacklands emerged Each night a specter in the form of his brother comes to Errol andach night he kills it with an arrow only for it to return night after night temping him into whatever torment his brother is sufferingSo this is a book about pain loss missing someone you love desperately hoping that there is anything that you can do to be reunited and feel safe and happy Evolutionary Patterns ever again For something being marketed as YA or all ages literature it ismotionally gutting at times I am sure many people will argue that it s Evolution As Entropy empowering because Sophia and Theo both go toxtraordinary lengths to fight for themselves and those they love and both of them certainly become Forging Gay Identities even stronger as individuals with meaningful convictions than they were before and perhaps melancholy as. For fans of  The Golden Compass this is book two in the Mapmakers Trilogy and follow up to SE Grove's stunning debut  The Glass Sentence It is the summer of 1892 one year since Sophia Tims and her friend Theombarked upon the dangerous adventure that rewrote the map of the world Since their return home to Boston she has continued searching for clues to her parents’ disappearance combing archives and libraries grasping at Forbidden History even the most slender leads Theo has apprenticed himself to anxplorer in ord.

It is it is an important message that one must go on no matter how much one feels hurt abandoned broken and alone Sophia and Errol and Goldenrod make an unexpected connection as do Theo and Nettie and Winnie But I doubt there could be a reader in the world who doesn t want to see Theo and Sophia reunited as much as Fiche Blian ag Fás each other them wishes to be and I can admit that as a reader I didn t feel like Theo and Sophia needed to be tested any by authorially contrived circumstances in order toarn the shared future that I believe is their Esteem Enlivened by Desire endgame They ve sufferednough They ve proven Flights of Fancy, Leaps of Faith enough already They re going to save the world again So let them save the world together S E Grove Come on now And just so you know there s nond in sight to their missing ach other the nd of book two makes it obvious they re not going to see They Shall Be One Flesh each other for most of book threeitherAh but then there is the Mark of the Vine and Goldenrod for her alone I would have read this book She is a being of a mysterious race that the humans of Sophia s age call the Eerie When we first hear of the Eerie we are told that they can heal almost anything spoiler alert Later Sophia is given a large mysterious box to bring with her across the ocean no mean feat The Heritage of Arabo-Islamic Learning especially once she finds herself alone with no money and no means of transportation The box is heavy and all that she knows is that it has a plant inside she can just barely make out its leaves through the slats in the box thatnable it to breathe Then suddenly after watering the plant through the slats the box bursts open and out comes Goldenrod a beautiful plant woman who throws a bunch of golden blossoms at Sophia which save her from the plague that was already beginning to take root in her soul And then she just gets awesome Yeah I love plants than the average person loves plants so the imagery granted to Goldenrod particularly appeals to me But Hereward (Hereward, even if you don t secretly wish you were a plant woman being of pure goodness and beauty who can commune with the gods I bet you ll dig her tooOh and then there is Groves fairy tale of Edolie and the huntsman That story within the story immediately catapulted into place in my top three fairy talesver No spoilers here just look forward to it if you read the book If you want to chat tell me which interpretation you favorOh and then there s the Dark Age What is it Why it is Where and when it comes from All the possibilities that burst into awareness when you comprehend the sheer audacious wondrous brilliance of it DamnAnd then there s Sophia s final act which saves an Age and probably ultimately the world Again no spoilers It s simultaneously simple and profound and I adored the prose of it I said Wow out loud than once I seriously can t believe The Golden Specific raised the bar that The Glass Sentence already set so high Especially after a couple of Under One Sky early chapters that might have you scratching your head and wondering what the heck snowplum is raving about I can t imagine how the finale will live up to it But I love the fact that Ixpect an xtraordinary level of creativity and craft I love the fact that I have no idea what s going to happen or how and that I trust there is going to be a happy ndingI really needed this book Maybe you do too Wow that was one hell of a seuel I really REALLY wish that people had read this series so that I could talk about it with someone Even though my precious characters were apart pretty much the whole novel their stories intertwined I m in love with all the new characters introduced into the book as well I know that this book is categorized as middle grade but to me it is not a middle grade book AT ALL For one if I read this when I was younger I would have been very confused because it is such a complex world Also the characters are so smart for their ages that they don t read as younger characters Groom and Doom either But seriously if you haven t read this book series yet please do It took me forever to get around reading this one because I ve been waiting for the paperback release and I was scared it wouldn t live up to the first one After all it s been almost two years since I read The Glass Sentence But because I had loved the first book so much I still had vivid memories of what had happened and I didn t struggle to follow anythingMy favourite part of this book was the world building I m obsessed with maps and the fact that the world is set in different time periods is utterly fascinating to me It s sonjoyable to discover the world SE Grove created because it s so original I was so confused because Spain was called the Papal States though I thought it was Italy but nevermind The whole mythology about the Great Disruption was Eroarea lui Descartes explored so much in this second novel and we re finally getting some answers but I amxcited to get Murder at the Savoy (Martin Beck, even of them in the last book The plot was uite interesting and I liked that we had two orven three when you count the letters different perspectives set in different places Anywho I was always invested in it but I thought this book was a little too long for what it contained I m struggling to imagine this trilogy is middle grade if I m completely honest I think that the plot of the first novel was filled with tension and urgency than The Golden Specific The urgency only came towards the second half of the novel it definitely hooked me Moreover after the 22 Britannia Road ending I m interested to see where the author is going and how this story will wrap up for the charactersSpeaking of the characters liked them but I still can t believe Sophia is thirteen or fourteen now I just can t Moreover and it bothered me a bit than in the first book I still don t havemotional connection to the characters and I think it s because I can t believe how young they re supposed to be I m not saying they lack development or anything they re well written and interesting but something is lacking for meOverall I really liked this second novel in The Mapmakers Trilogy and I m looking forward to read the last instalment I m still in love with this world but the characters are lacking something for me and the book was a little too long But other than that it was a good one This is the seuel to The Glass Sentences Sophia is still searching for her missing parents But that journey takes some unexpected twist and turns Sophia is separated from friends and family Her uncle is accused of murder Theo must try to find Gabe Izzy evidence to prove who the real murder is The first book in the mapmaker trilogy left me confused than anything but I found this book to be absolutely delightful I loved the murder mysterylement I loved seeing our young protagonist being forced to grow and. Er to follow those leads across the country but one after another proves to be a dead Nigella Bijt endThen Sophia discovers that a crucial piece of the puzzlexists in a foreign Age At the same time Theo discovers that his old life outside the law threatens to destroy the new one he has built with Sophia and her uncle Shadrack What he and Sophia do not know is that their separate discoveries are intertwined and that one remarkable person is part of bothThere is a city that holds all of the answers but it cannot be.

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