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45 stars What a touching and unforgettable read This was our first Traveling Sister Read with Norma Brenda JanB and Susanne We had such a wonderfully njoyable time reading this together It sparked a lot of deep discussion and it was very interesting to get to know Death in Mumbai everyone s perspectives and opinionsThis novel was haunting intense heart breaking and heart warming for me I trulynjoyed reading Baccarat : La lgende du cristal every single page For me the storyline was very uniue and unpredictable which I loved The author Anna Hope did a FANTASTIC job with the character development I am in awe of Hope s ability to draw the reader into the lives ofach of the characters in an O Colégio de Todos os Segredos eually intriguing wayI would HIGHLY recommend this wonderful novelTo find our Traveling Sister Read Review please visit Brenda and Norma s fabulous blog at 45 Heartfelt StarsThe Ballroom by Anna Hope was my very first Traveling Sister Group Read with Brenda Norma Lindsay and JanB It was an amazingly rewardingxperience with incredibly kind inspiring smart and simply wonderful women The group read and discussions that March Violets (Bernie Gunther, ensued opened myyes to a lot of things about the book that I would not have thought of otherwise The Ballroom is a novel that I found to be brilliantly written Zoete tranen evocative and full of heart While I loved all of the characters in the book my favorite by far was Clem She captured my soul The author Anna Hope created something special when writing this incredible read and when creating her This novel reminded me of What She Left Behind by Ellen Wiseman though I must say that this one stole my heart in a very unusual way and I m glad it did To find out please see our Traveling Sister Read Review located on Brenda and Norma s fabulous blog atwwwtwogirlslostinacouleereadingword I received a copy of The Ballroom by Anna Hope through NetGalley for an honest review My thanks to Random House and to Anna Hope for the opportunityWho would know the things inside her if she stayed in this placeElla Fay has cast her lot by breaking a covered window in a factory where she labored in a most bleek manner as a spinner The tight threads cut into her swollen fingers and those same threadsntangled upon her thoughts of freedom She wished beseechingly for a glimpse of blue skyBeing female she was diagnosed as suffering from hysteria from the Greek word for womb and brought to Sharston Asylum in the Yorkshire moors Anger and outbursts were on a long list of conditions that would readily Water Music escort you into an asylum uick as a beggar s wink as this story takes place in 1911 Evenxcessive reading was thought to taint the female mind Dr Charles Fuller newly assigned to the asylum is in charge of Ella s case Ironically just as a strong urge to Revived escape her surroundings impells Ella to act out Fuller wishes toscape the clutches of his successful surgeon father and his overbearing mother We will Student Research Projects in Calculus experience a transformation in character in the likes of Fuller who introduces music and dance to the male and female patients of the asylumThe ballroom and its center stage of musicians brings a touch of beauty to these patients And here is where Ella will meet John Mulligan a tall sturdy Irishmanscaping the hardships and sorrows of his former life They allow the lilt of the music to break down barriers and soon find themselves deeply attracted to one anotherseeing spirit from ye into yeDr Fuller is slowly drawn into the scientific study of Eugenics a controlled breeding of a population in order to assure superiority The Feeble Minded Control Bill has been introduced into the government at this time The asylums are overflowing with patients specially from the pauper class Compassion seems to be taking a side step and the lement of humanity waits on a distant shoreThere is such depth in the characterizations here of Ella Fuller and John Anna Hope uses the scope of perspective in A Heart of Stone each chapter as the storyline pivots and focuses onach We also are introduced to the character of Clem who becomes Ella s friend and confidante The writing of Anna Hope is something to savor and to hold in outstretched palms like the soft feathers of a tiny bird He found he could not speak as though all the words inside him had been pushed to the bottom of a dark wellI must ncourage you dear reader to open the pages of this book in order to follow the path cut into the dark moors Where do the footsteps of Ella and John lead Can the breath of hope survive in ven the most dire of circumstances It s perched on the corner of Language and Linguistics each andvery page that you turn Beautiful Simple Sincere Poetic What Divertimento else can. Where love is your onlyscape 1911 Inside an asylum at the dge of the Yorkshire moors where men and women are kept apart by high walls and barred windows there is a ballroo.

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I say Just finished this lovely story 1911 Set over the heatwave summer of 1911 at the nd of the Edwardian Promise at Dawn era The ballroom is a tale of unlikely love and dangerous obsession of madness and sanity and of who gets to decide which is whichInside an asylum at thedge of the Yorkshire moors where men and women are kept apart by high walls and barred windows there is a ballroom vast and beautiful For one bright vening a week they come together and dance When John and Ella meet it is a dance that will change two lives forever The story is told in chapters alternating between John Ella and Charles the doctor The doctor who turns out to be maybe insane than some of the inh I hate that this is overFor one day a week 2 hours on a Friday night both women and men who have been segregated in the asylum are brought together in the ballroom For one night they have the pleasure of listening to music and dancing as if they were normal Where for 2 hours they feel human They feel hope They feel a connection Until it s decided that it be stopped as an act of punishmentI loved the characters Ella in an act of defiance although recognized as deviance is imprisoned in the asylum John after losing his only daughter goes into a deep depression and he too is placed in this hospital for lunatics In the loneliness and madness that surrounds them they find ach other and a romance blossoms until the rules change and their very Bangkok Wakes to Rain existence is uestionedAnd dear Clem the avid reader who befriends Ella Charles the doctor whose initial beliefs on patient reform was well ahead of his time until his goodwill is not reciprocated and becomes diabolical and vengefulThis was an atmospheric and descriptive read While I wasnraptured with the story it made my veins pulse The views of that time held by those who were considered intelligent just made my head spin And the The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery epilogue well it just tore out my heart and left me feeling a little heavierA moving and memorable story Loved it 5 This has been a difficult review in the sense that I initially couldn t pinpoint what it was that didn t feel right for me Up to the middle I knew I liked itnough to continue reading my overall impression was positive but it wasn t fulfilling my Darkmere expectationsIn a certain degree I am still conflicted and divided over a few parts of the novel And then something happened and the book started coming to lifeI started The Ballroom by Anna Hope withnthusiasm Stories that are set in asylums dealing with mental illness have always fascinated me There is something profound humbling ven in diving right into the deepest recesses of the human brain and witness how much difference can a single stimulus make however slight or unimportant it may seem Moreover novels that are set in asylums are full of characters that have no reason to be there other than the prejudices and norms on which the societies of the past were built Whoever dares to walk away from conformities is branded a lunatic deemed a danger to the good people Here we have an interesting premise In the asylum of our story in Yorkshire there is a special hall called The Ballroom The patientsmen and women who are well behaved are rewarded when they are chosen to take part in the waltz venings under the sound of Dr Fuller s pianoThe characters in focus are four Ella a young woman who broke a window in her workplace John Mulligan from Ireland who is harbouring family secrets Clem a young upper class girl and Dr Fuller who is the character that drived the story forwardThere is a great risk of spoilers with The Ballroom What I can safely say is that I found the plot of Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den eugenics really interestingif terrifying The particular notion isn t something new A number of scientists serving their own distorted ideas of pure societies some distinguished public figures of the time and a handful of totalitarian states desired to bring it to action There are voices however weak still supporting it today which fills me with horror over the future of mankind but this is a discussion for another timeThe characters are wel drawn Ella is sensible sensitive and with tremendous resources of inner strength as is John He has the characteristics of a tragic figure his sense of freedom being his driving force and in my opinion he is the one the reader can immediately connect with Clem was an unsympathetic irritating character in myyes And Dr Fuller There s so much storm inside him so much darkness and illusions so many secrets view spoilerWhat starts as a force of good becomes the most Scraps Of The Untainted Sky evil presence in the narration hide spoiler Unlike. M vast and beautiful For one brightvening very week they come together and dance When John and Ella meet It is a dance that will change two lives foreverSet over the heatw.

Music xcessive reading has been shown to be dangerous for the female mindThe Ballroom often feels lush in nature but is uite simple really It s a tale of falling in love and of obsession centered during the time when an individual can be institutionalized against hisher will for almost any reason Break a window mentally ill Grieving the loss of your child mentally ill You get the picture Like other reviewers such as Angela M I was reminded of the book What She Left Behind while reading this book It s a Update since I can t stop thinking about this I m moving this up to 5 starsIreland 1911Love found in an insane asylum by a man and woman who were institutionalized without having a mental disorder This is what was heartbreaking People locked up for no reasonThe Ballroom in the asylum was used on Friday nights for dances for the men and women who were housed separately this being their only bright spot of the weekThe doctor who was in charge of these patients started out a caring man and then turned Huguenot Prophecy and Clandestine Worship in the Eighteenth Century evil and really gave this story suspenseThis book was dark but there were glimpses of hope I loved a few of the characters and felt their painDespite the heartbreak this is a very good book Well this wasn t thexperience I had hoped for There s a tiny part of me that feels this story teetered on the very Fashion Design Course edge of being something great something memorableven but then there s the rational part of me that can admit it missed the mark Big time This was an Aeralis (The Frost Chronicles, extremely drab and depressing storyven for me someone who freuently dabbles in dark readsIt was all the Alternatives Chapter 2 (The Chronos Files; The Shattered Saga eerie possibilities an asylum could offer a storyline along with the glowing reviews I d seen from other readers that unknowinglyncouraged me to pick up The Ballroom On some level I thought this would be hauntingly beautiful Captivating Stunning Instead I found myself succumbing to page after page of flat and often Cincinnati and Other Plays emotionless drivel Meaning I could only handle this book in small doses hence the snail s pace one month read The fact that these people landed themselves in an asylum for one ridiculous reason or another with no idea where they d ultimatelynd up was unimaginable Heartbreaking Speak Out! even The normally segregated patients being able to congregate for a dance in a grand ballroom with the opposite sexvery Friday night managed to stir up something akin to hope Could music and dance mollify their troublesThere s a love story within these pages but it s mostly overshadowed by the unraveling of the other characters Despite the considerable amount of time it takes for the relationship to come to fruition their feelings still felt a little rushed and underdeveloped I found myself uestioning why they had these feelings for I Like You the Best each other but I never could find the answer The letters didn t touch memotionally and the ballroom wasn t as large of a part of the story as it should have beenOther than John I can t say that I was The collectors encyclopedia of antique marbles enad with any of the characters I found Ella to bextremely dull and I struggled to connect with Clem or consider their interaction a friendship Something about Charles initially bored me and those feelings turned to disdain when he flipped the script way too uickly and without much forethought or reasoning In my opinion there was than The Philosophy of Giambattista Vico enough room for deeper character development here There were so many things that went unsaid for the sake of giving words to those that didn t strengthen the power of the story Even afterverything I ve said up to this point I still wouldn t consider this to be a horrible book I think it s best described as slow and mundane The author gives a nice backstory in her acknowledgements and links the storyline to some actual history but overall The Ballroom failed to provide a deeper meaning for me or Lone Star Standoff even a clearcut plot Was there one What was the point of the story Did I somehow fail to see it because I was focusing too much on that depressingnding Thank you to Random House and NetGalley for a copy in xchange for an honest review I haven t had much time to write this review since I finished reading this book a couple of days ago but I ve been thinking about these characters and their story so much so that as I m writing this I have decided to up my rating from 4 to 5 stars It was just shy of 5 stars for me because I felt it a little slow at times but the I thought about it I realized how the slow moving time really depicted what it was like for these patients as they waited for the next dance in The Ballroom or waited for a time when they would be freeI was very much reminded of What She Left Behind Ave summer of 1911 the nd of the Edwardian ra THE BALLROOM is a tale of unlikely love and dangerous obsession of madness and sanity and of who gets to decide which is which.

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