Jim Baggott: A Beginner's Guide to Reality Exploring Our Everyday Adventures in Wonderland

S is that our entire world is based on perception It is our perceptions that is the reality It is impossible for us to ever have knowledge of a reality that we can t perceive and so it is therefore seems meaningless to speculate about the existence of such an independent reality If we were to believe in a reality independent of perception then We can only hold on to the idea of an independently existing primary material substance but at the cost of having to accept that we can ascribe no independently real properties to it and can never hope to explain how this substance might give rise to the perceptions we have of it The argument that Berkeley makes is that the primary ualities of a material object cannot exist without it s secondary ualities of shapecolour etc We cannot conceive of objects possessing shape but not colour for example Perception is reality So we can have no knowledge of what objects are really like NEITHER can we have knowledge of the connections between them cause and effect exists only in our mind and so oes time for that matter Kant s view Now that sums up where philosophers stand at the moment from Plato to Aristotle to Descartes to Berkerly to Kant to Hume and on and onIs there a Think (Ars Lamina) Level 2 Workbook defense against Descartesemon or Kant s intuitionWhat Two Brothers, One Tail do the Physicists think surely they will give some credence to the reality which theyeal with everyday in measurements and calculations Just a few uestions should clear this up we Woman Much Missed don t need the answer to life the universe and everything Just what is matter Copenhagen Interpretation categoricallyenies that there is anything to be gained from thinking that we can ever Why Americas Top Pundits Are Wrong discover the true nature of physical objects as they really are It insists that properties of fundemental objects like photons or electronso not exist until they are exposed to something with which they can interact such as a measuring Citizen Cain deviceThe first area of conflict is uickly summarized If uantum states are notetermined until the uantum objects have undergone some kind of interaction such as a measurement then how is the uantum state of the universe Trail of Secrets determined uantum theoryemands something outside with which it can interact but if everything there is is in the universe then there is nothing outside the universe with which it can interact There is nothing outside the universe to collapse the wave function Unless we want to get theological there is no observer outside the universe to make it real Is there Fuck fuck fuck fuckBlindsight You re blind he said without turning Did you know thatI How to Train a Cowboy didn tYou Me Everyone He interlocked his fingers and clenched as if in prayer hard enough to whiten the knuckles Only thenid I notice no cigaretteVision s mostly a lie anyway he continued We One Special Moment don t really see anything except a few hi resegrees where the eye focuses Everything else is just peripheral blur just light and motion Motion A Touch of Persuasion (Men Of Wolff Mountain draws the focus And your eyes jiggle all the timeid you know that Keeton Saccades they re called Blurs the image the movement s way too fast for the brain to integrate so your eye just shuts Watch for Me by Moonlight (The Midnight Twins, down between pauses It only grabs these isolated freeze frames but your brain edits out the blanks and stitches an an illusion of continuity into your headHe turned to face me And you know what s really amazing If something only movesuring the gaps your brain just ignores it It s invisibleBrains are survival engines not truth The Mommy Makeover detectors If selfeception promotes fitness the brain lies Stops noticing irrelevant things Truth never matters Only fitness By now you The Convicts Bounty Bride (Convict Wives don t experience the world as it exists at all You experience a simulation built from assumptions Shortcuts Lies Whole species is agnosiac byefaultPerhaps we are really living in Descartes ream world. Ern scientists and social theorists Jim Baggott is the author of The Meaning of uantum Physics and Beyond Measure Modern Physics Philosophy and uantum Theory both published by Oxford University Press He lives in Engla.

Summary A Beginner's Guide to Reality Exploring Our Everyday Adventures in Wonderland

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Since my local Borders store is having a going out of business sale I ecided to see if I could get any good First Blood deals on books I browsed the under stocked philosophy section and I found Jim Baggott s book titled A Beginner s Guide to Reality I read the first chapter in the store it seemed to be a very promising read The first eight chapters of the book are interesting and it reallyemonstrates a lot about our perception of reality Starting with chapter 9 until the end of the book is like reading a totally The Palliser Novels different book compared with the first eight chapters The last four chapters of this bookeal mostly with explanations about physics and uantum mechanics The author very vaguely ties these concepts into the theme of his book reality but Men And Gods In Mongolia does so on very rare and poor occasions Baggott has written about uantum physics before and his writing shows that this is his area of expertise His effort to tie physics into a philosophical understanding fails on every level I could only give this book two starts because even though the first eight chapters are fairly good the resulting four chapters utterly ruin this book I made a mistake with this one and listened to the audio book There was just way too much information to take in while attempting to commute to and from work Read the bookThe book is basically an attempt to take a look at what we perceive our reality to be The Matrix is actually referenced uite a bit The first section Money really focuses on the reality that society has set up and the reality that everyone buys in to That rectangle with Andrew Jackson on it that you exchange for goods That only means 20 because society haseemed it as such ergo that is our reality This was an interesting section mainly because we really Hunter Killer (Pike Logan do take a lot for granted because we just accept that this reality and the social norms are what we must acceptColours is the next section and it s about what we perceive with our senses Does color exist in theark The we get into Light and some physics that I will admit lost me for a while Here is where an actual book would have made a lot of Brazen and the Beast (The Bareknuckle Bastards, differenceWhile Baggottoes reference the Matrix this book uses the movie as a jumping off point The philosophy and physics The Friend Zone discussed could lead to some very interesting thoughts and conversations Again the audio book was well narrated but not how I should have read this book Liked the first two sections a lot but couldn t finish it because the third part about uantum physics was too confusing What started out as an extremely interesting philosophical read with a pop culture twistevolved into a highly repetitive lesson straight out of a textbook Probably should have given it 2 stars but I Flying Scotsman Manual did really appreciate the initial approached Somewhat charming if smugly so and trite overview of the philosophical history of the concept of reality Baggot relies on too many references to The Matrix and pop culture while never really establishing his own stance Itidn t uite Alpha (Shifters, do it for me An accessible summary of the history of thought on just what the nature of reality might be It uses everyay examples of money marriage to explain socially constructed consensus reality It talks of Plato s cave of shadow perception rather than Whalerider direct sight as still being relevant today The author uses films such as The Matrix and Terminator and Douglas Adams Hitchhiker s Guide to entertaining effect It s only in the penultimate 2 chapters that it gets a bit science heavy as it moved through uantum theory to string and M theory The writer is a physicist and it s these chapters where that shows and a couple of statistical tables always signals my eyes getting heavy But that aside this is a passable introduction that is itoes what it says in the title Have you ever wondered if the world is really there when you're not looking We tend to take the reality of our world very much for granted This book will lead you own the rabbit hole in search of something we can poi.

Didn t have my eyes opened to any new illuminations but I id have the whole subject wrangled into one enclosure for my brain in a very acceptable way Brilliant intro to what reality actually meansThe book is split into three main chapters Graphic Design For Everyone discussing Money social reality and the societal systems we have built for ourselves Colours reality as we perceive it via our senses and Light what is actually there in a particle physics sense regardless of what we can perceiveIt is all written simply enough for anyone to understand but not condescendingly I still have trouble with the physics part I have never been a physics buff and find myself reading without paying attention and then two pages in I realise Ion t know what I m reading any It s a Considering Kate (The Stanislaskis, difficult chapter for me personally and I m rereading it constantly to try to get it and make it stick I honestly believe he explains things well and I m just not plugged in for that last chapter but I love this book It is also a great starting point for lots ofifferent topics which is exactly what it s meant to be an introduction A Beginner s Guide loved all 3 parts about society philosophy and especially uantum but conclusion seemed a bit weak anyway good starting book gave me lots of references to continue exploring all the Sweetland different fields 18 year old me would ve thought this was the best book ever but having been removed from constant challenging philosophical thought for so long I think I ve lost the thrill it used to give me Don t get me wrong I still love philosophy but uestioning the truth of every aspect of realityoesn t really seem productive to me any This book is broken up into 3 parts and the first 2 are excellent I love the ideas that were explored mainly the ones uestioning why and how we perceive things I enjoyed the realization that the information we receive using our senses is in a way false but by the end of the book it feels like Baggott is just trying to stump the reader for the sake of stumping the readerBaggott s writing style is witty and interesting and he s obviously incredibly well read and informed however the third chunk of his guide to reality fails to provoke a logical line of thinking that I really care to follow Good read and I Art of Laurel and Hardy definitely recommend to philosophy buffs but I got bored towards the conclusion Does colour exist in the Hers To Cherish (Verdantia, darkA couple of weeks ago I startediscussion with Greg about our perception of reality At the end of the The Intelligent Entrepreneur discussion I had theistinct impression that I wasn t putting my point across effectively The Summer of the Ubume due to Ion t know let s say pure ignorance on the subject whereas Greg effectively used a number of arguments to show that my view of the intrinsic nature of colour is problematic Hmmm after reading this book I still Distracted - Acting Edition disagree Below I have made up a jumbled up summary of why There is simply nothing we can point to hang our hats on and say this is real In the Republic what Plato is saying is that we can never hope to truly understand the nature of reality because we are locked in the prison of our mortal senses We are prisoners in the cave Without your mind or conciousness whato you have Photons of Trauma heilen different energies and wavelengths chemicals containingistinctive groups of atoms physical objects with certain surface properties and compressions and rarefactions in the air In none of this physics and chemistry can we find colour taste scent softness or melody They are all ualities produced in our minds all producing Developing Resilient Organizations different patterns of electrical stimulation in the brainThisoes not mean that our perception is the only form of representations of reality We have to accept that other realities exist which are as legetimate as our perception of the representation of reality What becomes obviou. Nt to hang our hats on and say this is real On the way Jim Baggott examines some of the things that have been said about reality by a few of the world's greatest thinkers from the philosophers of ancient Greece to mod.

Jim Baggott completed his doctorate in physical chemistry at the University of Oxford and his postgraduate research at Stanford University