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I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review through DBML Stranger in the Wizard s Tower very much reminds me of a Stargate SG1 meets Harry Potter On one side of the ortal we have the human world of the USA The descriptions of the mountain facility remind me of the Cheyenne Mountain Facility Although their air craft and items transported to their off world base are ordinary human objects it s just a reminder of Stargate s off world safe base The other world is full of magical creatures Die Wise plants andeople Wizards warriors and non magical humans live together in sort of a Yan And The Pikes Violin peace but the warriors aren t happy with the wizards Plus There be Dragons Overall I enjoyed the story Itinged on all my favorites I thought the writing could have been a bit less repetitive in certain areas but overall it was an enjoyable read For the strict MM fans there is a bit of MF relations but nothing is explicit There is romance but it s a Hungarian Heroes and Legends pret 4 out of 5 stars I received a free copy of this book for an honest reviewIn the land of Lanoran wizards are beloved by theopulace but feared by a warrior race called the Kou G en Though they have a seat on the ruling council that is dominated by the wizards the Kou G en mistrust magic users A recent Earth college graduate is transported to this world and now must find a way to get back home Dustin started his trip to visit friends in upstate New York when he stops at an adult arcade While in one of the booths he feels something caress him through what seems to be the Plexiglas separator between booths When he investigates he Land of Fright - Collection II (Land of Fright Collections Book 2) pushes his way through theortal and lands in a dark room in what turns out to be another universeAthin is the apprentice to master wizard Arconduil While the master wizard thinks his young apprentice has a lot of The Elders Speak potential he thinks the boy is not concentrating on his studies While another apprentice Mir is visiting they find a stranger in Arconduil s castle Athin decides to help the young man find a way home as he is responsible for bringing Dustin to Lanoran However the master wizard has sealed theortal that Dustin used and they must find a new The Pharisees Guide to Total Holiness portal to get him backRumors of anotherortal lead Arconduil to search for it before the Kou G en can get to it What they do not know is that the military of the United States has already found this Thirteenth Child (Frontier Magic, portal and has been exploring this new world With three competing forces trying to control the route between worlds will Dustin ever make it back to New York Will he want to after spending his time with AthinI found this to be a very enjoyable read Deric McNish an actor androfessor of theater at Michigan State University has crafted a book that could easily be turned into a screenplay None of the three major groups trust the other and it soon becomes an enemy of my enemy is my friend type situation The author has also set up Craft Notes for Animators possible seuels with both the ending of the book and also the epilogue The cover art by Damonza shows silhouettes of Dustin and Athin above the Lanoran marsh like setting There is a dragon flying between the silhouetted figures It is a decent cover but with Wizard s Tower in the title one might have expected the tower or castle in the cover I got this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review through the DBMLrogram of the MM Romance group at GoodreadsI Perception and the External World probably should have read of the blurb before reading it but it is fantasy and magic so I wasredisposed to loving it and didn t Popular Representations of Development pay attention to the blurb I was startled by the amount of Mf in it as I was expecting a MM book The fantasy setting rocked and the basis of Magic being the transfer of energy was well detailed and explained in the story I loved the MM romance that was one of the subplots in this complex and intriguing fantasy I could have done without the rape scene and the abundance of mf romance it worked for thelot but was too much for me to consider it LGBT general fiction with a touch of MM All things considered It was a really well written fantasy debut but my expectation since I got it from a MM group had to be factored into my ranking If I got this from a Sister for Sale plain romance or fantasy group it would have been 5 stars but factoring in the disappointment of expectations factor I had to drop it a star The youngrotagonists Dustin Athin Mir and Erick were well characterized and well rounded the villain Noks t was cunning and had some charm but wasn t as well fleshed out I won t lie when I first started listening to this book I thought I had loaded the wrong book or there was a mistake with the file You don t expect a fantasy book to basically start in a The Blue Door (Threshold porn shop Personally I think switching Athin s first scene with Dustin s would have made sense The world building isretty spot on The characters feel like real Two Views on the Doctrine of the Trinity people with real faults. Poor bumbling Athin can’t get anything right Unlike his dazzling rival apprentice Mir his magic is flaccid and weak When he sneaks into his master’s forbidden study he sets in motion a series of events that spiral out of control Worlds away at a highwayit stop Dustin is used as a awn in a greater game and gets sucked.

And rejudices I guess I didn t look at the description and the genres close enough because I was not expecting the MM romance That s not a bad thing and I thought it was handled wellI listened to the audio version and McNish did a good job The A Ladys Honor (Cliffs of Cornwall, pacing was good and the characterizations were great I liked how each character felt distinct I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I wasrovided this audiobook at no charge by the author Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience publisher andor narrator in exchange for an unbiased reviewI would definitely listen to this book again and am anxiously awaiting the next installmentThis story combines modern day Earth and its technology with a world in another dimension which is still in medieval times but with magic and all that it entails I m not normally a fan of modern technology in my fantasy books but it was a necessity to thelot line of this book I m not one to summarize the story in my reviews but I will tell you this It was filled with characters with depth wonderful world building creative imagery and The War to End All Wars plenty of actionThe characters are easy to love or dislike depending on the circumstances There is a bit of innocent romance that I hope is explored in the hopefully upcoming books The main budding relationship brought to mind the first book or two of Lynn Flewelling s Nightrunner series not the story line itself just the way the MC s start to connect There is nothing explicit and the language is uite tame throughout the book There was some mild cursing but very little and nothing offensiveIt s hard toick a favorite character I really liked Athin robably the most Mir and Dustin come in close seconds I thought Deric McNish did a fantastic job narrating the story He really brought the characters to life and made the story a truly fun experienceI tried to listen to this all in one sitting I work full time and am a single mother so I woke up at 300 this morning with my headphones still onI just started from where I had left off and finished up Copy of this book was kindly given by the author for the exchange of an honest reviewA story where modern world represented by US military and alternate universe of Lenoran land of the wizards dragon rider and such collided It was told from third erson erspective alternately though I lost count of the POVs as there were uite a few of themThis is an adventure fantasy tale of which a air of characters happened to be gay Other than those two the rest were mostly straight there were some MF scenes andor thoughts implied So if you re a totally MM only don t want to see manwoman bits mixed you d better stay clear of this bookAs for me I am not entirely happy with this bookI found the start rather rough and confusing It might have things to do with the randomly alternate POV and the too many characters taking turn appearing on The Naked Man page Further what made the rating dropped for me were the following The master wizards acted and described soowerful but easily overpowered when ambushed Also as master or teacher they re uite a tyrant to their apprentices There two female characters were either flighty slutty had cruel streak or all of those Then the author had them encountered Damias Children pretty harrowing situations view spoilerone continuously maderanks and tried to seduce her supposed friend then got subdued and held captive by a delusional lustful failed apprentice the other got her wrist severed Cutremur de timp poisoned and left to die by non magicaleople saved by a mere apprentice then knocked unconscious by US military force hide spoiler ARC Backlash : La guerre froide contre les femmes provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Stranger in the Wizard s Towerut simply is an interesting book In a nutshell it introduces the world of Lenoran a Die Botin des Königs (Reiter-Trilogie parallel universe boasting an organized and elaborate society with a civilization akin to that of the medieval times However unlike most stories with a medieval setup there are no kingdoms and crowned heads Castles exist but they are resided by wizards and their apprenticeThe book is interesting because unlike my initial expectation the focus did not fall heavily on Athin and Dustin s relationship So if you are imagining a budding romance of twoeople from disparate worlds then this is not the book for youWas I disappointed Maybe at first But then this would have easily fallen under fo I received an ARC of this book in exchange of an honest review Personal rating 375 starsSummary By a mishap Dustin tumbles into a magical world of Lenoran With the help of two apprentices Athin and Mir he has to follow to wizards to get to the Patagonia Express portal that will take him back home The veryortal that the wizards are set to destroy I liked the book It was fun and uirky and way less serious than I expected after reading the summary The magical world is described well enough and I liked the descriptions of diffe. Into another world The way home barred his only way back is forward with the help of a bewitching sorceress and a curious young apprentice The Land of Lenoran has stability under the rule of wizards but that Predator peace is threatened by the risingower of the warrior class Their ruthless leader controls the land’s dragons and.

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Rent arts of it but I feel that there is little to no character development and the characters themselves lacked ersonality They did and said things that didn t seem serious enough and the opinions and relationships were treated too lightly I felt that some of the rather serious topics like abuse were also turned into something that was dealt with rather lightly In a way it is explained by the genre itself which I could describe as comic fantasy andor low fantasy Nevertheless I would have referred stronger characters and better character development the main relationship in the story was rather hastily dealt with it all felt awkward and less lausible than it could have been but I did enjoy reading the book as it is once I lowered my expectations and realized it was not high fantasy novel It is the first book in the series something that I did expect but now I am rather curious about what will happen next I am grateful to the author for giving me an opportunity to read and review this book Stranger in the Wizard s Tower begins with a young traveler gently lured to someplace other than his destination I found it rather ingenious who would think one would find a magic gate to an alternate universe in a Lots of Love porno shop some kind of magic maybe but definitely not the wizardly type The author superbly narrated his story and lent credibility to each character Deric s voice is clear and easy to listen to hisace is steady and the story flows at an average speed There were a few minor breathing or mouth noises chapter 2 comes to mind but they were very minor and didn t distract me from the story The alternate universe appears to be set up in similar style to that of the 11th to 15th century Europe with wizards of simple Reclaiming Love powers to those knowing how to make gates to Earth and who are mostly flawed like any human then you haveresent day or 2002 in the USA The Vegangelical people and wizards of the old world meet the folks of modern America with our own bits of magic in the form of televisionhones glass buildings etc What a terrifying thrill that is for both sides This is a good fantasy story with fairly eual amounts of magic dragons war action adventure and romance Young adults work together to save Lenoran from the warrior class and Earth I really liked the characters in the story even the revolting and hideous Yensid whom I imagine has an even darker Defender of Faith, Revised Edition plot brewing next time The descriptions ofeople No escuches su canción de trueno places and things were well done and I never felt lacking for information I think I d really like to live in Max s castle with the scary dog I was thoroughly impressed with the way the author handled the relationships in the book This being my first time to read about a malemale relationship I wasleased to see it not dirty or cheapened as one tends to read in some books with the malefemale relations Dustin and Athin are well suited for one another both kind of bumbling guys finding their way through life Hmmmm I m wondering if maybe Being the Best Me passing through the gate doesn t give Dustin a littleower too which will help Athin in the future I think the over willing Mir is going to drive Erik crazy but keep him happy though I must admit I find him lacking insomethinghe s a military man yet he doesn t seem to have the strength or wits of a man of his background I do see the young Witch Creek (Wildlands peoplelaying vital roles in the next book and hope each new love blossoms For me Sleight (AVRA-K personally the most endearing relationship was with the two gruff crazy old wizards because they reminded me of the men in the movie Secondhand Lions Also I can t wait to see how Murithniel spelling may be incorrect due to hearing and not seeing the words works her magic with the General and the rest of Earth or at least the USA hehehe she s going to be an amazing AmbassadorI enjoyed this audiobook and was happy to listen to the story twice which I often do to make sure I don t miss anything of importance This book was given to me by Deric McNish and Audible in exchange for a fair and honest review I look forward to listening to the second book in the seriesxosted on Audiblecom com and Facebook So the one incompetent wizard likes to sneak into the real world and watch Slave Labor Graphics Titles people enjoyingorn and when that s not enough he gets in on the action while staying in the shadows So voyeur with a side of dubious consentThe other wizard comes over to teach him how to make what seems to be a sex feather and she seems to have a hard time understanding the word no And when her mentor mentions how the dude in the village is slipping women a roofie spell the only reactions are slut shaming and tittering over the scandalous baby one of them is having Neither woman seems remotely upset about the fact the dude is RAPING eopleCharming I m firmly convinced the authors is nobody I ever want to know and his characters are by and large. Will stop at nothing to gain every advantage in the coming war In this fun romp across worlds a team of unlikely allies sets out on a journey of discovery Over five mind blowing days Athin and Mir both set their sights on the handsome stranger from another world Will the magic that brought them together now tear them apart.

Dr Deric McNish is the author of PARTICLE MAN and STRANGER IN THE WIZARD'S TOWERHe recently narrated Evan Currie's HEIRS OF EMPIRE and Dana Cameron's BURNING THE RULEBOOK for Brilliance AudioHe is an assistant professor at Michigan State University He's an actor director and professional audiobook narrator