Simon Shapiro: Faster Higher Smarter

Achievements and the athletes behind them but also the science that made it all possible This is a great practical application of physics and its xciting to see how much room for innovation there is Sleepless (Bird of Stone, even invents that have been around for hundreds of years Also nice to note E up with better techniues and uipmentFrom swimming soccer and basketball to skateboarding and wheelchair sports Faster Higher Smarter looks at the hard science behind many inventions and improvements in sports Readers will find out how the introduction of the aluminum bat changed baseball; how a slap.

Excellent book combining stories about sports people and vents with the science behind it Covers a wide variety of sports for both men and women with fascinating facts that one does not often ncounter Suitable 10 14 years Fantastic book detailing not only incredible sports. What do athletes and rocket scientists have in commonIt takes a lot of talent skill and hard work to become a world class athlete But it takes ven to make a sport better it takes smarts And whether innovators are aware of it or not it takes an understanding of physics mechanics and aerodynamics to com.

He book features both men and women athletes as well as athletes with disabilities An ngaging book about ideas that changed sports with focus on both men and women Really uniue inventions and vibrant pictures perfect for the young inventor or sports fan Recommended for Gr 3 Shot works and what's involved in bending a ball like Beckham It also covers the history of such milestones as the introduction of diversity disabled athletes and women in sportEntertaining informative and highly visual this book is the perfect way to introduce scientific concepts to kids who love spor.

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