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Super cute I really enjoyed this one it was just what I was looking for Jennifer Shirk never disapoints Wedding Date for Hire uses one my favorite plot devices two pe Maddie s life has been flipped upside down Between breaking up with her cheating ex boyfriend losing her job because of said ex her family s curse and being the maid of honor at her sister s wedding she s about to lose her mind When she finds out that her ex is the best man she is desperate to get a date to the wedding But she has horrible luck with men So what s a girl to do Hire a fake boyfriend that s what She s good to go with the plan until she meets her match Trent The jock she had a huge crush on in high school who helped make her life miserable How in the world is she going to fool her family into thinking that HE is her real boyfriend And how is she going to stop old feelings from resurfacingTrent doesn t actually work for Match Made Easy He s just doing his cousin a favor by posing as an escort If you are looking for a fun flirty romance for some light happy reading this will fit the bill perfectly This book is sure to make you smile It sure made me smileMaddie is entertaining and a bit frustrating She has a crazy family and deals with a lot of pressure about getting married She needs a date for her sister s wedding and decides to look into Match Made Easy a date for hire company Trent is the guy that is matched up with Maddie I love how Trent decides early on that Maddie is the girl for him and tries to win her over It might start out as a favor for his cousin but uickly turns into something Trent is such a good guy So sweet and attentive to Maddie There is definite chemistry between Maddie and Trent in this book and it was entertaining to watch their chemistry spark all over the place So fun I ll be on the lookout for the next book by Jennifer ShirkContent Some innuendo issing mild swearing If you ve read Fianc by Fate you ll remember Sabrina s friend Maddie And yes I wrote this book so feel free to disregard the 5 star rating LOLBut I do love this story and hope you will tooAnd as is my style here are some of my favoriteamusing lines from the book Ah like how Sharon Parker s bra HVAC Design Sourcebook kind of found its way into your locker He leaned in resting his elbows on the table Are you going to constantly bring these things up the entire time we re dating Sorry Just using my priornowledge to try and gauge what Melvin Menchers News Reporting and Writing kind of fake boyfriend you re going to make Well if your bitterness is any indication of theind of fake girlfriend you re going to be I won t hold my breath for you to fake put out What are you all worked up about he asked warilyThis she spat motioning to the small space where she sat and he lay is what I call taking advantage Glaring she looked all flustered and Lord don t put him in hot water than he already was sexy with her blond curls bouncing with each word she sputtered And you can The Far Dawn (The Atlanteans, kindly remove your hand now tooHe glanced down and blinked Then with as much remorse as he could muster he carefully slid his hand out from underneath her buttHe cocked his head and sent her a dimpled smile Where are you going in such a hurryWhere am I going I don tnow Probably the libraryOn a Friday night He made a show of horror What the heck are you going to do thereOh what most people do at their local library three way orgy summon up the dead if there s time jam up the copy machine with Canadian uarters Same old same oldI do think you should change in private You don t see me ripping off my clothes in front of you now do youHe gave a deep fake sigh Sadly noI Ormen i Essex know it must seem completely idiotic to you Maddie said hoping to coax at least a grunt from her hiring a date to your only sister s wedding and allLouise slowly noddedI mean who does such things nowadays right Women don t need men for anything Well they do need them for one thing But that s all and really debatable depending on your sexual orientation Reviewed by KimMaddie McCarthy is tired of being the laughing stock of her family and living with the curse of being unlucky in love In a moment of frustration Maddie decides to tell everyone she has a boyfriend When she sees an ad advertising the services of Match Made Easy she sees this as an answer to at least one of her prayers Too bad her hopes and prayers are dashed when she discovers her Match Made Easy date is with Trent Money MontgomeryBack in high school Trent was an arrogant self centered jock and one of Maddie s many tormentors He s now a changed man Agreeing to do a favor for his cousin who owns Match Made Easy Trent steps in at the last minute to be Maddie s date His cousin desperately needs Maddie s business and the connections she could offer With no time to figure out another option Maddie has no choice but to go along with Trent being her dateMaddie loves her younger sister Louise so much that she wants her wedding day to be special She will do whatever is necessary to make sure Louise is the main focus and not her Maddie has abandonment issues as a result of her father leaving the family She thinks like all the other older first daughters in her family that she s cursed in the love department as it seems her relationships only last a few weeks Trent is a nice and decent guy He isn t the teenager seeking attention like he use to be His only true family is his cousin and his dog He s been hurt so he isn t really one to believe in love and foreverMy biggest issue with this story is Maddie s sister the bride It s Louise s wedding but the best man is Maddie s ex boyfriend who cheated on her and got her fired from the restaurant they both worked at I don t understand why Louise didn t insist her soon to be husband pick someone else to be the best man It s not like the best man was the groom s brother I don t even think the two hung out in the bookWedding Date for Hire is a really sweet romance It s perfect for tweens and adults who believe that love conuers all and truly love happy endings Maddie and Trent are both people I would love tonow All the secondary. Maddie McCarthy is single between jobs and oh the shame lives with her mother To make matters worse she's the maid of honor for her sister's wedding and desperately needs a date Then she sees her salvation Match Made Easy a service fo.

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Characters except for one are likeable and Maddie s Aunt Marie brings humor and intelligence to the story This is a story of love friendship trust and second chancesReceived a copy of the book courtesy of Entangled Publishing for an honest and unbiased opinion ARC reuested through Netgalley and Bare It All (Love Undercover, kindly provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for a honest reviewI love a good fake relationship story Two people coming together under false pretenses and then developing real feelings along the way They are full of misunderstandings and when done right just the right amount of angst I really enjoyed reading Maddie and Trent s incredibly sweet story Maddie feels pressure as her sister s wedding looms She s been cheated on dumped and lost her job Add in a nastybitterjealous cousin and a family curse and you have a recipe that has Maddie hiring an escort for the wedding What could possibly go wrong right I couldn t stop smiling when I realized the connection that already existed between Maddie and Trent when they first meet Their trust issues mutual attraction and wrong end of the stick for each other s true situation was very entertainingThe attraction and growing affection between Maddie and Trent was very sweet It was exactly theind of romance I was looking for today and left me very satisfied Jennifer Shirk s writing style had me completely engaged and completely gobbled it up in less than a dayReally enjoyed this one 35 Learning About Yourself Stars 12I have been on a Wedding Fake Mate Pretend Partner binge I have a soft spot for these types of tales and when one of them does a great job of giving a little something extra I love it This book had sass and a bit of snap The characters were likable and human Neither one was exactly perfect Both had relationship issues which caused them to be cynical in many ways about romance Our fella is actually a gem good heart loves his cousin and figured out how to live a life worth living He comes from wealth but his emotional life was poor of parental love His parents thought of him as an accessory until he showed promise in Football Then he was important to their image and peers Once the football career was ended by numerous life threatening hits he was disposable He did recover with strength and determination by focusing on the health field His gyms are successful and he wants to do Our gal is a little lost She is just coming off a break up with a cheater and louse She is part of a family who has had a curse of first born women having men leave them She is at that age where all her relatives are pointing fingers and thinking her life will be of an Old Maid She has a wedding for her baby sister to go to and learns the ex is going to be the best man UGHand a cousin during a fitting for their dresses has thrown the curse in her face one too many times She doesn t want to detract from the joy of her sister s wedding and this btch cousin needs to be put in her place soOut comes the statement of her being in a relationship no one Bare It All (Love Undercover, knows about and how fantastic he is handsome rich and caring As the sister snot cousin and her mother all start talking about how wonderful this is and when are they going to meet him sister leans in and says how happy she is and can t wait for him to be at the upcoming wedding in two weeks This cannot be happeninghow did our girl end up with this catastrophe Just when she thinks she will have to miss her sister s wedding to save face she sees a magazine ad for Match Made Easy As she scans the information shenows this is the only way out of the lies she told She will not be the subject of pity at the wedding and her wishes for that day to be all about her sister will happenMatch Made Easy is a business our guy s cousin owns She is the only family who has ever cared about him and remained loyal all these years Both of them have been there for each other When she needed investors for her dating company he took the funds targeted for his An Elusive Victorian kids project and gave them to her Henew it was the right thing to do and he would figure out another way to save up for the program Now he is being asked to rescue his cousin again She has this wedding date 4 nights and her special guy who would have done the job is in the hospital After pulling all the family love you cards to make him say yes he sees who he will be escorting It turns out this world is too small for our girl because her escort to this event it none other than the boy who teased her along with others during middle school and high schoolHow is she going to go with him This story moved very uickly and had buckets of charm It was one of those cute wedding fantasy things where both of them had feeling for each other but because of the circumstances neither were sure if the feelings were real There was uick banter sweet affection and learning lessons for all concerned It is part of a series however I did not feel as if I had missed anything It could be read as a stand alone A gifted copy was provided by authorpublisher for an honest review For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways This is a lovely story where family jokes and uips at the expensive of one person really aren t funny to the victim She s fed up of the WD40 mentions you ll need to read it to understand that and determined she won t show up alone to her sister s wedding where her ex boyfriend is also the best man Seeing an advert for Match Made Easy seems to be the answers to her prayers until she meets the match someone she went to school with and humiliated her in those days despite her having a secret crush on him Oh dear this five day wedding celebration looks like being tortuous To see how it works out though you need to go read it yourself but be prepared for some laugh out loud moments along the wayMaddie McCarthy feels the world is against her as she s recently found her now ex boyfriend with someone else he s got her fired from her job as a pastry chef and her younger sister is getting married With no job no boyfriend and no prospects she s not exactly looking at. R women in Maddie’s exact position If she can't find a boyfriend she'll do the next best thing Hire one Trent Montgomery isn't actually part of Match Made Easy He's just doing a favor for his cousin but one look at the blonde who hi.

The world through rose tinted glasses Match Made Easy seems to be the solution to prevent the sympathy comments and possible problems she s bound to encounter at the wedding since her ex will be the best man and she s the matron of honourTrent Montgomery isn t actually an escort He owns and runs three gyms but can t let his cousin flounder as she searches for someone to escort Maddie to the wedding He hates weddings but as the chemistry between him and Maddie hits scorching maybe he ll get a chance to prove he s not just a date for hire but a mate for life enabling them to achieve their HEA together However watch out for the WD49 effect things aren t going to go anywhere near as smoothly as he hopesThis is a delightful sweet romance which I thoroughly enjoyed It is well written with great characters and an enjoyable plot I have no hesitation in highly recommending it to anyone who enjoys the journey to romance to have many twists turns and obstacles to be overcome some funny instances and plenty of surprises along the way I lovely chicklit to escape into Thanks to the author publishers and NetGalley too for provided an ARC for me to read in exchange for this my honest review I love chick lit and this one totally delivered Maddie needs a date for her sister s wedding and fast Without any prospects on the horizon she turns to Match Made Easy a paid service to find the perfect date to show her family she is not affected by the curse What she gets or ratherwhois not uite what she is expecting Trent Maddie is a little uptight but so adorable Trent isn t perfect but he sure comes across that way I love the way he was able to handle Maddie and the situations that arose throughout this wedding weekendI was laughing out loud in so many places I was feeling embarrassed for Maddie cracking up over sizzling exchanges and reactions between the two finding humor in her eccentric family and swooning over interactions between themI ve read similar themed books before but never with this much chemistry and laughter I loved every minute of it and enjoyed the wide range of emotions felt The characters are well developed and practically jumped off of the pagesThis book definitely stands alone but we do see Jack and Sabrina from Fiance by Fate make a few appearances This is definitely one to read and read again and is going on my favorites list Content some mild innuendo and some steamy clean A Bird in the House kissing mild swearing no violence or religious elements CleanI received a free copy in exchange for an honest review Maddie has a problema little problem possibly a big problem But when she opens her mouth to stop her cousin s rudeness and pressuring she creates a whole slew of problems escalating her littlebig problem into disaster mode Oh why did she let her cousin provoke her Why can t she just stay calm Maybe it s all part of the curseIt started years ago this curse Maddie is a grown woman and has been suffering from it and hearing about it all her life If there were ever any way that she could break free from it she wouldWhat is this curse you ask Well I can t say yet it s buried within the pages of this book as well as the discovery of whether Maddie ever overcomes the curse or if it will haunt her and forever be a part of her lifeI really enjoyed reading Wedding Date for Hire This was my first Jennifer Shirk novel After seeing many reviews from this book and from her book Wrong Brother Right Match Inew I wanted to delve into the pages of one of her books I wasn t disappointedThe synopsis tells you that Maddie hires a date for her wedding She has to save face with her mom sister and cousin after telling them a lie that she s been dating someone for months and he s coming He s gorgeous talented wealthy and completely into her Oh why oh why did she have to lie Luckily for her she happens to see an add for Match Made Easy and decides to take the plunge Trent fits all of Maddie s specifics for her date and then some but he s lacking in one wayhe s not part of Match Made Easy He s only agreed to help out Kennedy the owner and his cousin When Maddie comes storming into his gym and sees him she refuses to accept him as her date and says she ll Staging Tourism keep searching What is wrong with this woman Trent doesn t understand why she would do a uick turn around seconds after seeing him Yes he has trust issues yes he doesn t care for dating and yes he s uickly changing his mind and wouldn t mind spending four days with this beautiful woman at a wedding party Sign him up Unfortunately for Maddie she s stuck with Trent as her date Ok Maddie breathe in breathe out now take the plunge She did it now if they can only survive the critical eye of her whole family scrutinizing every little action she and Trent make then her little scheme big lie will succeed All seems to be going according to plan untilOh there was plenty of humor in this fun book plenty of chemistry zinging between Trent and Maddie and plenty of crazy situations that they found themselves in But the one thing they didn t expect was to really fall for each other Soon everything gets tangled and messed up and Maddie doesn tnow how to get out of her web of liesI loved the dynamic between these two characters There were some harder moments that made it a real struggle for both of them They had some choices to make come clean with the secrets they both harbored or The Last Imaginary Place keep playing the gameI m definitely going toeep Jennifer Shirk on my radar of authors and Not Just Roommates keep reading from this series Iind of started in the middle but no worries it works as a stand alone if you do the same thing that I didContent There was mild swearing scattered throughout the novel Mild innuendos freuent at the beginning but they seemed to taper off further into the story Lots of sweet Cassidy Harte and the Comeback Kid (Outlaw Hartes, kisses and a few steamyisses Maddie and Trent end up sharing a room together at the wedding because of their charade there s some issing but nothing further happens Overall I d say it s a clean read not sueaky clean with the innuendos thoughI snagged a copy from Happy Readin. Red him and he's totally hooked Now Maddie thinks that the attraction sizzling between them is just “part of the package” And Trent is running out of time to prove to her that her date for hire might just be her happily ever after.

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