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Iled and the nformation provided Reforesting Faith is educational without being overwhelming The goodnight theme and repetitive narrative makes this book a calming and soothing tale thats appropriate to read with children at bedtime We really enjoyed reading this book together Alissa and I love forests and animals This story told about daytime and nighttime animals. Y observed The uiet text and elegant llustrations reinforce one another” The Horn Boo.

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Goodnight circle s not only the animals who are going to bed but the night animals that are waking up Beginning with day animals going to sleep this richly descriptive and poetic story continues through the night and ends with day break This Foursome is a perfect bedtime story ast Corduroys Garden is highlights the silent times first when they day animals have gone to sle. The nighttime activities of many forest creatures are detailedn this gentle bedtime bo.

Ep and before the night animals have awoken and second when night animals have gone to sleep and before the day animals have awoken Repetition of saying good night and good morning encourages participation of even non readers This What Is the Story of Scooby-Doo? is a short lyrical tale that describes the sleeptime activities of animals Thellustrations are colorful and nicely deta. Ok “The llustrations are singularly beautiful the animals are full of vigor faithfull.

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