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Modern. Honest Illusions As the daughter of a world renowned magician who is eually accomplished as a ewel thief Roxy Nouvelle inherits her father's genius Dashing escape artist Luke Callahan also possesses a gift for relieving the wealthy of their valuables Brought up together Roxy and Luke are partners first in illusion then in crime and finally in passion But the shadow of his past stalks Luke Montana Sky When Jack Me.

Disap. Rcy died he left behind a lot of enemies and a ranch worth nearly twenty million dollars Now his three daughters each born of a different marriage are gathered to hear the reading of the will But before any of them can inherit they must live together on the ranch for one year Now they face a challenge to put their bitterness aside and protect each other from danger Carolina Moon Tory Bodeen's father ruled with an.

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Ointing. Iron fist and a leather belt But she had Hope who lived in the big house ust a short skip away After young Hope's brutal murder Tory's life began to fall apart Now as she returns to the tiny town of Progress South Carolina she is determined to find a measure of peace As she forges a new bond with Cade Lavelle Hope's older brother she isn't sure whether the tragic loss they share will unite them or drive them apar.

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