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Beautiful It s not the images that come first when I think of the parts of my childhood spent in AustraliaOr even the people It s the sounds the butcher birds and the magpies that lived amongst us on the back verandaAnd stronger still the smells eucalyptus watermelon and filter mudrich and rude and sickly strongMost of all the river muddy and lined with mangroveSalt and sulphur at low tide the black mud that smelled badthat had stingray burrows hollowed out in itThe smell I associate with the smell of sharksthe artwork is also stunning a combination of cartoon and hyper realistic pencil rawings which are perfect complements to the text even the endpapers are fantastic the story itself is fairly uiet this isn t a bleak memoir about childhood trauma or life changing circumstances it s like a series of snapshots of small memories some good some bad muted by life Citizen Cain distance and riddled with sharks sharks are everywhere in this book and they represent both an alluring magnetism and an embodiment of her fears she is enthralled by the stories her australian family fishermen by trade recount about attacks and near misses but she also imagines her parents and brother being eaten by sharks If I think the worst then the worst is unlikely to happen sharks are also fun at parties her first childhood crush is on shark attack survivor rodney fox whose story and photographs sheiscovers in a book about sharks in what has to be one of the most romantic and erotic passages ever involving a love interest s exposed insides Rodney Fox I fall for you at six years oldI see right inside your viscera and you tell me about surviving I read about how your abdomen was openedand all your ribs broken Your iaphragm puncturedlung ripped open shoulder blade piercedspleen uncoveredThe main artery from your heart exposedThe tendons in your hand all cutand how the shark left behind a toothstill stuck in your wristI see the before photograph impossible redsausages stuffed into an empty carcassthe white skin tender swollen and peeling awayAnd I see the after photograph the horsehairstitches that make a perfect semi circle fromshoulder to ribs a cartoon apple biteAnd your face salty eyesstrong bone in your noseAn expression that saidthe whole thing was just fineStuck in the mouth wrestling your thumbs into its eyes till it lets goand you feel yourself loose in your skin suitThe shark is gone and people are nudging your guts back insideand when you wake again it hasn t changed your faceIt is all fineI solemnly understand you to be the greatest living man later visiting a shark museum she recognizes him just by a photo of his spleen which is the truest test of evotion and intimacyshe also while watching Jaws finds other men who appeal to her I like the moustache on uint and the beard on Hooperwhen she s home in england she regales her school bullied brother with stories of sharks to istract him from his sadness and has fantasies of shark attacks where no shark attack outside of a syfy movie could be incidentally this image is actually from ghost shark one of the best syfy shark moviessharks stand in for that nameless read permeating childhood for all of the situations you One Special Moment don t understand for the feeling that something bad could happen at any moment sharks are the boogeyman embodying all of life s anxieties lurking in the most unexpected places but they aren t just manifestations of her fears they also inspire awe and respect as the majestic but misunderstood creatures they are when she is taken to Vic Hislop s Killer Shark Show by her father featuring the attraction of Conan the Record Breaking White Pointer she is excited wanting to be there for feeding time imagining Great hunks of raw meatbellowing gops of blood against the bone white teethbut it turns out to be a cheap and sordid spectacle featuring sacking cloth sharks a video in which vic hislop himself characterizes sharks as killing machines with a taste for human flesh posing triumphantly with the corpses of sharks cutting them open to reveal their insides and a photo of rodney fox s spleen but there are no after photographs with your smiling face which reduces him to a victim instead of a survivor worst of all is conan for whom there will be no gops of blood instead his seventeen foot corpse is suspended in a tank of nauseatinglyirty water undignified skin flaking awayand while many of the images of sharks are sad hauled out of the water and killed by her relatives cut open to reveal their young taking two puppies back home for frying or A Touch of Persuasion (Men Of Wolff Mountain definned and rolled unceremoniously wastefully back into the water or left to thrash and wear herself out andie it s never preachy just memories of things that happened it s a spectacular book in both words and images and i loved loved loved it one reminder for me to never go to australia come to my blog. And even though she returned to London at the end of each summer Australia's sharks never released their hold on her imagination Now in this uietly penetrating narrative of personal memories beautifully rendered by illustrator Joe Sumner Evie Wyld lends her exceptional voice to the telling of a story all her

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I mightn t ve picked this up if it weren t for the fact I m interested in sharks and used to love Wyld s bookshop in Peckham when I lived there If you re ever in that area I highly recommend it s lovelyThis was a touching graphic memoir The best word I can think of was soft in contrast to the toothy menaces that Wyld was obsessed with as a kid I learnt a few things about sharks and a new thing about shrimps and enjoyed it immensely feeling uite emotional at times The art was simple and suited the story and it flowed nicely It had some sobering images of the things Watch for Me by Moonlight (The Midnight Twins, done to sharks too It also made me long for a childhood in Australia with sharks and jellyfish and checking gl I really really was looking forward to this graphic novel as I knew a lot of people who have similar taste to myself that had read and enjoyed this I knew it was about sharks and was a memoir of a kind before going into ithonestly I think that s all you really need to know about this book becuase giving away any of the story would probably steal some of the mystery from itThis follows Evie the author as a young girl who has family in and freuently visited in her childhood Australia She has always had a fascination with sharks since she was tiny and this has bled over not just into her holid I have very mixed feelings about this bookOn the one hand it is beautifully put together The illustrations are uirky and the text is simple yet effective The premise is uniue and interesting andefinitely captures your imaginationHowever I wanted a little from this I appreciate that it is The Mommy Makeover difficult to achieve in such a short space of time but I wantedepth from the characters and to learn about them When I compare it to another non fiction graphic work for example Fun Home I idn t come away feeling like I had a grasp of who the character s wereAlthough maybe that was intentional and I m just picky Regardless it was efinitely worth a read even if just to marvel at the pictures This graphic memoir is beautiful to look at but I felt A River of Royal Blood (Untitled, disconnected from the story and I think that it is at least in part because it is set up in ways that are thematically connected but unfocused It explores a young girl s fear and obsession with sharks and also herawning realization that it is not very often sharks maul humans and much common that humans maul sharks It is a book about an emotional journey the kind of fear that children must to some extent face on their own even if their families try to help because the fear is First Blood deep inside and it is less about the thing feared and about the fear of familial loss and the unshakeableiscovery of human vulnerability We walk with Wyld through her childhood curiosity about and fear of sharks and we see the curiosity and fear grow into obsession She is rawn to images of sharks like a moth to the flames and the grotesue these images are the eeper her fear and connection becomes She reads about survivors of shark attacks and appreciates their unlikely survival their invulnerability A person can survive a shark attack Still she fears for her family s safety when they are swimming and fishing in the ocean Meanwhile Men And Gods In Mongolia difficult things happen in her family and they are notiscussed openly and she is aware of them without fully being able to articulate how they affect her so they become interpreted through the lens of her shark fears Wyld s family both encourages and Hunter Killer (Pike Logan discourages her interest in sharks perhaps they think they can help her get past her obsession by helping her moving through it Or they think it is childish nonsense that will evaporate with time Theyo and Brazen and the Beast (The Bareknuckle Bastards, don t realize the extent of her inner turmoil whichoes and The Friend Zone doesn t have too with sharks It is everything she sees rumbling under the surface of her family life all the threatening emotional things that intensifies her fear of sharks rumbling under the surface of various waters Why I Flying Scotsman Manual didn t connect with this book I m not fully sure It s a kind of collection of shark related ideas and memories and the narrative shape and closure feels a little forced It s good butidn t leave me with any sense of why she took me on the journey Maybe it just seemed a bit short and not fully explored or eveloped This graphic memoir is so simple and yet incredibly effective It tells the story of the author s obsession and fear of sharks as a young girl The art is not complex but sets the right mood for capturing the terrors of childhood If like me you had a problem swimming after watching Jaws then this is one for you Beautifully and tenderly told Warning This graphic novel contains images of animal and human eath and injury some imagined some realWhen Evie s brother gets a shark s jaw for Christmas she is fascinated She finds a book about shark attacks and learns of Rodney Fox s experience how his abdomen was opened and all his ribs br. From the award winning author of  All The Birds Singing a eeply moving graphic memoir about family love loss and the irresistible forces that like sharks course through life unseen ready to emerge at any momentEver since she was a little girl passing her summers in the brutal heat of coastal New South Wales.

Oken His iaphragm punctured lung ripped open shoulder blade pierced spleen uncoveredThe rest of this review complete with pictures can be found here This graphic memoir made me think of that proverb if all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail In this book Everything is Teeth everything is teeth which is to say that the young Evie terrified byobsessed with sharks tends to associate all of her fears about her young self and her loved ones with the possibility of sharks mutilating her and them This is a strange book in a few ways It has wonderful and strange artwork by Joe Sumner that seems to perfectly match the story Sometimes when we see sharks in this book we see very realistic epictions of them including some images of bloody mutilations they have caused The bloody images are somehow real for us as they are real than anything else for Evie All the other images in the book are simpler black and white sketches Evie has a very vivid imagination and she has heard the most brutal shark killing stories so she imagines vividly terrible things and Sumner raws these nightmares both real and imagined so what we are seeing sometimes is very much like a horror comic Evie learns everything she can about sharks but most of it has to Graphic Design For Everyone do with the terrible pain and suffering they can inflict on anyone they come in contact with She knows stories of them but they are never warm and cuddly shark stories trust me She listens mainly to everything horrific about sharks which feeds her fears Weon t really get to know too much about her or her family really but I guess that s kind of okay since this is about her obsession and not a family memoir per se but I Considering Kate (The Stanislaskis, do think the rest of the family is sort of unmemorable Bland Most everything is bland compared to sharks I guessShark s teeth mean for young Evie any childhood fears of loss which over time of courseo come to her as she grows up as people she loves Sweetland die or go away but as she grows up she also comes to a place in her life where everything is metaphorically not only be teeth and she s mostly afraid all the time Spoiler alert for a somewhat surprising ending As she grows up she also learns to conuer some of her fears specifically about sharks and continue to educate herself about them enough to learn they are not just Evil Predators and advocate for an organization called Shark Attack Survivors for Shark Conservation Everything Is Teeth is a graphic memoir like nothing I ve ever seen The artwork is very good witheliberate color schemes realistic and sometimes jarring scenes and fantastic panels from JAWS Though I ve not lived in Australia I can truly relate to this all consuming obsession with sharks as I too felt much of what is Art of Laurel and Hardy depicted here for most of my childhood Occasionally I stillo I blame Steven Spielberg 100% In all seriousness though there was a uiet beauty in this for me and much that was hinted ata bit of a blurred line between what was real imagined and feared Life is like that isn t it 4 stars What was that What that really a memoir Or was it really a collection of random thoughts about sharks Evie s had when she was a childI m sorry I expected to be reading about Evie Wyld s childhood not about the way sharks hunt attack and kill you in a very visual manner as this is a graphic memoir after allEvie has an unhealthy fascination almost obsession with sharks At first you think she loves them so much she can t stop thinking about them but then she lets you know she is actually most afraid of them and you re confused all of a sudden I simply cannot follow her train of thoughts They seem especially random and usually meaningless to me I know absolutely nothing about her or her family aside from the fact she has such an active imagination she can summon the image of a shark ANYWHERE she goes They never leave her mindAnd it seemed to me like no one had a personality in this book The people in it were so poker faced and Hers To Cherish (Verdantia, devoid of expressionsemotions that it made me feel uncomfortable There is no mention of friendship anywhere or strong family ties as though everyone in this book lived in their own personal worldPlus it looks at sharks as though they are theeadliest creatures of the sea which I found extremely speciesist Yes even non human creatures can be The Intelligent Entrepreneur discriminated against Would not recommendBlog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin lastay of shark week get ready for a feeding frenzy of shark review floats I run a hand over the sandpaper skin I ve read about Survivors find themselves grazed from it when the shark glides by Everything is teeththis is a family memoir in graphic novel form by evie wyld focusing on her childhood trips to visit relatives in australia and her lifelong fascination with sharks their role in both her actual experiences and in the realm of her imaginationthe writing is. Evie Wyld has been captivated by sharks by their innate ruthlessness stealth and immeasurable power Young Evie would listen intently as farmers and fishermen told stories about being alone on the water at usk; she would lose herself in books about legendary shark attacks mesmerized by the photos of the victims.