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Rarely sees the other she seems to see constantly There were times when I started to lose sight of the appeal of the vampire then they d be together and it d all rush back I m not wording this right I have a tendency to do that eh Word things wrong Well the long and short of it is that this is the second book in a series so some of the freshness has faded but there s enough here to make everything exciting and fun to read about and still leaving a strong desire to continue reading Unfortunately in terms of continued reading there s only a short story left to poke at that I ve not yet read There is mention of future books in the works one even already supposed to have appeared but it didn t appear in the fall of 2015 So I be sadHmms My ability to write reviews appears to be tapering off Bad me BadDecember 18 2015 Aside from one major fight seuence this was a relatively neventful book It felt like the story ended in largely the same place it began with one notable exception the love triangle To me that was the weakest part of the first book and I really wanted that to work itself out A Mighty Big Wish uickly It did sort of but not in the way I thought it would Or in any way I could even remotely relate to It s kind of of a lovesuareat this point Or a really long line And it looks like there may be prep work to turn it into a pentagon Or possibly an even longer line I don t know There s some kind of geometry involvedWe didn t get significantly world building here but there were a few nice touches Several characters and relationships were fleshed out a bit a new potential conflict or three were introduced pack dynamics were expandedpon loved all of the pack stuff and a number of people are going to see large increases in their auto insurance deductibles There were also a lot My Mother, a Serial Killer uips andirky references some of which made me laugh out loud Not everything was perfect though While Nita s character didn t get much time she felt really inconsistent when she did show The Italians Stolen Bride up as if the authors weren t sure who she was when she wasn t being dour her friendly persona was very generic and seemed to popp out of nowhere which didn t feel earned There was a continuity issue It s not the hugest thing in the world but the first book demonstrated how hellfire worked explaining in detail and with visual examples that it just keeps burning The Greek Tycoons Mistress until you call it back So why was Dakota just shooting it into the sky at moving objects stat. N the supernatural world So why would anyone want to stalk her A trespasser in pack territory Blood on the mountain Anrban legend spoken only in whispers Can Dakota rise to the challenge of a deadly foe There’s no shame in being new everyone starts.

The Darksbanes seem to have difficulty building dramatic tension into satisfying climaxesThis is especially the case with their fight scenes during which the POV character often enters into a passive state in order to recount the actions of allied fightersHunted is mainly interesting for the intra pack drama Seuel was just as good as the first and has me intrigued about the supernatural world Dakota finds herself in Can t wait for the next installmentLove that this picked Tikki Tikki Tembo up right where the first book left off Dakota has a lot to work through and if significant time had passed I think I might have disconnected with the character There is a good amount of internal turmoil with the love interests in relation to their supernatural statuses Plenty of action leaves me wanting to know about the world Dakota lives in for sure Definitely a worthy read Can t wait for While I didn t believe it was possible to beat Awakened Hunted managed it Taking place only a few days after Awakened Hunted focuses on Dakota s continuing journey to find her place in her new and exciting world She s got a GREAT BOOK I REALLY LIKED IT My second book by these author and in this seriesThis book has kind of the middle vibe that a second book in a trilogy or the second book in a series has The initial excitement of a new world to explore is starting to fade there are hints of future conflicts and there s a certain amount of settling into rolesuniversesetc I had that vague idea at least while reading this one I m not sure if that actually works hereIn terms of action and adventure for the longest period of time the action involved wrappingp previous life job moving preparing for new job While also spotting things that hadn t been spotted before now that there are these heightened senses There s a kind of slice of life vibe going on just involving werewolves and the like But then conflict erupts within the pack when Dakota meets the third in command and conflict erupts outside the pack when a super powerful supernatural like creature attacks Some might find it slow in parts and fast in others but I liked the pace I liked the deepening characterization of the people around and in Dakota s new wolf pack There s something of an odd dynamic going on in the romance department though there s a reason tossed in that seems plausible and reasonable Dakota feels a pull towards two different women one a wolf one a vampire One she. Dakota Shepherd is such a newb newly Awakened rookie werewolf supernatural investigator in training Her command of the wolf inside is shaky at best and her grasp of the nstable magic she wields is worse She sure has a lot to learn about her new life

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Ionary objects sometimes hitting sometimes missing and pretty much never calling it back Tennessee should be a big green ball of flames right now Green burny lands Also if they re going to take the romantic situation in the direction this book indicates I d like to see how the characters deal with some of the very specific issues that seem almost inevitable I don t need to see it fail but I need to see an explanation for how it can possibly succeed I just didn t get that here and it s going to be hard for me to go much farther in the series if those estions remain Hoofd in de wolken (Puffin Island unanswered view spoilerThe hand wavey humans are monogamous but supernaturals aren t argument isn t enough That s a statement not an explanation Show me that Mira and Raelya are both getting enough out of this or show me that they aren t Show me how jealousy affects them or explain why it doesn t Make me believe that every person involved is having their needs met because right now it feels than a little abusive to the two on the outer edges hide spoiler This can best be described as a cosy paranormal novel In my review of the first book in the series I said it had a charm that pulls you in and this is still true but I also wanted a bit action We get this at the end but for most of the book we had to putp with the tortuous love triangle with Dakota Amorie and Raelya I don t mind the love interest but it did drag on and I found the pontificating by Dakota Twos Company uite annoying Hellfire Oglgogifufudududyiyu I m not really sure answering myestions but I don t have a good lot right now of it I just want While I enjoyed the first book this book is better I love seeing that the author s skills at being a storyteller increase with each book so this is a bug plus to me To see an author working at His Convenient Highland Wedding up skilling is very rewards for me to read I enjoyed this story then the first as it brought depth to the characters I loved in the first book I ll definitely be keeping an eye out for the next publications Love the geekyips and attitude and that Dakota isn t to overpowered in the books She has strengths and weakness and is definitely not the baddest bitch on the block I love the fact that she s lower on the food chain that she respects the chain of command and that she s spunky but comfortable with not being the alpha wolf Makes her believable which I enjoy I also like how view spoilerthere s this poly kind of relationship developing hide spoile. Out that way But in a world of powerful supernatural threats being a newb could get a girl killed And if Dakota isn’t p to the job of protecting herself how can she hope to protect her loved ones from the ancient supernatural killer that hunts them.

Shei Darksbane is the author of theDakota Shepherd series an Urban Fantasy series featuring snarky lesbian geek girl Dakota ShepherdShe writes alongside her wife author Annathesa Nikola Darksbane working on both of their projects together contributing in various ways Shei is a proud pansexual feminist and natural bluenette