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Mylo Carbia is one of my favorite horror writers TRO Ava Desantis is another reason why Starts off as a typical revenge story then veers off in ways that no one should spoil Yes it s over the top but Carbia writes with such style that ou don t care because The Definition of Icing (Dallas Demons, you re enjoying the ride Ifou like Paris Kanonen--The Paris Guns (Wilhelmgeschutze) and Project Harp your horror gory and with a blood splash of mordant wit I can t recommend this higher Won in Goodreads GiveawaysI don t even know what to say I picked this book up last night at 1030 and did not put it down until 130 or so when I finished I can t believe I just read the whole thingThis is not the best written novel of the 21st century it won t win the Nobel prize in literature but it was GOODThe Raping of Ava De Santis is all about revenge at its worst We don t get a lot of background as to Ava s recovery or her life during the time of her convalescence healing and her revenge We get a few bits at the end but we only have guesses There is the end which was absolutely horriblefor the characters and I felt was so unnecessary but I guess ifou are physically and psychologically broken it makes sense Then there is the real END wowI don t even know if I can recommend this book or not It is so twisted and crazy There are no limits to Ava s hate and revenge on those who perpetrated the hell that became her life I truly believe she would have stayed in the shadows if not for certain life changing events Read this at Memoirs of Hecate County your own risk The raping was a very short part with snippets We also get details during her convalescence from the doctor It was horrifying Nothing really horrifies me any but I can see that many will react strongly to this book Again read this atour own risk For being about such an awful subject the writing is somehow able to be light and even full of humor in parts I wasn t sure I d be able to read the part about the actual rape but when I saw the circumstances surrounding it and knew about the feelings of the characters I needed to understand exactly what happened The revenge is Wow ueen of Horror My Ass I had my doubts when I saw that many of the awards were from shadow sites that all have the same origin Now that I ve read it I m certain that the majority of her top reviews are from sock puppet profilesIt s pretty pitiful that people fall for this The only people getting raped are the consumers I have been looking forward to meet and greet a good horror story since I haven t tried a pure horror novel in my life That s when I got my hands on this novel and found reviews comparing the author to Stephen King It was a mistake from my part to believe a novel praised as the next Stephen King to be a great debut to my horror novel exploration The Raping of Ava DeSantis was one of the most underwhelming adventures especially when the author proclaims herself as The ueen of Horror This book follows three college student who commit one of the most repulsive crimes known to man rape Awaken in a hospital bed with not only the most brutal physical wounds but a psychological trauma Ava DeSantis is left no choice when the mother of one the guy a fairly popular kid in school with powerful parents asks like demands that she keeps the whole situation silent for a large sum of money It is then that Ava embarks on a vengeful adventure a couple ears later on the three men and their family Let s get one thing straight Although there is 390 pages to this book a huge amount of it is filled with blank pages a chapter title page and a giant tribal phoenix tattoo Not to mention that the font and spacing is pretty intense for a novel found in the adult horror section This is uite frustrating since it amplifies the fact that the story is short and could ve had a lot depth The plot is extremely simple and the ending does have a surprise but it was absolutely unimpressive In fact this is due to the fact that there was nothing that lead readers to believe in such an angle to the story It s also due to very poor character development especially when it comes to Ava DeSantis After the tragedy the character disappears and reappears with an urge to seek out revenge but her appetite to hunt down the trio was never developed and felt completely out of the blue The other characters also suffered the same fate Not a single one of them was interesting and even the main victim of the trio was a flat character And what s truly fascinating was how the book strongly relied on dialogue Description were unuestionably minim and almost absent except for two or three seuences which needed raw descriptions to instigate disgust not fearThis is what really killed this book for me Reading this novel felt like a movie script and not really good one to top it off Every chapter was like a movie scene and everything played out like a low budget big screen movie It was most definitely fast pace but huge plot holes were the conseuence The book could ve definitely benefited from conte. Set in 1991 in Atlanta Georgia The Raping of Ava DeSantis tells the story of a working class college student who is brutally attacked by three wealthy fraternity brothers then confronted with the decision of a lifetime accept money to stay uiet or seek justice with the police What she does in respon.

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Nt on Ava and her transformation to a bloodthirsty vigilante What truly ticked me off was in the formula used to structure the novel All it did was remind me of some of the worst horror movies I ve seen Might as well mention the fact that I m not a big fan of horror movies because of the poor storyline that most of them has The plot is very linear it had at most 3 big events and 1 sex scene Something that ou often see from boring horror movies The Raping of Ava DeSantis was if anything a movie turned into a book It didn t surprise me when I learned that the author ghostwrote movies before jumping in the literary world with this debut novel Let s just say that the novel had nothing to offer and left an ugly aftertaste once completed or maybe I was just happy that I was done with itYou can find a uote and picture filled review at trulyLashaanLashaan Trang Bloggers and Book ReviewersOfficial blog This title made me feel reeeaaaally iffy until I learned that apparently the assault scene is incredibly brief and the rest of the story is about REVENGE Yeah I m always here for stories about survivors getting back at their attackers This book caught my attention after two friends of mine had read it and couldn t stop talking about it I hate when people tell me spoilers and let me know the endings of books before I read them so I knew I had to read this book and uick before they spilled their knowledge to me on the storyline It didn t take long for me to get in pace with this story though and I sat down and finished it much uicker than I anticipated This book was so well written and had me on the edge of my seat the entire way through I felt as though I couldn t read it fast enough I was enthusiastically passing through the pages and no matter how hard I tried to take a break from this book I couldn t set it down until I reached the endThe Raping of Ava DeSantis follows the story of a oung woman who is taken advantage of by three prestigious frat boys Because Ava is of a lesser class than these wealthy oung men her case is easily demeaned as unimportant and the boys offer her cash in order for her to keep the event a secret Ava though chooses to take a different route seeking her own revenge and making the men who did her wrong pay at a later point in their lives This book is epic on so many levels because it allows If an Elephant Went to School you to sympathize with a person who is doing bad things to the people who did her bad The idea of a horror ridden revenge plot often isn t associated with a likable main character but this book opened up a uniue perspective in the fact thatou want Ava to get revenge as much as she does The book does not share the exact rape scene but rather follows Ava as she searches out redemption for herself against the three men who wronged her It s a suspenseful plot that keeps Morse Code for Radio Amateurs you moving along I never really knew what was going to happen next and even when I thought I d grasped the concept the story something new was thrown at me that had me wondering what in the world was going to happen next I realize now why two of my friends were so eagerly discussing it by the timeou reach the end The Ideal Muslim Society you ve been on a heck of a ride This was unlike any other horrorsuspense novel I have ever read It was ridiculously well written and full of surprises that made it such an eventful and memorable read Ifou re looking for a book that will keep Linux Networking Cookbook you on the edge ofour seat and have Marcus Garvey you diggingour nails into the pages because of the intensity of the storyline The Raping of Ava Desantis is by far an excellent choice Extremely well written with a thick plot and a memorable main character I couldn t easily put this book down and once FRIENDLY ENEMIES you start nor willou I had heard good things before the release of this book so when I saw it had been released I picked up a copy This is an excellent and fast paced horror The main part of the story is based 15 Amok years after the actual attack when she decided it is time to take some revenge for the suffering they have caused her It is odd in a way to be rooting for the killer butou really cannot help it here as gruesome as the deaths are ou can t help but feel they deserve it The ending was brilliant and very hard to see coming making a great finale for the bookOverall an excellent tale of revenge that is very hard to put down Highly recommended Review from HorrorUndergroundorgThe Raping of Eva DeSantisRockefeller Publishing GroupAuthor Mylo CarbiaSet in 1991 in Atlanta Georgia The Raping of Ava DeSantis tells the story of a working class college student who is brutally attacked by three wealthy fraternity brothers then confronted with the decision of a lifetime accept money to stay uiet or seek justice with the police What she does in response is the basis of this captivating woman s revenge horror story that will have readers talking for ears to comeAs hinted at in the title Ava is gang raped by several affluent Se is the basis of this captivating woman’s revenge horror thriller that will have readers talking for ears to comeWith brilliantly written characters bone chilling fast paced scenes and a double twist ending The Raping of Ava DeSantis is the perfect blend of suspense thriller and horror guarante.

Outhern white males I want to preference this review with the fact that this is a work of fiction Yes events as horrific as this are very real and should be brought to attention but this is a work of fiction and my judgments on the characters their actions and on the writing of this book is solely meant to be aimed at this book and not any real life incident The author of this novel Mylo Carbia is a Hollywood script writer which is very easy to tell when reading this book This is the first novel I have ever read that reads exactly like a script with very little discernible between the two The Raping of Ava DeSantis reads like a script that either Carbia was never able to sell or is now hoping to sell Each chapter reads exactly like a scene in the script complete with a chapter title page that establishes sceneshot information on a script These title pages do nothing to further the story they only increase the amount of times ou are turning the page Speaking of which the book runs at a hefty 391 pages and if Playhouse you were to cut out the needless chapter title pages and decrease the font size from its current appallingly large scale this book would be reduced to about 150 or so pages This book takes about an hour and a half to read there is no need for the frustratingly large page count I digress Moving back on track Mylo writes with a screen writers flair There is very little description which boggles the mind as to why she would be drawing comparisons to Stephen King if she is lacking one of the biggest elements that defines his writing style When she does describe a character she only describes either how attractive or unattractive they are Seriously She even uses such wit filled narrative to describe female character as being so ugly and unattractive that a character description would be wasted on her Later on she describes an overweight woman as having the look of a harpooned killer whale Given that Carbia s bio states that she set out to write stories with strong female protagonists then why is she going so far out of her way to use bullying descriptors in her novels This combined with the uotes on the first few pages that reference how beautiful or hot she is seems to go against any plans for writing a tale that empowers women I found this all to be as vile and disgusting as the acts her characters commit Mylo Carbia is not a role model for women in horror she is a set backIn regards to the plot this novel never reaches the exploitation of I Spit On Your Grave nor does it have the mystery and intrigue of Gone Girl What we have is a very thin plot that is stretched out way too far Yes the rape took place but Ava was bought off She never wanted to seek revenge Why the change of heart 15ears later Well we get a response to that in what turns out to be nothing than a Scooby Doo reject story a finale that is so mind boggling bad it is offensive The plot especially in regards to the final act are downright assaults on the reader s intelligence The implausibility is so far fetched that it made me want to throw the book across the room Generally when I come across something be it book or movie that is so viciously bad I just do not review it I ignore it and move on I really do hate to be so negative but the fact that this book is gaining a lot of attention and sales is frustrating to me a male who supports feminist ideals and enjoys great horror The self appointed ueen of Horror has no right to wear this title at least not in regards to narrative fiction I have no idea what scripts she has worked on so I cannot judge her on that What I can say about her novel is please avoid this at all costs If ou are looking for a novel that is written by a female stars a female protagonist is set in the horrorrevenge genre I beg ou to read Catherine Cavendish s Dark Avenging Angel which is one of the best horror novels I have read this Desire and Deceive year not because she is a female but because she is a tremendous writer Avoid this book devoid of any intellect and seek out the work of Cavendish Mary Sangiovanni Monica J O Rourke and others The Raping of Ava DeSantis by Mylo Carbia is a knockout I Spit onour Grave style revenge horror that is perfectly paced and practically impossible to put down The first chapter takes place in 2006 and a gentleman s trip to a sex club his new dominatrix takes things purposely too far and he ends up with a plastic bag on his head 3 minutes and counting The whispered words of a name from the past the last thing he will ever hearThe story then goes back to its origin and 1991 where 18 ear old Ava DeSantis a grungy looking plain girl ignored by most catches the eye of three privileged rich boy s The good looking nice guy wants to pay Ava to help him with his studies the details to be ironed out at a party The three friends invite Ava back to their upper class dwelling plenty of booze drugs and a sickeningly violet rape sceneThe. Ed to entertain both female and male readers alikeTAGLINE A poor college student brutally raped by three wealthy fraternity brothers seeks revenge against their families ears laterAUDIENCE Recommended for sophisticated readers due to strong language and brief scenes of graphic violence and sexualit.

Mylo Carbia is a Hollywood screenwriter turned #1 bestselling author widely known for her work in the horror thriller genre and trademark of surprise twist endings Ranked The Top 10 Horror Writers Alive Today and among The Top 250 Most Influential Authors by Richtopiacom her award winning writing style has been described as a perfect mix between Stephen King M Night Shyamalan and uentin